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  1. I'm so sorry to hear this! I wouldn't hesitate on getting another doctor on board to review as a second opinion. Wishing you the best for an end to this nightmare.
  2. Thank you @cinwa! I figured I better post how I'm feeling now so I can keep the focus and get encouragement from my new peeps!
  3. Thanks, @Gretta! I was so shocked, I had to double check the numbers. Guess I should get my before pictures done later! I'm concerned about the savory/salty as a box of box, but for some reason when I go to drink it I start gagging. I think I somehow get inside my own head and just can't drink it. They had soup mixes too, but I got sick off the first one, so I'm not doing the soup either. I'm pathetic for having dumb food issues, I often wonder why I'm so heavy if I'm so easily grossed out! Lol!
  4. Wooohooo!!! That is so incredible!!! I know you are happy and so very proud of yourself, as you should be...cuz you're rocking this weight loss! That's a personal goal for me too. My husband has dropped about 25 pounds lately just from us not going out as much. I'm happy for him as he about 10-15 pounds from his personal goal. But in all my happiness for him, I can't wait til the day I finally weigh less than him! Funny how most of us women have that as a goal along the way!!
  5. Well, I started my 3wk liquid diet this past Tuesday. So far, so good. I really only like the chocolate and vanilla shakes. Been trying to be creative with mixing it up and mixing decaf coffee and drinking iced like an iced latte. Kind of feel like I'm being naughty that! The week prior I started fully cutting carbs and fat, so maybe that helped prepare for the shakes. This morning I weighed myself, and I'm down 13 pounds since June 12th! That definitely put a little spring in my step today. Hoping I can keep myself on track. With only 4 shakes at 800 total calories, I've been hungry (and a couple of times but pushed through it with tons of water, jello, and Crystal!
  6. Bahaha! This is GREAT! Thanks for sharing!
  7. WOW!! You look fantastic! That is so inspiring that you have been able to keep it all off, and then some, since surgery! That smile tells it all! Congrats!
  8. Yah...I've had that experience too. Now I double check when they hand to me AND the cup. Stinks that happened to you - especially at work. I'd Definitely call and speak to the manager and explain and like you said - what had you'd still been diabetic...scary! Hopefully you would least get a free coffee or two. Bah!
  9. @CurvyMermaid I did just get it. I sent you a reply back. I'm also getting the hang of it - especially on my!
  10. WOW!! I pray 3rd time is the charm for you!!! Keep us posted! You're almost up to bat - VERY VERY exciting!!!
  11. awesome!! you got this!!!
  12. Hey @CurvyMermaid!!!! Thanks for responding - we are fairly close...that is great! OMGOSH!!! I just noticed your surgery date - How excited are you?! Looks like you are up to bat first! What kind of diet do they have to you doing? I go on Monday morning for my Pre-Op appointment with the Dr, then in the afternoon to the program coordinator and NUT. My Dr requires a 2 weeks liquid only diet (shakes), but if your BMI is 50+ then you have to do 3 weeks - which I have to do. So, I believe I will start the liquid diet the next day (Tuesday). UGH....not looking forward to that at all, BUT, I know I need to do it so that I have an easier surgery and shrink that liver. My husbands birthday is the same day as my Dr appt, so I we will have one nice meal out and then it is off to the races! Excited, nervous, terrified, anxious, elated, all occur once every couple minutes for me right now, I believe. How about you - any multiple feelings going on with the process now that you are close?
  13. Beautifully written, and the words spoke to my heart (and many aspects of my life!). What an amazing opportunity to be the catapult and inspiration for those who need a friend, guidance, opportunity, and just the knowledge that someone truly cares about them and really "gets it"! Each of us, regardless of where we are on the journey, needs/needed that encouragement and advice at some point - otherwise we wouldn't be on here. As my 3.5 yr old says "Teamwork makes the dream work!!!"
  14. Dang girl - you're gonna melt away to nothing!!! I'm so incredibly happy for you - I know you've got to be feeling so much better!!
  15. Beautiful in both pics, but your absolutely beaming in the new one!! Congratulations on progress so far... you're rocking it!!