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  1. Thanks for the update @Trish1967. I've been thinking about you a lot. I can only imagine how high your frustrations are about right now. I know the fear of another surgery right now is weighing heavy on your mind, but know if it's needed, then it's for the best long term. We will keep you in prayer. Sending you all my best, dear friend. Super big squeezy hugs from PA!!!
  2. You looks so happy and totally confident in your new picture! You have so much to be smiling about! Congratulations on a job well done! You are definitely an inspiration to me!
  3. I'm so sorry, Trish! I hope you are feeling better very soon. Glad there were able to figure out what it was and got a plan of action right away. Try to relax and have a good night! Hugs!!
  4. Thanks @kayak19! I don't know why I keep forgetting about Smooth Move tea I used it all during my pregnancy and it was amazing and tastes good. I will have to pick some up the next time I'm at Wegmans grocery store. We went to Chili's a couple days before I went back into the hospital and I ate some chicken fajitas and they were SO amazing. The waitress was so sweet she gave me double pico & guac. I had at least 3 or 4 meals left out of the leftovers which I was super excited about. Sadly it's in my lunch box at work and gone bad now . Hubby was talking about going out for a date night this Sat if I feel strong enough. That's pretty good incentive Because he is tempting me with either our favorite mom & pop Mexican place or Longhorn steakhouse (I love their shrimp and salmon! Too nervous to try my beloved So hoping a night with my guy and no kids will give me the inspiration to push through this week. Not only am I dealing with the food issues, I'm starting to get down on myself and have high regret for the surgery that is creeping in many times a day lately. I'm super glad to hear you are doing so good! Proud of you!! Thanks for always checking in, it truly means a lot!
  5. @cinwa......Not doing so hot today....just feel so tired and week. I did make it to church, but that sucked up all my energy. Had some chicken breast earlier today and some cream of wheat about a half hour ago. I need more protein, but I just don't have the energy to really eat - nor the desire. Hoping tomorrow is better. Going to talk a small walk to see if it helps at all. Been taking SennaS but still no BM since Thursday, so I'm sure that's not helping my cause. I have a serious craving for a taco or fajitas with some guacamole....if that was sitting in front of me, I might actually try!
  6. I sure hope you figure this out right away. Smart move to involve the Dr right away before you feel any worse. Hope you get some relief soon, my friend!!!
  7. I've been struggling really bad with protein & fluid intakes all along, even now at 5 weeks. It's bad enough that I'm on TPN Nutrition currently for at least the next 2-4 weeks. I keep hearing about the Syntrax Nectar, I guess I will give it a whirl. I really need to find something asap. Congratulations on making a great transition and boosting as well as meeting your protein intake. Best wishes for continuing success!
  8. That's is so fantastic, Tammy! Your hard work and perseverance have paid off! I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!
  9. Thank you guys so much....I appreciate your kind words.
  10. Outstanding news!!! Congratulations on a job well done! Very excited for you!
  11. Hopefully that helps...please keep us posted. Best wishes for feeling better soon!
  12. Thanks Gretta. Hopefully it will stay down ok. If so, I'm most likely on the right road. It did taste delicious, I have to say. I even put a bit of shredded chicken in the ricotta bake to slightly increase the protein. I'm ready to get this issue behind me and start losing again. Im so bloated from the IV fluids/TPN, so I'm pretty sure my weight is up. I just put the scale up until I get rid of the Picc line - no sense of frustrating myself even more !
  13. can keep that!! I just made some ricotta bake and enjoying it, but it's amazing how slow it's going down. I feel hungry, but the desire to actually eat is not there. Good thing this tastes so delicious. I got about 1/8 of a cup down. Guess I'll save the rest and try again later. My daughter is begging me for some, so I might give to!
  14. @Gretta The swelling is causing the food to not want to go down easily, which in return causes the food to be stuck resulting in pain and nausea. From what I understand, it's causing my system to try to work too hard and seems to be my bodies reaction...lucky me! Lol!
  15. So I had my endoscope today and there's no blockage, but there's a lot of internal swelling at the initial surgery site which also has a bunch of irritation surrounding. Everything was open and looked good, outside of the swelling, so that means no stricture...YAY! What it does mean is that it's extremely irritated & swollen most likely due from low volume of protein and dehydration. They suspect it's just taking me longer to heal than most people. Eating food right now will cause more swelling and then adding a lot of fluids on top of it just expanded that feeling causing my issues I had on Tuesday. To boot I was very constipated per the CAT scan, although I didn't feel that way. Sooo now I'm officially on a PICC line with tpn nutrition. Still having some discomfort and nausea but he said that's to be expected. I'm supposed to go on liquids for a couple days, along with the tpn, to alleviate any added aggravation. Then maybe Sunday/Monday I can start introducing soft foods like cottage cheese, hummus, tuna salad - things like that. Anticipated time for TPN nutrition right now is 2 weeks - it could possibly be 3 weeks if it takes longer to hit my intake by mouth daily fluid (64oz) and protein (80) goals. Looks like the earliest I could go back to work is Monday - hoping I feel good enough to do so.