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  1. Wow! You look AMAZING! Great job. GREAT JOB!!!
  2. That's great success! Do you have an update??
  3. Thanks guys. I have to admit I'm a little apprehensive about this because it is a life changer but I know in the end it's the best for both me & my family. The more I read, the more I appreciate this forum!
  4. Hey guys! New guy from Seattle. 53 in about a month, married forever to my high-school sweetheart & have always been a Lil chubby. Just had a physical a few weeks ago & was tipping the scales at 301. At 5'-9" & #301 it was time to do something. I saw a Dr in Everett WA. at the NWWLS Clinic that I was referred to by my general MD. He suggested the VSG & after doing my research and speaking to the surgeon I've opted for the VSG procedure. I have to meet the nutritionalist & have the upper GI performed and hope to have the procedure done mid June. I've got a vacation planned May 4th to May 9th & then away we go. I would love to hear the pros & cons of the VSG post-op. Thanks, Clay