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  1. Kimteehee, the risk is not getting to your weight, it's the throwing up. PLEASE get help tomorrow. You have an eating disorder on the face of it. A member of my family had such a disorder for 40 years and kept it a secret for all that time. She is well now. You can be too.
  2. The microbiome stuff is fascinating... but it is possible that the weight loss is due to many things all at once, and I doubt just the microbiome changes account for all the weight loss. Sometimes people who are brilliant scientists in one arena are (in other areas) just well read and can over-interpret their data.
  3. Hi @Trish13 let me echo the recommendation for fiber. the stool softeners, or agents that irritate your bowels and help you move stool along, are underpinned by having some stool to move. If no stool in the colon .... no movement. Add fiber, fiber, fiber to your liquid diet. I'm 100 days out and if I have no BM in the morning, my weight is "falsely" up 1-2 lbs even if I really have lost weight. I know lots of programs say you have to stop drinking The Nectar of the Gods coffee, but in my view it is an issue for only a small number of people. I imagine that for people who like to make rules, it only takes one person to drink 10 cups of coffee and no other fluid and get dehydrated for everyone to be banned from coffee. Having displayed my bias in this matter, this was an opinion, nothing more - I drink a strong cup of coffee every morning not only because I am addicted to it I like it, but because it is a signal for my bowels. If no BM happens I drink a second cup, having weighed the second cup, and then when I do have a BM and can weigh myself, I subtract the weight of the second cup. My daily weight assumes (1) that I had a BM, (2) and only one prior cup of coffee. Hasn't it been said that “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds..." (Emerson, I think, was the author of this). I guess I have a little mind when it comes to my bowels.
  4. You'll be in ketosis soon, living just on protein, and the headache will disappear soon enough. And you will be many pounds down. You'll be okay.
  5. Take the pain meds and sleep. Wonderful. Today is a new beginning. However trite the words may sound, it's true.
  6. Yes, my sleep apnea is essentially gone. It's remarkable and I am sleeping though the night for the first time in years. I think there are some complications of obesity that get better just as the weight goes off, and others that get better once you pass some threshold. For me my sleep apnea was a threshold thing. If you get Global Entry it includes TSA pre-clearance as a freebie. I've found that just not missing one international connection is worth the cost. Plus when you get back to the US and you bypass a two hour long line in customs in 2 minutes you think you have just gone to Heaven.
  7. Cheese crackers are like heroin for me. Big no-no. Soap is the way to go!
  8. Oh, people here post about all sorts of things. I've no doubt posted about BBQ ribs ad nauseum for everyone else. I think the only thing that people don't do is be needlessly critical, or cruel, or snarky or judgmental. This is a support site, not a place for trolls internet. I'll let the Adults on the site comment. Not that you wouldn't get some tough love about whining about, oh, some kind of candy that you imagine you couldn't live without, or some kind of potato chips or Cheetos. But tough love is love nonetheless. I read everything I post to see if I could be misinterpreted as being critical, even when the message is not in alignment with what the person is overtly seeking. But again, let's let the Adults comment.
  9. @like_rain_to_sea Like your blog! Wear some new clothes. Banishing the jade and obsidian monster will be easier if you are wearing some armor. Just to help your head think about a new person. I just bought a new pair of shorts and threw out 4 pairs of long pants. All of my shirts are too big now. The shorts were inexpensive ones since with any luck they will be too big too. Wearing them felt like such an accomplishment. Next is thinking through replacing 20+ dress shirts. When? Am I brave enough to? Ack.
  10. Sounds like a stall. No worries. Just keep up your efforts.
  11. I love this. Redefines birthday cake forever!
  12. We each need to find what works for each of us. Good to hear of another solution. Thank you! I had a friend in grad school who ate 1 meal a day, exercised lots, drank a lot of tea. Worked for him!
  13. I think you'll be fine. Use the paper App to enforce mental discipline while you're off-line, eat lots of grilled fish/shrimp, you'll be fine!
  14. So, on a flight to Asia my sleep apnea-related snoring woke everyone else up. I had to stay awake despite my need for sleep. For those of us who want less TSA hassles, just sign up for TSA pre-clearance... it's wonderful. Through TSA in 2 minutes.
  15. Freezing to death is a very positive sign. I miss some of the social aspects too. A warm brrrrrrrr to you!