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  1. I'm a little over a month post op from RNY. And I'm starting to notice that if I'm super hungry in the middle of the night I tend to throw up fomies.(I'm still on pureed foods, I have a gtube for extra feedings of protein and water for another 2 weeks) but I'm just over the feeling of throwing up. I was wondering does anyone else feel or throw up when they are way to hungry? I'm still trying to learn the signs.
  2. Hi Jan! I'm only a month into my new RNY life. I would love a buddy
  3. Doctors said to try real aloe with water juice low sugar of corse. He said it just might be my new stomach doesn't like plan water yet. I made the caffeine free pomegranate and hibiscus sun tea and it seems to go down fine. So I wonder if it just needs some flavor but I don't want to rely on drink mixes.
  4. I see them today for post opt. I will talk to them. Thank you
  5. I had my RNY on March 13TH it's still so hard to get Water down it hurts so bad. Every morning I wake up with a tummy ache. I drink warm tea throughout the day and that's about it. I have to use vegga and almond milk cuz I have a whey intolerance. I get the foamies in the morning too. Its making me crazy