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  1. Hi! New Here!

    @TK Hops Well that's pretty powerful stuff. I'd be motivated too. For whatever reasons I think people like you with a very specific goal do very very well with WLS. @NerdyLady also had diabetes and if I recall correctly, she was on 3 or 4 drugs... and still not under good control. She has now posted that she is off all diabetes meds now with normal glucose and A1c readings.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    Stephtay, they are. I keep the dough overnight in the fridge to let it develop extra complexity and sourness before I proof the dough and bake it the next morning. It took me over a year to get this down so it is consistent. (I am sure this did NOT help my weight loss attempts in the couple of years before I had surgery). In preparation for my surgery in March of this year, in February I preserved the sourdough mother I use and baked my last loaves about a month before my surgery. My wife insisted I revive the mother and bake for Thanksgiving, so well I did and I have. I can't eat but one piece but everyone else just gobbles it up! Here's the trivia for the day: The bottoms of these loaves are NEARLY burned but not quite. Hundreds of years ago rich people sliced off the well done or burnt bottom crust of their sourdough bread and only ate the top crust - e.g. the "Upper Crust." This is why rich folks are called the Upper Crust. Personally I love the Lower Crust more as it is super crunchy and flavorful. Later today I'll amend the post to include a photo of a cut slice - you can see the difference in the two crusts very easily.
  3. Breaking traditions

    I've had crocodile a couple of times in Kenya. Alligator is better. What with Thanksgiving upon us, breaking the traditions of eating TOO MUCH and creating new ones are the new orders of the day!
  4. Tomorrow.....

    Post soon on how you've done. << Empathy >> I'd join the same gym as your hubbie. It will help when either one of you is wavering, and soon enough he will enjoy being seen at the gym with his svelte, athletic, beautiful wife.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    @Jen581791 Great thread for the day! Here is what I baked this morning. My son has already inhaled 1/3 of the one on the left... My Tartine-style sourdough bread. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating it, and let me be amongst the first to say I give thanks every time I gain yet more insight from this forum, and give thanks for the changes I have been blessed with since my surgery.
  6. Hi! New Here!

    @TK Hops Do you have any special goals or desires for yourself after surgery? (Personally I wanted to lose not only all my weight but also the last 35 years. Much to my annoyance the weight is better but the aging part remains).
  7. Stressed!

    Ooof. This would deflate any balloon. Your reasons / needs / imperatives for surgery remain the same though. - Talk to your surgeon as others have suggested and talk through what has happened to your friend. Be sure your surgeon is experienced, and ask for his/her complication statistics. There are studies showing that your risk declines as your surgeon gets more experience through their 400th case --- I chose my surgeon in large part because she has 20+ years of experience and at this juncture few if any complications. - Your friend's bad luck does not influence your operation. It is like they are both independent tosses of two different coins. Easy to say of course but this is when your head should run things, not your emotions. - You can reduce your own personal risks by losing weight before surgery if needed to get your liver smaller; being sure to use the decontaminating soaps they ask you to use so your skin has fewer bacteria; taking your blood pressure, diabetes, and other medicines so those are all under control; and probably by even some modest exercise before surgery (to tone up your stomach muscles) and probably by using a probiotic (to reduce the risk of C difficile diarrhea after surgery). The last two have not been studied specifically in WLS patients but they have been studied in the larger group of surgical patients. Sympathy to your friend and hoping you can stay on an even keel with all this happening....
  8. 10 weeks tomorrow!

    Delightful post. Great progress! and clearly you're listening to your body... maybe shredding the dense protein (so it looks like pulled pork or something similar) will help or the thin slices of deli meats like @Grettamentions... I buy good prosciutto, trim any remaining fat, and snack on that... low-sugar beef jerky works for me too. Well done and watch for the Weight Loss Gremlins telling you can't do something that you CAN do!
  9. @Boho Rosy We all start at different places and the WLS hits us all differently... Just set your expectations based on who YOU are and your pre-surgery level of exercise. If you have high expectations but weren't exercising much before surgery you will definitely have to work your way up. You can do it but wouldn't press so hard you feel defeated or become reluctant to exercise because of soreness. You can get to your goal without exercise but you're better with it if you can. @Dtrain84 isn't allowed to exercise heavily for medical reasons and is doing splendidly; @athenarose who exercises a huge amount didn't start exercising hard until she got to her goal; and like @Gretta I exercised a lot early on but have gone through periods of sluggishness.
  10. Cardamom77's Surgery Date

    @Cardamom77 Good to hear, hope they let you escape soon. Best BB
  11. Did you bring medications to the hospital ?

    No, but my hospital / surgical team went over everything ahead of time so they would not be caught out with a non-formulary medication. ** Do post after your surgery, and when able ! Good luck !!
  12. Almost there....

    Welcome! congrats on moving forward.
  13. Surgery Day!!!

    @lemelendez Good luck and best wishes! do let everyone know how you are doing!
  14. Surgery Day!!!

    @sarahjayne29 countdown has begun... be sure to post after surgery!
  15. Cardamom77's Surgery Date

    @Cardamom77 Keep us posted on how things go... Hope all well going in -
  16. Kristin (_withak)'s Surgery Date!

    @kristinwitha_k let us know how you are doing! Best wishes!
  17. Met my first TT celebrity today!

    @Trish1967 I bet in a year or two you idea of "too thin" in the face will have changed, and be more accepting of the who-you-are-now. Am having some of the same mental issues --- but then I see pictures of me from before I became heavy and, well, my face was thin and looked okay to me then!! Plus bald guys like me can't wear a wig to change facial contour. I brought up the idea of a handlebar mustache needing wax to keep the tips up with my wife and for some reason she shot it down. Can you believe it?! - Zorro
  18. Hang in there folks

    @tmcgee Tom you look like the brother of that formerly-you person! Hard to believe SAME person!!
  19. Hi y'all!

    I felt the same way.... I had butterflies, of course, and a sense of going though a portal that was a one-way commitment... but nah, not worries. At the back of my mind was the fact that in the grand scheme, WLS is minor not major surgery, and the stats are fantastic. Plus my surgeon is an A+ surgeon.
  20. 6 month surgiversary!

    Talk is cheap, Gretta, Talk is cheap... post some pics!
  21. Let's Talk Turkey

    A very thought out post, Chefman77! Exactly to your point, @Jen581791 @Dtrain84 and @Trish1967 have had excellent loss trajectories, and they don't compromise much if at all, when it comes to indiscretions. Your own trajectory is right up there with them. I suppose I am laying out these indiscretions as a way of being intellectually honest - I enjoy a glass of Fermented Grape Liquids but know it is both carbos, and calories, and there is no way to put lipstick on that pig and make it appear otherwise. I just may be less resolute that some of you!
  22. Hi y'all!

    Just about everyone has this as a minimum... so your intestines don't have any solid food in them at the time of surgery. My practice did ask me to do a full liquids diet for a 2 day stretch in the month before surgery - so I would be familiar with what that meant in terms of having foods in the house, etc. It was valuable and I did stock up on lots of the appropriate things before surgery based on that education.
  23. Vent

    @codequeryOne advantage of a letter is that it is documentary evidence of a conversation, request, or similar interaction. A phone call isn't the same level and may not be documented at all...
  24. 6 month surgiversary!

    Great progress Trish. If you never lost another ounce you would remain a big winner. Thank you for the honesty and humanity of your posts.
  25. Pre op weight loss

    Low carb / high protein diet works pretty reliably, agree with you, especially if you have had big losses in the past. Make sure you get weighed someplace the insurance company will accept like your doctor's office or the weight loss center.