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  1. Mine was one week. But it was also over the 4th of July Holiday, so mine was pretty fast. I start the liquid diet tomorrow, nervous as crap but ready for this journey!!!
  2. August 1st is the day!!!!!
  3. me either............... I am patiently waiting on 3:00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I love reading all the comments and post. I am still in shock, because reading a lot of the other threads I was 100% expecting to get denied. But then again reading some of the success stories of WLS and the hoops they have gone through helps. I agree, I think that everyone goes through it, the doubt that is, of ... OK I'VE GOT TO DO X-AMOUNT OF MONTHS SUPERVISED WEIGHTLOSS VISITS, ALL THE TESTING, MONTHLY APPOINTMENTS AND THEN TO PLAY THE WAITING GAME.................THATS THE HARDEST PART IS THE WAIT TO SEE IF INSURANCE ACCEPTS WHAT WAS SUBMITTED AND APPROVE YOU OR DENY YOU. Then worry sets in, what if Im denied, how do I appeal, will I have to or my Dr. All this played in my head EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! And now...... im in shock, but IM SO HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3:00 can not get here fast enough today. I go see the surgeon for my "results visit" and get a surgery date. I WANT TO BE HEALTHY AGAIN!!!!!
  5. I will try some of that. Thanks!!
  6. I GOT THE CALL FRIDAY THAT I WAS APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I go back to my Dr. tomorrow and find out the surgery date and what all I have to do. I don't know what to expect to be honest. Not to sure about the pre-op liquid diet being that im not a fan of protein drinks other than the slim fast chocolate that I did a few years ago. Does anyone have any good protein drinks they use and would recommend?
  7. Thank You!!!!!! My fingers are crossed too!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I just updated it to show the sleeve. Sorry... Wasn even paying attention that it had the old recommendation on it.
  9. My Sleep apnea wasn't high enough to do anything about. With Aetna you have to have 1 co-morbility if your BMI is between 35-40 and if its above 40 then you don't have to have any co-morbs.
  10. When I started the process the Dr suggested the DS, but after the 3rd month he switched to the Sleeve sue to Insurance supposes.
  11. I sure hope thats it correct and I get approved. This will be the longest 14 days I believe in my life. (atleast that's what she said it will take 14 days for them to make a decision). I have been on the Metformin for over a year and I hope it gets me approved for surgery. Congrats on your surgery coming up, wishing you the best of luck!!! Did you have any co-morbilities?
  12. I will start off by saying that I AM SO SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not one bit am I scared of the surgery. I want this more than anything, but I am scared that insurance will deny me. I don't have the major co-morbilities that Aetna require. The only thing that I do have is what they are calling pre-diabetic and have been on Metformin for over a year now due to my A1C being high. But with the metformin its controllable. I have an autoimmune thyroid disease which makes it impossible for me to loose any weight, I have asthma and retain fluid. I have been on EVERY WEIGHTLOSS PRESCRIPTION DRUG THERE IS AND STILL COULDNT LOOSE ANY WEIGHT!!!!! I followed a strict diet, herbalife with the 2 shakes and a salad, atkins, weight watchers, joined a gym and purchased a treadmill................STILL NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! Why me??!! I finished my 4 months of supervised weight loss visits yesterday and the coordinator said she submitted it to insurance this morning. I asked what Co-morbility she was using and she said Diabetic (scratching my head bc no one has ever said you have Type 1 or you have type 2) but she said it shouldn't be an issue bc the insurance company will see metformin (2000 mg) and should approve it. Has anyone had the same experience? Been on Metformin and got approved? I am 5'8 238 pounds and my BMI is 36.2