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  1. I had 2 cancellations of surgery due to insurance coverage issues in July and October of last year. Both times I was within 2 weeks of my surgery. I know our situations are different and I know how you feel. Keep your head up, this too shall pass.
  2. The most I've spent money on was $2.05 for a small cup of Wendy's chili. I can only eat less than half of it.
  3. Yes, I drink a protein shake for breakfast daily. I was never really breakfast person. I'm 56 pounds down since surgery. I'm currently in my second stall but I feel great. How are you doing?
  4. I had to do a two-week post-op liquid diet as well. After the third day, I was fine. I could have went on for another two weeks on the liquid diet. I've learned if you can clear the mental hurdle of going without something that you're used to having, it becomes really easy to deal with. I still can't have regular food right now. My stage 4 soft food diet is 10 weeks long and I'll be in it until my next appointment with my nutritionist in late July.
  5. I had my surgery on April 11th at Duke Regional Hospital. Maybe we'll get to see each other in the post-op group meetings.
  6. Good luck tomorrow! I'll tell you my experience at Duke Regional was great! The nurses were very attentive and friendly. I'll tell you right now that your post op food tray for lunch,dinner and breakfast will consist of chicken broth, black coffee with no sugar, bottled water with a pack of liquid protein to mix and an orange popsicle. Again, good luck tomorrow my thoughts are with you.
  7. Thanks!
  8. Lol!!! That already happened with a pair of shorts. I was getting ready to go out to my car and down they came at the front door. I'm definitely going to keep a few articles of clothing from my pre-op life. I've been inspired by all of you, now I want to inspire all the newbies and pre-oppers out there.
  9. I'm able pull my off my buttoned up pants with ease even with my belt on the last notch.
  10. Same here! I heaved and heaved like crazy coming out of surgery. Since then, no more diabetes medications and I'm off of 3 out out 4 blood pressure medications. I would gladly do it again if I had to.
  11. I'm with you on making that portion size last that long. 15 minutes is about long as I been able to make it last. Maybe when solid foods come into play, I can make that last longer.
  12. I won't be able to make it this year. I'll have my sights set on next year.
  13. Excellent! Keep up the good work! I'm glad I was able inspire. Lol!
  14. Lol!!!
  15. Diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea were the driving forces of my RNY. I've conquered diabetes in 2.5 weeks after surgery and have my bp under control. My 3rd mountain to climb is the sleep apnea. I'm feeling really good that I'll conquer that within the next 6 months. I love my journey and don't have the slightest regret about my surgery.