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  1. Amazing transformation! Congratulations!
  2. Yeah, did away with the juice.
  3. Oh, forgot to mention I'm just a week out of surgery. So I'm hoping things will improve by and by.
  4. Thanks for replying, Zyia and Cheesehead. I'm also a type 2 diabetic plus hypertensive. My surgeon told me to stop taking my diabetes med (metformin) immediately after surgery but to continue with my hypertension med. I'm supposed to monitor the latter on my own and report findings so that a call can be taken on whether or not I can go off them. I'm also monitoring my sugar levels on my own and am finding the readings confusing. Up until yesterday, they were low and within the normal ranges. But yesterday, my fasting sugar was at 140 and spiked to 170 after I had some fruit juice. I'm feeling apprehensive now. Hope I am able to figure in the percentage of people who are able to reverse their diabetes and hypertension. This was one of my primary reasons to undergo this surgery.
  5. How long after your WLS did you see a remission in your diabetes and blood pressure?
  6. No, didn't get the spirometer, though I suspect it would have helped in releasing the gas as well. Informed my doctor about the cough, and he's instructed me to hold my hernia site when coughing.
  7. Oh really? Will try. Have a cough and it's killing me every time I have to!
  8. Thank you!
  9. So I had my gastric sleeve and umbilical hernia surgeries together on the 18th. Hernia was huge; the sleeve was over in an hour, the hernia took two! Was in terrible pain the first two days, mainly from the gas. Now am home and the only real pain is from the hernia site. Am trying to get all my fluids down, but not reaching target yet. Hoping to feel stronger soon; still pretty weak.
  10. Thanks so much Res Ipsa!
  11. Thanks Gretta. Will do that.
  12. I'm due for gastric sleeve surgery on Tuesday. I'm a bit concerned because my surgeon is saying that I shall not be requiring any supplements at all, ever! Said I'll be able to get all the required nutrients through diet alone. Should I be concerned?
  13. Thanks so much for the warm welcome, Res Ipsa and cinwa! And those are some super valuable tips, Res Ipsa. Will go through the guide asap. Thanks again!
  14. Hi everyone! I'm having VSG on the 18th of next month---less than a month to go! I'm super excited and can't wait for my new, thinner life to begin. I've almost withdrawn from society because of my weight, as I'm super conscious of my flab and feel unattractive and somehow less than worthy of all the good things life has to offer. I'm based in India, where this surgery isn't that widespread as in the US, and is shrouded in a lot of misconceptions. This is one reason I've decided not to disclose it to anyone other than my immediate family (only my husband, mom and daughter know). I look forward to mutual support on this forum and I hope to come to the old-timers with my queries (am sure I'll have tons!) and for reassurance. Am so glad to have found this site Thanks in advance for your patience and support.