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  1. Have been following your posts and comments, Burgundy Boy, and I must say you make me smile often. Love your sense of humour! Jen, thanks for the reassurance. You're a real sweetheart
  2. I've started walking for about an hour daily since the last four days and start yoga in three days time. Plus have booked an elliptical cross trainer. I'm going to give this my best shot! Thanks for boosting my morale, Burgundy Boy. Much appreciated!
  3. Thanks for the reassurance Burgundy Boy. While I was aware of the stalls, the "diabetics lose less" bit was new for me and upset me quite a bit...
  4. So I got sleeved about 2.5 months ago and my weight loss has been really slow (lost around 28 pounds and then put on 5 pounds overnight for no apparent reason, and the weight hasn't budged for over a week). I've eliminated all carbs and try my best to meet my water and protein goals (some days I do fall short on the protein, but that's only some days). I don't eat fast food or sweets. Today, I read that diabetics lose less and at a lower rate than non-diabetics after weight loss surgery and have been super bummed since. As a diabetic at the time of surgery (diabetes free since), am I doomed to not make goal weight whatever I do?
  5. Thanks Gretta!
  6. WLS is pretty rare in India. A friend of mine got the sleeve and she's had phenomenal success with it, so her example got me thinking about getting WLS myself. I researched a lot online, and the sleeve seemed less invasive and scary while enabling adequate weight loss, so I decided to go with it. However, the first surgeon I approached felt that the gastric bypass was a better fit since I was a "light weight" and yet diabetic. He wasn't sure I'd be able to reverse my diabetes with the sleeve. But I had my heart set on the sleeve, so sought a second opinion. This doctor felt I would be able to both lose the weight and be diabetes free with the sleeve, so I took the gamble. So far so good! Diabetes seems to be in remission since surgery and I recently was taken off blood pressure medication as well. So I'm happy I chose the less invasive procedure...
  7. Thanks, all of you. I'm going to go with the NUT's advice. You've helped tremendously
  8. I asked him why his plan was so different from all the other surgeons' and he gave me this explanation. He is also very opposed to protein shakes, saying all my protein should be sourced from natural foods. He has okayed buttermilk, skim milk and meat broth and soups as protein sources. He says his patients have tiny sleeves even four years out because of his plan while many who follow other surgeons' plans come to him for revision because of their stretched out sleeves.
  9. Wow! Amazing weight loss in just a week! You're doing so well. It's only going to get better from here on, so hang in there
  10. Thanks, you guys. Really useful feedback!
  11. I'm barely totaling 500 calories, and that too because my plan allows 200 ml of fruit juice. I'm on a liquid multivitamin. I'm definitely not getting in enough protein; in fact, it's negligible! I've independently consulted a NUT who is in the team of another bariatric surgeon and she's prescribed a whole range of multivitamins plus a protein powder, but I thought I'd check with you guys for any feedback you might have on the issue. I'm a little reluctant to veer away from my surgeon's plan, but really, this is just torturous! The NUT I consulted also recommended adding in soft foods gradually. I think I will heed her advice, although it does go against my own surgeon's plan.
  12. My surgeon has a very unique approach as regards the sleeve post operative diet. His program is like this: first 45 days clear liquids only. The next 45 days, clear liquids plus purees. Soft foods to be introduced from day 90 onwards. His rationale is to basically have his patients eating "normally" only once they've reached their goal weight. He feels that this helps in two ways: you reach your goal weight faster and your sleeve remains tiny. I'm having trouble following his program because it's so restrictive. I'm still on clear liquids six weeks out and am dying to eat something with texture. I'm wondering if starting to eat normal foods at this stage will indeed stretch out my sleeve, since I see that others start eating almost everything this far out. Thoughts?
  13. Amazing transformation! Congratulations!
  14. Yeah, did away with the juice.
  15. Oh, forgot to mention I'm just a week out of surgery. So I'm hoping things will improve by and by.