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  1. I would think hitting your protein needs is far more important. That's how I treat the issue anyway. Have had a protein shake as late as 11pm on occasion just to get in my requisite protein for the day.
  2. You look beautiful! But then you would at any weight. There's a kindness in that face that will always shine through. Thanks for being so inspirational. You have stuck so strictly to the plan, and it is very motivating.
  3. I can only imagine how you feel @Trish1967. Hang in there and may all your troubles be behind you asap. You are in my prayers.
  4. You look so, so good @NerdyLady! Such an inspiration!
  5. You're doing fantastically well. And you write so well too! 30 pounds in 6 weeks is impressive, IMHO.
  6. [email protected] You're cute
  7. I find both the quantity of food and speed at which it's eaten disconcerting now! And to think I was eating as much, if not more, just a few months ago!
  8. 50 is an impressive number! Doesn't warrant a "just" preceding it. So happy for you
  9. Wow indeed!
  10. Thanks for the detailed reply
  11. Wow! You look soooo good! As someone with almost the same starting stats as you, I'm curious about whether you worked out and the diet plan you followed. Any tips would be welcome
  12. Thanks Jen, for the detailed update. It really helps others to know how you're as successful as you are. You are invaluable to this community!
  13. Read this blog post after I mailed you. Congrats on reaching Onederland!
  14. You look amazing! So glad you had such fun. And 90 pounds is fantastic!
  15. Thanks, both of you. Even with the powder, protein amounts do not exceed 30gms. So not a waste. Good to know.