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  1. It can be, not just protein is in the mix. Max your protein and vits every day. Hair loss prevention may take more protein than what your WLS team suggests for optimal healing and muscle sparing.
  2. GREAT! Might Consider calling every day for a cancellation and sooner date. Works 95% of the time.
  3. I use a Google docs record. Developed it with my NUT. Left column, day's after surgery, weight and total weight lost. Next column what I ate; next column fluid totals; next column protein; last column type and length of exercise. Easier than 3 apps. Doc must be 25 pages long now... but forces me to look at the totality of the day. In food column put total calories and note fiber intake. Plot weight in Excel.
  4. @Trish13 You are the best. Have adopted your tactic of telling random people. Suggest when you get your PICC line pulled after TPN ends, get it bronzed, since it is a Totemic Symbol of your WLS Greatness. Will look great on the mantle above the fireplace and will be a great conversation piece.
  5. Hi @LittleStar! If you look at what I just wrote - the @ symbol and then without a space your moniker - this is how you can get someone's attention. If you do the @ symbol and the first few letters of the name, you should get a list of possible matches. Of course if you type in the right name you will get just one match. Click on it and you will get the person. That is what I did here for you. You should have gotten a notice that I quoted you too in the mailbox to the top right part of the site in your browser. You can quote someone, or put their name in using the @ symbol, and both should alert someone. I would separate the job issue from the eating issue to the extent you can. You are eating for emotional comfort reasons, which most if not all people on this site have done. I certainly have. I have a lot of sympathy for you and this situation. I lost my position at age 40 and had to completely reinvent my career. Of note, I had lost 60 lbs through dieting... and then ate my weight back when I lost my job from the stress. One of the key tools to acquire now is to disassociate stress and eating. When you have lost a lot of weight you are also likely to have a lot more self-confidence, and that will bleed into the rest of your life in lots of positive ways. Your goal is a healthy life, fit and svelte and totally healthy. You can do this. Weight loss surgery is the only scientifically proven way to reliably lose weight. So YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING now by seeking the surgery. This works for almost everyone. The science is that carbohydrates - crisps, pasta, etc. - tickle a center in the brain that revolves around dopamine. More carbos = more action in this center = more pleasure. The problem is, it takes more and more to satisfy this response. Scientists actually equate it to cocaine and meth for this kind of increasing need for more to get the same level of satisfaction. So comfort eating with the usual stuff takes more and more food to give you the same level of satisfaction. Here on the site there are a lot of postings about high protein diets that are ketogenic - fat burning - and they also have as a benefit the suppression of hunger. You also avoid the carbohydrate loop. My two cents is you may wish to consider a bit of dieting where you focus on high protein. The other thing is that exercise, even modest exercise like walking, triggers a kind of satisfaction - chemicals called endorphins. You can be happier with a little bit of exercise. Plus it is a well proven anti-depressant, and you sound depressed. You can set yourself some very modest goal - 4 times around the block, then 5, then 6... and get satisfaction from it. It's a small goal but attaining any kind of personal goal when you are stressed is super supportive. Good luck. Post here often. We have your back.
  6. Whoa, relieved you didn't drown him. He might still be useful in some minor way about the house in the future. ("There, But for the Grace of God, Go I..."). PICCs are the pitts. Good luck in getting the thing out. Am sure the plastic tubing is leaking Bad Humors into your system. Otherwise doing okay?
  7. Whoa you bad! Remind me to stay just outside of punch length if I tease you at the Starbucks in Arlington on your return.
  8. Glass is half full, maybe more, and tomorrow is a new day. Positive vibes sent your way. Post here as the daily challenges arise so we can cheer you on!
  9. @Kio Great sign your body is returning to the physiological state it should be at! and congrats on the 290. Now you have to start booking your flight to Chicago for next year. Then you can have the NSV of a plane seat belt not being at the limit or with an extender. Gotta have Beauty in Daily Life.
  10. Have you ever done confit chicken? Like confit duck but you can do an affordable version by buying dark meat thighs/legs/drumsticks, covering them in bulk olive oil, and then slow cooking for 3-5 hours at 160-170 in a covered casserole pot. Couldn't be simpler, and if you fish them out of the oil with tongs and put in an airtight container with some of the confit oil to cover (I use a soup ladle), they last for weeks in the fridge. The chicken meat does not absorb the oil, so the meat is still lean, yet is infused with the scent of the herbs and garlic. It's a traditional way to preserve meats used a lot in the past. GREAT for WLS diet - you just take out the piece you want, crisp the outside in an hot pan to warm it up, and Voila you have super protein ready in 5 minutes. The chilled oil adhering to the chicken piece melts in the pan and is the oil you use for the crisping. If you are oil-phobic you can wipe or blot the outside with a paper towel and the amount you get is minimal. If chicken skin is on your personal diet you can crisp that in the pan, or if not just not leave it behind. I strain the olive oil after the oven confit, using paper coffee filters, and use it a couple of times. There is no need to use excellent olive oil, the basic stuff works fine. It is just crisped, not fried, in the pan, and the collagen in the usually tougher dark meat has melted into proteinaceous deliciousness. It is improved a bit by salting the chicken on both sides, with garlic and herbs and leaving in the fridge for a few hours, up to a day, beforehand, but it is not necessary. I do at least a couple of hours but if I am not chicken-brained I try to do it for a day. Another nice thing is that the actual time in the oven is completely hands-free and very forgiving, you can confit with confidence knowing that if you have to run an errand at the last minute it will still be just fine. I'll do 4 or 5 chicken legs at a time using an enamel round pot but any old thing will do. Once or twice a year I will buy 2-3 ducks and confit the legs for cassoulet, but it's a lot of work and ducks are a lot more expensive than chicken. Yes the cassoulet is consumed with fine Burgundy wine, as is the chicken when the diet allows. This is not done with chicken breasts since, well, they are nearly flavorless compared to dark meat. Perhaps @Cheesehead and @Trish1967 your tastebuds have moved on to the good stuff, e.g. dark meat. chicken breasts do not have collagen that the legs have, and so ... are inferior, at least for confit. I think it is hilarious that all the weight loss sites use skinless chicken breasts as the meat to eat since it basically tastes like dry sawdust most of the time and helps to ensure that people get tired of an otherwise healthy food.
  11. I still love to cook and eat well. Just not making very much when I cook!
  12. (Awesome YAY video). Now that would be the ultimate TTF challenge: all of us buck naked before and after photos, with strategically placed tape... over our eyes. Now THAT would increase the Lurker quotient! I'll, uh, let @Cheesehead, @cinwa, or @Res Ipsa as the official Adults take this idea up... just trying to be helpful, of course. ANYHOW personal NSVs are just as important as public NSVs. Congrats on the smaller shorts.
  13. Plus check if your doc received blood work results, = a form of supervision. If they say it doesnt, ask why there are rules for timely review of lab results unless it is to monitor you. Press on.
  14. Press on. Threaten to go to newspapers and better busiNess about heartless stupid company. State you will have lawyer in 24 hours too. Be unspeakably polite.
  15. I just told 2 stewardesses on my flight. They were quizzical why I did not want the entree portion of my plane meal (didnt fit into my WLS diet). They spent 20 minutes grilling me. Like everyone else I've told in this (or a similar 'strangers-passing-in-the-night') scenario they were interested and amazed at the story of 80+ lbs lost. For me reinforces the good of being open. Have not had a negative judgemental response yet in this setting ( not work, not family).
  16. Congrats. Life unfolded!
  17. Protest to the medical monitor at your insurance company. This is unreasonable.
  18. I had hedonistic hunger... the desire to eat what looked good or that I remembered as tasty. - but not physiological hunger. Took me a while to separate them. Oh and the lack of mouth feel! Great progress and good luck. You'll be fine, this is just a stage.
  19. So true! This is a sort of emotional burden we carry. Other than to us, no one much notices except the Evil Busybodies who really aren't worthy of notice.
  20. Yes, not a drop... but good for WLS diet adherence! GREAT feeling... wonderful to be able to order stuff off the rack. Hoping I become the next decoration project for my Perfect Wife and Perfect MIL. Will post avatar and more pics when bask in US. I suppose delay in posting pics is revealing, no?
  21. Hee hee. Gotcha. Good luck! It's doable. Wanted to do this too, but have no knees or hips anymore, should have had WLS years ago. So will have to live vicariously thru you when you become Ironperson Curvy Mermaid.
  22. Really great progress! Sounds like like are doing great, and echo positive vibes about exercise from @CJireh. Exercise predicts greater weight loss and lower risk of rebound weight gain.
  23. Told family/close friends. Work is mostly not told, but some (close friends) aware. Issue of not being in closet is big one. Only through being open will the stigma of surgery get smaller. But not a choice for everyone. If you carry the wounds of being fat, the criticism of having had WLS can be too much.
  24. HI and welcome!
  25. Yes sometimes I carry a ribeye steak with me instead of lobster just to mix it up a bit. Works every time to break the ice. Yes thought planting the notion you are losing weight now with first dinner party would set you up for your losses over near future. In expat community everyone knows everything soon enough anyhow, so might as well shape the expectations.