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  1. At my dept., all non sworn personnel from the dispatchers down to the maintenance crew is family to me and my fellow officers.
  2. The Killer fixed a sandwich and dropped some bread on the floor and stepped on one of the slices leaving a perfect toe print. He took his shoes off when he broke into the victim's house and covered his hands with his socks so he wouldn't leave fingerprints. I guess he thought he would never leave a toe print. Lol!
  3. I didn't like CSI or Criminal Minds because it's not realistic when it comes to forensic evidence. I know it's a TV show but it just turns me to wrong way when they can get forensic evidence back in within minutes when it actually takes weeks or even months for results to come back. If you want to see real police work, you should watch Forensic Files or 20/20 on the ID Network. When detectives can arrest a killer when the killer left their toe print in a slice of bread at a murder scene, that is some awesome police work there!
  4. I stopped by the dept. where I used to worked at and all I got was raving reviews on my weight loss and how good I looked. A few of these guys were in the same room with me when I suffered my cardiac arrest. There were a lot of tears flowing that day. Because they thought for sure I was gone. We had seen it many times in our career where CPR being performed on an unresponsive person who eventually died. It's a testament to see how far I have come.
  5. Being a police officer wasn't my dream job but however it was something as a child that I always wanted to be. I wanted to help people and make a difference in the community that I worked in.
  6. I worked as an off duty officer doing security work at a hospital in my town. I love nurses and you have a special place in my heart! I protected them for years not knowing that they would be eventually responsible for saving my life. The picture I posted of me in uniform was taken by one of the nurses while I was working at the hospital.
  7. Traveling to other countries is something that I always wanted to do even if it was related to work or just fun.
  8. I'm sorry for the loss of your husband. As far as health issues, all of us who had major health issues knows what you're talking about. I pray for your health and well-being my friend.
  9. Bless your daughter's soul because it is tough this day in time as a police officer. I don't know if being around food all day long is a good thing or bad thing. Lol!
  10. I'm not a big fan a police shows. I can stomach Law & Order. It's about the closest to actually what goes on with an investigation, arrest and court proceedings.
  11. It had it's ups and downs. I seen a lot of crazy things and when I thought it couldn't get any crazier, wham! I can write a book about my career. Lol!
  12. I thought it be interesting to see what everyone do on their daily grind. I was a police officer for 27 years. I was medically retired after suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. No picture necessary. Lol!
  13. Amen to the baggy clothes! Even the clothes I had in my wardrobe that I couldn't fit because they were too small are now baggy on me. I love it!
  14. That's funny you mention law enforcement. I never had a interlude with a law enforcement officer because I was the law enforcement officer. Lol! My career spans 27 years. Of course you all know about my story with sudden cardiac death. I was subsequently medically retired during my recovery.
  15. I feel great! How are you feeling? I would have never imagined me losing 100 lbs. That is so cool that we are both at the hundred pound milestone. I was looking at all those 12's you mentioned reference to us. I'm going to have to go play the lottery! Lol!!!