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  1. Spoke with the surgeon's office this morning. We decided to postpone my preop and preadmission testing appointments until next Monday. That will give me some time to get over the shock of what has happened. So far May 4 is still a go.
  2. Thank you, Aussie, for your heartfelt reply. I am due for my preop and preadmission testing tomorrow. I'm at a loss as to what I should do. I have a message waiting for the surgeon's office and am hoping for direction as my appointment is first thing in the morning. I just hate the thought of upsetting the progress of things already in motion. But everything happens for a reason, right? I just have to trust that and find some comfort there.
  3. I've posted a few times but have never really introduced myself. My name is Sharon, and I live in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. I am scheduled for an RNY on May 4th~just a few weeks away. Today I watched my stepmom take her last breath due to complications that arose from her gastric bypass surgery that was done 7 years ago. Granted, she had other comorbidities which came into play, and her surgeon (who is also my surgeon) reminds me that I am not her. But, I must be honest that I am admittedly frightened about May 4th now, even though I couldn't wait to be scheduled. Perhaps I'm still raw from today's events as they came so unexpectedly, but I thought I would reach out to this community and find a bit of support and encouragement. Thanks for letting me share a little piece of my heart.
  4. Thanks these were my concerns as well. I appreciate your input.
  5. So, in your opinion, is it wise to take FMLA as a safety net?
  6. Got it, that helps. Thanks!
  7. Ok, excuse my ignorance, but Zen_Steph you say it's unpaid leave, but KMFL28 did I understand you to say you would use your FMLA leave to get paid if you couldn't go back to work as expected? Which is it? I'm also using my vacation time for surgery and recovery.
  8. Today I finally received my surgery date ~ May 4th. It's a bit further away than I anticipated, but it will come soon enough. My doctor recommends that I take off of work for 2 weeks ~ I'll actually be out of work for 12 days. I have a desk job. I've put in for my PTO, but the HR department is asking if I want to apply for FMLA. What is the benefit of doing that? Have you all applied just in case something unplanned happens? Any insight you might offer a newbie would be most appreciated. Monday I go for preadmission testing...I guess this is really happening. Somebody pinch me!
  9. I'm already taking Omeprazole and Ranitidine, and I hardly ever eat dairy, so I don't think it's lactose intolerance. It's probably just my nerves in anticipation of my surgery, but I think I'll need to check with my surgeon. Thanks for your feedback .
  10. I am 60 years old and anticipating RNY in about 2 weeks. I'm sure there are others who underwent surgery at this age, and I'm wondering if you experienced any particular challenges due to your age? I'd be most appreciative if you'd share your experience with me as I count down the days. I am single, so much of this journey will be alone, so any insight or encouragement would be most helpful.
  11. I take 2 medications for GERD, but lately have had horrible heartburn. Can anyone suggest an OTC something to take? I think it's just anxiety waiting for surgery, but I'm extremely uncomfortable!
  12. Thank you for all your replies. My anxiety in waiting for my surgery has gotten the better of me. Today I went for my nuclear stress test, and if my results come back alright, I will finally hear my surgery date. Now the real anxiety begins!
  13. I am awaiting news of my surgery date, but am concerned about potential hormonal imbalances that I understand can take place after surgery. I had such a horrible experience with imbalance after my hysterectomy that I am frightened at what might happen after GB. Would someone please share their experience so I have an idea of what I might expect? I know we're all different, but the unknown is extremely frightening to me. Thanks!