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  1. I had brutal headaches, too. I think it was from slight dehydration, so I started measuring and keeping closer track of fluids. The Isopure was a huge help in meeting protein levels but it tasted nasty so I mixed it with equal parts Crystal Light and ice water. And I agree with others who recommended warm teas and broths. Hopefully your gas pains are better...that was definitely the worst part for me but by the end of week one it was gone. Keep up the good work!
  2. I'm almost 5 weeks post-op and have definitely been struggling with some serious gas due to, I'm assuming, greek yogurt and whey protein. I've tried Lactaid with little relief. Going to my next post-op appointment next week and plan to ask if I can switch from whey protein to soy or pea protein. It's too bad about the yogurt though, because it's such a fantastic, versatile, portable, high protein option, but my issues with it and my job are a bad combo I'm glad to hear others say it may be temporary though!
  3. It will be three weeks post-op on Monday and I am pretty much feeling back to normal. Went back to work this week and did fine; brought protein drinks, yogurt, and soup with me each day since I'm still Full Liquid stage. Looking forward (sorta) to Pureed stage. Started a little early when I made fresh guacamole, well mashed. It was a dream to my bored taste buds but, like most things, it lost its allure after day 2. I only took 3 or 4 small bites each day and could feel it going down, but not necessarily in a bad way. Already bought fat free refried beans and salsa, so looking forward to putting them into food processor and into my mouth. I will definitely NOT be pureeing meat or chicken or fish...the thought of it makes me want to hurl. Will be making mashed cauliflower in the week ahead and surfing the net looking for more ideas and options. How vegetarians are not bored out of their gourd, I'll never understand. I MISS MEAT! I am still hungry every single day...wake up hungry and go to bed hungry...despite keeping up with my protein and hydration and fueling every two hours regimen and omeprazole and vitamins. Oh, and let's not forget the part about getting 75% of my stomach removed, which supposedly included the removal of my hunger hormone. WhatEVER. My energy level is completely unchanged from pre-op. Still need my morning cup of Joe, still yawning my brains out by 5pm, still want to hit the sofa and remote when I get home from work, still have no motivation to exercise, and still feeling guilty for not having energy or motivation. *sigh* Still trying to be patient and optimistic that this too shall come in time. I had pretty much given up bovine dairy in my pre-op life, so all this yogurt and whey protein has made for a very gaseous Miss A. This can be quite problematic at work! Taking lactaid and Gas X and BeanO with average success. Grateful for yogurt's convenience and high protein content, but once I'm phase-free I may never have it again. Final thought...apparently it's pretty common to feel this whole process has been some kind of evil Jedi mind trick, in that nothing feels different so the surgery was a fake out and it's all been a scam to get you invested in eating 600 calories a day to lose weight. I just keep reminding myself that once I hit Soft Food and then Real Food phases, the pouch reality will set in and *please God* the energy boost will kick in. Lastly, I still haven't put a new battery in my scale so I don't have a #'s update but I can absolutely feel the difference in my clothing. Next post-op appt & weigh-in is still 3 weeks away, so we'll see if I last that long not weighing myself. But the number on the scale has not been any part of my motivation, and the scale has always been my arch nemesis, so the lure to weigh is not irresistible for me. THANK YOU all for reading and assuring and sharing. It has helped more than I can express. Also, if lengthy posts like this are better suited to the Blog section, please advise.
  4. VERY reassuring, @CurvyMermaid! Did you have same fears and/or feel hungry most of the time during clear & full liquids stages? Also, any recs for pureed stage? Looking forward to getting thru stages so I can start to live my new reality!
  5. THANK YOU ALL! @cinwa @Gretta @Stephtay @BurgundyBoy @Jen581791 Your sage feedback and rational explanations have returned calmness to my post-op freak out Clearly my booklet is lame, but joining Thinner Times & learning from you guys has been my BEST resource. Thanks again for sharing what you've all learned from your own journeys <3
  6. I'm kind of freaking out because I got out my wls booklet & realized I'm eating and drinking too much in too short time frames and have a horrible feeling I've already stretched my pouch. Because I'm hungry and nothing seems to give me feeling of fullness I have been overdoing it. Drinking and eating too fast; just ate probably a cup and a half of cream of mushroom soup because I mixed in unflavored Unjury powder & needed that much to thin it out & heat it up. Whyyyyyy am I even ABLE to consume that much at once? But reading booklet reminded me 2oz at a time is to prevent stretching, not to control hunger or because that's all the capacity you have. Also not doing well with no beverages 30 mins before or after and small sips. Sorry to be a baby, but I thought everything was going great & now I'm having crazy fears & doubts. Thanks for letting me freak out here!
  7. THANK YOU @Gretta and @Aussie H !!! I have to admit I was freaking out a little bit BTW, I lost 15 lbs during pre-op and 10 during week one!
  8. @BurgundyBoy Feeling GREAT! Pain free, breathing back to normal, nausea gone, headaches over. But........just posted another topic...Hungry! Take a look please & let me know what you think
  9. Had my one week post-op today & all is well! Soreness healed, gas pain alleviated, and survived week of clear liquids. So pleased with healing & recovery! It was a hungry week, which was to be expected based on super low calorie intake but surprising because I thought we weren't supposed to feel hunger. Reading up on it though, it seems it's pretty typical for early on? Today I started full liquids & vitamins. Even though it's supposed to be 2 ounces every two hours, I ate a little more because I was so damn hungry and because I never felt the promised fullness. Nothing too crazy...4 oz butternut squash soup...3.25 oz pudding...but ability to easily go beyond 2 oz when I was told I might not even be able to tolerate 1 oz, coupled with the hunger has me feeling a little rattled. Appreciate any insight/feedback!
  10. Made it to the other side! Surgery was Monday 7/10/17 and came home from hospital the next day. Today, Wednesday, will be first full day home! Everything went according to plan, with belly tenderness as expected. My biggest issue has been nausea and inability to take deep breaths comfortably due to the gas/air in my chest and back area. I'm also still having daily headaches, which is really getting on my nerves! I think I'm doing well with moving about during the day; are there other ways to get rid of the gas/air? Am doing well with fluid intake, but am wondering if it's normal to feel it in my esophagus as it goes down, which makes me burp (a blessing), but adds a little more pressure to air trapped in chest. Not really needing the pain meds for the belly, but wondering if I should take them anyway for these other symptoms. Will call doc today, but would appreciate hearing from others experiences, too. Thanks for ALL the encouragement and support TT forum!!!
  11. Hi Friends! Keeping you posted... surgery yesterday, home today. Doc said it was textbook case and once nausea & gas issues are resolved, I think it will be smooth sailing. Stay tuned!!!
  12. Thanks, @CurvyMermaid I'm not nervous at all either, I'm happy to say! I guess I keep waiting for it to happen LOL I've been keeping really busy, which has helped & reading all the positivity from you & others has been huge in convincing me of what I already knew...this will result in nothing but good things for my future!
  13. @Stacy_Is_Boring my vsg is Monday 7/10! I have 150-ish to lose & am SO ready for this positive change. This forum is an incredible place to share your fears, ask your questions, and learn from others who've walked in your shoes. Stay strong for your second week...YOU CAN DO THIS! I predict that 6 months from now you will change your handle to Stacy Is Fabulous
  14. I wish I could "like" this 1,000 times :))) EXACTLY what I've been looking forward to & what I needed to hear before my surgery in two days!!!
  15. THANKS!!!! Expecting the call tomorrow and then it's all systems go. On a scale of 1-10, how nervous were you the day before & the day of?