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    Vertical Sleeve
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    Dr Amit taggar Florida
  1. Thank you very helpful as well
  2. I am very new to this site, I know it has been around a while and I am sure there are a lot of sites like this one. I am not going to even look, this is a great place for me. You know when you have found exactly what you were looking for or needed......look no further ! I like the fact that you have friends all over and support from people that are going through the same things ! Your family and friends love you, YES ! but they judge you too, everyone will talk about ya when you are not around good and bad ! Family will support you no matter what, they will always love you . But as soon as you do wrong or things did not work out the way you planned, they are the first to say I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT! This site is great , you can read, ask, explore the same feeling and thoughts others are having and not be judged ! thanks for the support i need
  3. Can I ask you why you said you were struggling 2 yrs after surgery ! I am new and not had mine surgery yet, I also like to look ahead and be prepared for what might happen to me in a few years . What are your struggles now ? thanks for your advance help
  4. Wow ! Thank you for the replies . Excited ! I LOVE SHOPPING ! I just was shocked to read, a few replies up that your shoe sizes changes ..... REALLY ? How much change i own like 30 pairs of shoes !!! I did not think your feet would change ! I wear a size 10 right now ! I am going to start a weight loss journal too, cause I want to read where I came from a year from now!
  5. When did you go out and buy new clothes? I was invited to a co-workers dinner and we are all wearing white dressy shirts! Well I do not have a dressy white shirt, so i went out to find one. Thought It would make me feel better by dressing up for a girls night out ! NOPE !!! I felt like every shirt I tried on made me look like I was wearing a white table cloth! it was bad! SO my questions is when do you feel comfortable enough with your weight court to go shopping again? my surgery is in (may 12th) 23 more days and counting! I am saving money for shopping too! excited and cant wait! We are trying to plan a family reunion in Nov. which is 6 mths from surgery date, is that a good time to shop for new stuff !
  6. I am a little scared about having sleeve done. i am 205 pds /5'5 tall. i know i am on the smaller side of weight loss. my BMI is 34, i am self paying. i have some health issues now, including thyroid and high blood pressure. any one out there starting weight 205 ? and how much do you weigh now? i dont want to be super skinny, i want to be healthy and maintain a good weight . Any help or ideas? thanks