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  1. Awww I'm sorry it's hit you, and I know my time will be coming (I'm 19 days out) what I'm planning to do when it does is to change something up a bit...maybe try switching biking with walking or power walking on alternating days. Maybe switching out types of protein or times of day when you eat?! I don't really know because this is usually the place where I give up on a diet and this time that's Not an option! But it'll be a good feeling when you get through this hump and over to the good side!!
  2. Well I was sooooo excited to finally have soft food, and on Easter! It was like those balloons that you blow up for birthday parties, big and shiny ready to burst! Then a slow leak poooof! I had my salmon recipe all picked out, it smelled soo good baking...and the first bite! It was just so disapointing, I could hardly eat any of it, I was so scared it was going to hurt! I'm now on semi-soft (actually mostly full liquid diet!) And taking the days slower until I can feel comfortable with my own body again! STILL SUPER HAPPY I'VE DONE THIS!!!! I am taking one step at a time and living every day, which is something I've almost forgotten how to do!
  3. I am 16 days since surgery and I started a soft diet yesterday, I was so looking forward to it! But calorie wise I was at about 400-450 a day on full liquids then yesterday was at 350 calories but I'm thinking soft foods are more filling than liquids and I'm sure it'll even out! My doctor is more interested in protein intake.
  4. Oh wow! I didn't even look at the date, but it still stands 3 kids under three and post gastric bypass....superwoman!
  5. Hi Crystalsblueyes, First off my hat is off to you, an 8 month old, a 2 year old and a 3 year old!!!! You are superwoman!!! Your husband needs to book you a spa day, seriously! I had my surgery on March 31st and I believe you about the pain on the left side, it's excruciating! If you ever need to talk, or vent or whatever feel free to message me, I feel your pain literally! Kathleenm1964
  6. Hi there! I am 8 days post op now, I feel great! If you'd like to be post op buddies I'd like it!
  7. Thank you everyone! It's so great to see so many supportive people! And Havamal you'll get there, it'll come quick at the end of all the waiting and contemplating!
  8. Thank you Gretta! I appreciate the congrats!
  9. It took me 7 months of trying to grt my surgery scheduled and finally it's behind me!! Yee haw! I fought long and hard to get this done and plan on fighting long and hard to get to my goal!