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  1. Just checking in @xmandy! How are you doing? Hope all is well. Drop us line when you can!
  2. I'm so happy for you, @Trish1967!!! You have done an amazing job! It won't be long now before you're at your goal weight!
  3. jaw hit the floor! You look fantastic, @KMFL28!!! You should be incredibly proud of yourself!!! What wonderful inspiration to be active and fit! They are two lucky kids, who have such a great Aunt who loves them so much! I hope you have many years of happy and wonderful memories together!
  4. Welcome @All4joy! This is a very exciting time for you...and we are so glad you decided to jump on this WLS journey with us. Great forum, invaluable advise, and amazing will love it here!!
  5. Welcome back and congratulations on your upcoming revision! I hope it brings you much relief, @aThinnerMe. I also was going to ask what you meant by "getting stuck", but @BurgundyBoy beat me to it - guess inquiring minds want to! Glad you're back.
  6. Congratulations, @Jen581791! That has to be an amazing feeling! I can't wait until I can do that too!! I'm very excited for you!!!!
  7.! Looking super handsome and dapper. No doubt you are now the perfect arm candy for your wife. She will be beaming, no doubt. And....I suspect you will too when wearing it! Fantastic job!!!
  8. - Got a scale to weigh my food. Best investment as I use it daily. - I did like my bullet blender for protein shakes and just started using again. - My Camelback Eddy bottle. - set your phone alarm to remember to take your vitamins and medicine. - don't buy a lot of protein shakes. Your taste and tolerance will probably change, even to point that you don't like a specific flavor anymore. - buy minimum of chewable vitiamin and calcium chews. I couldn't even stomach them after surgery. It's amazing how much your taste buds change. - force yourself to drink and take your protein.....even if you don't want to. Take my story/experience to know how hard it was for me once I got behind. - Relax. Breathe deep. Don't panic. Remember WHY you did this. Ask for help if needed. Take it easy for a few weeks after surgery and give yourself time to heal. Don't freak out if you don't lose will come. Come to TTF often and know we are here to support you.
  9. @Kio....Positivity is the name of the game, and a sense of humor definitely helps get you through the rough patches. I also cultivated that same coping mechanism with helped, I guess. I'm starting to feel a bit better. Still have the heavy congested feeling in my chest and croupy cough/wheezing. Today is my last day on this antibiotic. If chest not better tomorrow, I am definitely going to break down and go to doctor. Thanks for checking in and asking.
  10. @Trish1967 & @cinwa - thanks for checking in. I feeling like I am slowly getting better. They fog and heavy feeling in my head isn't as bad as it was, but my chest is still pretty "gunked up", croupy, and still wheezing a good deal. Today I is my last antibiotic day. I'm going to try to rough it out today and if tomorrow afternoon I am still wheezing and tight in chest, then I will call the Dr. There is no fever, so for that I am very grateful. My appetite is better today as well, so I am taking that as a good sign.
  11. That is great news, @Zen_Steph!! I will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you! Best wishes!!!! @Kio - you crack me up!!! I love your fun personality - and I can't even see your blinding sparkly teeth or the ability to be overly charmed in person, but your wit and sass are evident and awesome!
  12. This is FANTASTIC news, @CJireh!! I'm crazy excited for you! Sounds like we are going to have a lot new players on the losers bench in the month of November! This is awesome!
  13. EEEKKK!!!! Congratulations, @xmandy!!!! Welcome to the loser's glad to have you here! Sounds like you are doing fantastic so far and I hope it remains that way for you! Today is the start of a brand new you!! WOOHOO!!!!!
  14. I think I saw that recently too... Definitely have to add @bellamomato the Philly Crew! Thanks for the heads up @NerdyLady. Anyone else in the Philly/Southern NJ area, let us know so we can add you to the list!
  15. @Michael_A...Woot!! Woot!!! This news just made my day! I've been thinking about your journey a lot with some personal retrospect I've been doing the last 24hrs, and I kept thinking over and over how much you deserve to hear good news on this surgery date. You have had quite the journey, and accomplished so much already, I know you are very well prepared for the loser's bench. You're definitely an inspiration for all of us on perseverance and dedication! November will be here before you know it! I so thrilled for you!!!