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  1. Wouldn't be so sure the pat-down was due to excess skin... might just be her assumption, since it happens for lots of reasons. I have plenty of extra skin, but no pats going thru many airports...
  2. You think???... even with this grey beard??
  3. perhaps this is true for you... my impression is that having WLS for a lot of us is a physical step that coincides with taking more control over our workplaces, and social lives ... so ASK FOR THE RAISE and let this be part of the success of this period of life. Lots of people here have stories about other changes in their lives relating to confidence, and less bias in the way they are seen because they are no longer obese. @Zyia recently went through this AMAZING transformation and got offered a supervisory position at her workplace. Other examples abound. Good for you.
  4. You a hoot, C!
  5. Yes - just a few more days. Fittings important! (I had the lining made of bright red silk. BB is not shy and retiring when whipping off his coat). If all goes well then will post pics of event next week, in the "What are you wearing today" thread. That, of course, is assuming I am adequately Eye Candy material with the assistance of the tux.
  6. Am using MapMyRide for my cycling and walking. It uses GPS for the cycling and logs distance, the route, time, etc. and does a pretty good job with current speed and average speed, etc. Same for walking. This logging of the my motion cycling or walking works for me. Have not found one app that easily allows me to also upload swimming hours and yoga too. More time than I want to take some days. It includes a nutrition section which I have not used but I think others have to their benefit.
  7. I wish I could claim it's my line, but it's not. Someone more Adult than me posted it back 4-5 months ago. I've just thought it was perfect though. She did actually use it. Personally I think we should all be given a little Booklet of How to Survive WLS which should include these zingers. Much better than 'Mind your own business @%&f!er' or something as inelegant as that.
  8. @like_rain_to_sea Oh, honesty and personal accountability! What irksome habits! Kudos for posting this. Clearly you are paying attention and not lying to yourself. You know you can do this ... and keep doing it for the long haul. One must you give you credit for eating only quarters of the cookie, not 17 of them. So this sin was not Too Very Very Bad. So, you are not consigned to the deepest parts of Inferno. so you know the drill. Stop eating cookies and flan at work. Bring something else to put in your hands and mouth at work. No excuses. There. Now, how else are you doing? You say you have been doing really well! Tell us!
  9. Good memory! At this point, if I do lose more weight, it will be the remaining inner tube around my waist and lower torso and upper thighs. From the sartorial view, those wouldn't require major re-tailoring of the suit. And it's usually easier to make something smaller than larger. So I could 'pull the trigger' on getting this, and DID! Maybe it's childish but I love it! Couldn't really see any reason to wait to get this made. I made a decision to get fewer, and nicer, clothes to replace my many closets of good/bad/worn/indifferent/nice clothes that don't fit me. I think it will add a little nudge to my staying at my weight nadir. I am of the opinion that nice clothes impress your co-workers, and add to self-esteem too. As @NerdyLady notes, I can once again achieve the position of Arm Candy to my Perfect Wife. Can't say why this is such a big NSV for me but it is. re: the allegory to what one wore when one got married, and my tale of my wedding tux - this is small potatoes! @Dunndeal takes the cake with her recent photos of herself in her wedding dress. She is a beautiful woman with a fine figure, radiantly unveiled through the magic of WLS. There is something very wonderful about the WLS process, and this Forum, that allows this to happen and to be shared.
  10. ... and of course you are anonymous here. People can read what you post, but you can maintain a veil between here and your personal self. Personal engagement in a Forum like this is a form of social support, and statistically enhances your chances of getting to your weight loss goal. (Lurkers, it's true. Lurking is just that. Real social support has been found over and over again to predict successful weight loss, and resilience to weight regain after surgery.) Glad you found some hints on making it through this on the Forum. Lots of that here. You still on clear liquids or moved on?
  11. (Cinwa, you told The Secret?? the Gremlins will be after you toot suite!)
  12. (It's the Weight Loss Gremlins and Evil Gods. Don't let them know I told you, life at risk...).
  13. OK, this one has a lot of meaning to me. Getting fitted for a custom, bespoke tuxedo. I need to wear one several times a year, have rented 'em for a gazillion years as needed. Had one for my wedding 35+ years ago but outgrew in probably 33 years ago and it has disappeared. Here in Hanoi I can have a tux made for me for not much more than the cost of one rental in the US. This photo is from the first fitting yesterday. It is not yet perfect, that is what fittings are for; the jacket is a touch too tight in the sleeves, but will be fine when I pick it up in a few days. The tailor asked if I wanted it to fit me NOW or what I would be like in a few months! (I said fit me now, gotta wear this in a week in the US.). Shirt is custom too. When I put the pants on I thought, no way I am going to fit into these... each leg is straight ... and fits me like a glove!
  14. Maybe the something in you is the ghost of all the weight you lost... Like you am travelling now and choosing hotels by their gyms and access to places for walking. Am in Hanoi now and some days getting in 3.5-4 miles of walking, yoga, and weights!!
  15. No way to make this good. You are now consigned to feeling colder and colder and colder as you lose weight and soon enough you will be shivering away with horrible cold sensitivity. Your wife will think she is married to somebody else, and soon you will have intractable arguments about the thermostat. You used to want the air conditioning up high, and now you will complain it is too high. The wife will soon be leaving sweaters and vests all around the house for you, hint hint hint, if you complain too very very much. I would write that you are toast, but I guess I should write that you are the opposite of toast. This should be in the informed consent it so reliably occurs. According to the Adults on the site, it also Never Gets Better. I am dreading the approaching winter in Boston. and just to make you feel even More Doomed, in Dante's Inferno, the Ninth (lowest) circle of Hell was icy and cold and the evil people there were consigned to being frozen all the time. Satan was frozen in a block and his beating wings chilled the other Damned. The lowest circle of Hell was not aflame, it was Frozen. Doomed, Doomed, Doomed. So there. Sorry to break the news to you.