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    Obviously they love you. They even like to provide you with surprises! Next will be the gift boxes and discount certificates...
  2. Want to learn more

    The sous vide water circulators are thin cylinders with an electric cord, and can pack under the sink or elsewhere. If you use your sink, or a standard tall pot, as the water container, then when you'r done they just go back to their usual spot. My Perfect Wife abhors appliances so this works for us. Our microwave broke and I am having great difficulties getting her to agree to its replacement. I think sometimes her ideal kitchen = coffee pot, one hot plate, and that's it.
  3. Met With Surgeon

    It won't be. Just use the rapid loss period to build the good habits for the years and decades of excellent health ahead of you.
  4. Met With Surgeon

    Me, it was BBQ ribs e.g. full slab. Now I have 1 or 2 and that itch has been scratched and is over. Important to think about enjoyment of food NOT being the amount, but rather the beauty of it, the company you share it with, and the pleasure (for some) of making it. WLS for some means a kind of divorce from the pleasures of food, for others it means a rebalancing. I LOVE to cook for others and make them happy.... and eat my bit or two.
  5. Met With Surgeon

    Everyone here has lost and gained and lost and gained and has well-founded fears of failure. THIS IS THE ONLY MEDICALLY PROVEN WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF. You are choosing a procedure recognized by the medical profession and scientists as the only way to lose weight. You'll lose weight.
  6. Turkey and stuffing ?

    Meat is meat is meat is protein. A turkey is a chicken is a duck is a goose is a squab is a capon is a pheasant. If you eat ham that's fine. Lists generated by surgical teams are just focused on what is the most commonly eaten foods are are guidance, Not the Ten Commandments. If you need to, cut up or cube turkey meat into broth so it's soft and enjoy it, sprinkle on some savory cheese like parmesan if you need to enhance it's flavor and nuke it. For turkey dinners now (9 months out) I eat the dark meat (way tastier and less dry than that awful white stuff, lol) and eat at most 1/4 bite of Aunt Suzie's stuffing to be able to say it's delicious. But seriously! Stuffing is pure carbs. Why sabotage yourself just to fit into your OLD IDEAS of how to eat that led to obesity? Could you have it at 3 months? Yes.... but how will you lose weight in the weight loss phase eating bread?? Ditto for mashed potatoes. Those = Designed by the Weight Loss Devils to Put On The Fat. Put the 1/4 bite on your plate only if you really really have to (you don't), say it's good, then firmly say that your diet does not allow you to eat more.... and move on, e.g. away from the carbs. I tell Aunt Suzie now before dinner that I love her food but my medical advice is that I cannot eat even her pie, her spectacular mashed, whatever and I know she understands that I love her but I am not confusing loving her food with loving her. Usually that results in a peck on the cheek and FULL SUPPORT from the family. My family cares more about my health than if I eat someone's special treat food. Now you've had surgery. Now you are taking control of your life. Control Now it's the Brave New World of NOT eating the same garbage that got you into trouble. It's the people who are important at these celebratory family dinners. Focus on your protein and liquids. Be relentlessly devoted to your health and get your family behind you (sometimes you just need to take a 2x4 to their heads with a little love tap, as my Dad used to say). If they love you they will not focus on their pie, they will praise you and love you for your strength and resolve. You may have to help reorient them, but there you have it. I've now been through at least a dozen turkey dinners or celebratory dinners since surgery and NO ONE REALLY CARES if you eat the garbage carbos or not. They care ABOUT YOU. Good luck. Post here for tough love advice, encouragement, sympathy. ALWAYS BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. Best wishes, BB

    @Paigetherage Hoping you are doing well. I took probiotics before and after surgery and never had a peep of belly pain, had rapid passing of gas, and essentially my intestines flew through surgery. Hard to say (with just one person's experience) that's the reason I did so well, but just offering it up. I usd the Culturelle brand since the probiotic in it has been very well studied and validated, unlike a lot of hte others in the market. Let us know how you are doing. .... BB

    How you doing there? Just hoping your protein intake is doing ok. Be it liquid, solid, or gas, you just have to get that 60 grams a day or more in. When I was challenged as you are, I drank a lot of fish broth, other liquids with high protein, and still have a protein drink most days. Not able to speak to why your surgeon wants you to stay away from liquid calories but there are some people whose transition is slow to solids and maybe that is what your surgeon is reacting to. Are you able to eat other proteins? Soft cheeses like feta, well cooked black beans, .... may be even pulled pork? A lot of people here swear by ricotta bakes. I also re-learned how to make soft boiled eggs so the protein white were very soft and easy to eat.
  9. Me 6-month post op

    Thanks! My beefcake days, I rowed crew. Long time ago... and I just have to build the muscle mass.
  10. Me 6-month post op

    Good reminder there is no one solution for all things. Thanks for pointing this out!
  11. Pre op weight loss

    Great to hear from you! (Well, the weight did not come off for any of us the way we would have liked. ). Best wishes BB
  12. Me 6-month post op

    May I ask what protein isolate you use? and I had forgotten (before you wrote it) that branched chain amino acids ("BCAA" for you Lurkers) are supposed to be the right thing to do after workouts. I'm going to have to look up that stuff again...
  13. Hi Im New Here.

    Just echoing the others re: things should be better soon. As @tmcgeesays, just stick with the Plan. You're odd aches and such will settle out soon. Congrats and best wishes!
  14. Eating to Ease Nausea

    << So sorry to post an inaccurate posting!!>> Thank you @msmarymac !!! and @megberry Hope this does the trick for you. It's so commonly said here than hunger and acid are confused after surgery.
  15. Me 6-month post op

    Chefman, you are younger than me, but I remember about 40-45 years ago there were these dietetic breads, only 40 calories a slice.... they were made with sawdust. (yes, sawdust). They tasted like... wood chips and were awful. Must have been sky-high in terms of fiber. Just saying... if you close to a sawmill... you know...