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  1. WOW!... all I can say is WOW!
  2. My Nut has Premier Protein listed as the #1 recommended, both for content and flavor tolerance after surgery.
  3. Travel addiction... I can relate to that! I haven't made it off this continent yet, but I have been to all the Provinces in Canada including the TWT and the Arctic Circle, and every state except the NE corner (NY,NJ,ME,etc) and Hawaii. My favorite pastime was to hop on my motorcycle and pick a direction and go!
  4. No date... the surgeon wont set one until the final approval comes through from the insurance company. Which is kind of irritating seeing as they are scheduling 6-8 weeks out! I would think that it would make more sense to lock down a date now and cancel if the approval doesn't come through... its not like they are scheduling for next week!
  5. Glad to hear all went well Trish! Hopefully I will be joining the losers bench soon... if my insurance company would hurry up! (There's that patience thing again ) From what I understand most people that are put under for surgery come out with the nausea thing... it is a reaction to the anesthetic used to knock you out.
  6. Congrats on the new jobs! I envy you in that department. The following recently moved into my house; my eldest son (Home from the Navy and not bad to have around), my youngest son and his girlfriend (I am in denial that this one is actually my son, I think he was replaced by some sort of idiotic, lazy, irresponsible, whinny alien) and a nephew (haven't figured him out yet, a good guy, just a little lost) My wife and I are at the point that we are ready to hand them the keys to the house, quit my job, run as far away as we possibly can and hide... Is there room in your suitcase for us?
  7. Welcome aboard Samantha! You will find a wealth of information on here and a bunch of very helpful, supportive people.
  8. Hi Megan, I went through a similar situation with my wife. She is on board with it now and is my biggest supporter... even when I have had doubts about this decision, she has none. Her having an open discussion with the surgeon, Nutritionist, and a couple of people that have gone through the surgery is what changed her mind. In addition to having your spouse meet with the doctors, etc... also check and see if the facility/doctor you are having the surgery through has a support group that meets, actually being able to talk to someone that is living it makes a huge impact. I wish you the best of luck with this. The decision and process carries enough stress by itself, you don't need the extra baggage of a non supportive person on top of it. Stick to your convictions and remember this forum is full of people that will always be here to support you, let you vent frustrations and provide a wealth of information.
  9. Welcome aboard!
  10. Thanks for the words of encouragement everybody! I haven't heard of anyone having issues getting approved with my insurance company so that is a plus I guess! Does climbing the walls in anticipation count as additional exercise?
  11. Finished all my pre authorization insurance requirements. Now waiting to hear on the approval.... The dreaded wait... I'm not a patient person when it comes to things like this... Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? With any luck I will come through this with my sanity intact and minimal incessant babbling.
  12. Welcome aboard Pami! You will find lots of great people on here for support
  13. I survived... but dang I was sore!
  14. So, I have been doing little extra things to get additional exercise. One of these things, of which I am sure some of you have done yourself, is parking at the far end of parking lots in order to get some walking in. Note to self: When going in to an appointment where they are going to test your range of motion and muscular limits by working your muscles to the point of fatigue... DO NOT PARK IN THE FARTHEST PARKING LOT FROM THE BUILDING!!! I had to stop twice and lean against a pole getting back to my vehicle. The laundry dude even stopped to ask if I was ok... I explained... he laughed and continued on... embarrassing.
  15. Both Washington and California have legalized weed for recreational use... this could explain this phenomenon! Anyone in Colorado experiencing this? ... if so, we might be onto something!