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  1. Thanks for that ,looking into protein shakes definitely need a protein boost x
  2. Hi ,it's so unusual to find someone in uk let alone just down the road ! How you feeling about surgery, I can honestly say had a real positive experience at Southmead and everything so far has gone so well
  3. Hi Brittneyanna would be great to become buddies ,how are things going ? im a week post op today ,feeling great ,no pain side effects alls good x
  4. Sorry Aussie H ,I thought this was mainly USA ,nothing wrong with Australian buddie ,love it x
  5. How weird just had a call from the hospital to check how things are going ! Advised to eat more yoghurt but still no mention of protein ,think I will get some though as this seems to be what majority of people are doing .Thanks everyone for help good to feel not alone x
  6. Thank you so much especially diet info ,such a big help. There was no mention of protein drinks just multi vitamins ,such a difference in USA to UK
  7. No just says fluid,I feel hungry but scared to eat too much in case I stretch the pouch .Feel a little daunted
  8. I'm day 7 post op still on fluids and at present have small yoghurt for breakfast ,soup for lunch and tea .Am I doing the right thing ,so scared of stretching pouch please help
  9. Joined the site today ,found the forums really interesting ,would now like to share with buddies
  10. Family have been great ( two daughters and hubby) but just feel have no one to share feelings ,worries etc
  11. Hi new to the site ,looking for support three days post op feeling good physically but some how feel emotionally empty ?