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  1. From what I can tell VSG's tend to progress and except food stages faster than bypasses. My surgeon has two diet plans one for a VSG and one for a bypass. In the VSG diet W1=Clear Liquids. W2=Full Liquids(add Protein drinks and strained soups), W3 & 4=Soft Food progressing into more solids, W5=Regular diet. But at the same time people progress differently depending on how their body handles the healing process. Best thing to do is as Jen581791 said experiment and test the water slowly
  2. @CurvyMermaid - To make matters worse I will be doing a graveyard shift, roughly 6:30pm to 7:30am. It is going to take some discipline and scheduling of my intake in order to pull this off... but at least it will only be for a couple weeks then I will be going to a day shift which will be much easier to manage my diet! Wish me luck... I think this first couple weeks are going to be a challenge
  3. Only one week? I don't think I have heard of anyone having less than two weeks. My doctor will go as far out as 4 weeks, I was ready to go back at 3, but then my employer said for me to take the full 4 because I work 13 hour shifts and they wanted me to be as fully recovered as possible.
  4. Going to have to try that one! Thanks
  5. Jen, as usual an awesome post. I can totally relate to the dinner with friends thing, it is one thing I am dreading. My extended family might as well be Italian the way they treat food! I am going to have to come up with some good dodges By the way, the pics are awesome! You look fabulous
  6. I was already thinking along the fat lines... my biggest problem is trying to get enough food into my little sleeve to bring it up, 2 oz of anything other than liquid and I am done! I had a thing for hot sauce before the surgery, now that my taste buds are in overdrive so to speak hot sauce is #1!! (Have about 5 or 6 different ones in the cuboard)
  7. Week three has been rather uneventful. I'm still working on improving my stamina and walking distance but it has been a challenge. Between the muscle aches that result from the walking for any length of time and running out of energy rather quickly it makes it hard to make any significant progress in that department. I think that once my caloric intake increases a little more that will help with the energy issues. Right now it is a struggle to break the 400-500 calorie mark. As far as food consumption, the puree phase of the diet was without issues other than feeling full almost immediately. So far I have not encountered anything that my sleeve has rejected, including hot sauces! I have my release date 8/19 to return to work, which I think has both irritated and relieved my boss. We have a crew of 4 supervisors and one manager in the office and run 24/7. The manager transferred to Florida a week before I went out for my surgery, he would have been the one to cover the gap I was leaving. To cover me they flew in a supervisor from CA. A week after I went out on my LOA the other night supervisor quit, leaving them with another hole to fill, which they did by pulling in another supervisor from another location. The next day one of the day shift supervisors resigned and their last day is 8/22. They still have not been able to hire anyone to fill the two vacancies and are still flying in people to cover. Needless to say the boss has been scrambling to hold things together. He is happy I am returning but is bummed that it was not sooner!. I could have probably returned last week but my doctor felt that it would not be a good idea due to the stamina issue considering I work 12-13 hour shifts. The doctor wanted me to increase my caloric intake before I returned in order to combat the fatigue, but that so far has been rather difficult. Now that I am on the Soft Foods Diet phase I will be on a quest to find things to eat that are within the dietary boundaries of being high protein, low fat, no sugar but has a high caloric content… kind of sounds like a oxymoron! Note on the Sciatica… It seems to be getting better, the sharp pain has occurred less and now I am just getting numbness and mild pain occasionally, typically once I have been on it for a while. Stats update: Start Weight: 465 lbs. Surgery Weight: 448.3 lbs. (16.7 lbs. lost prior to surgery) Current Weight: 409.6 lbs. (38.7 lbs. lost since surgery) Total Lost: 55.4 lbs. My Saga continues...
  8. Well here I am 16 days Post-Op and feeling pretty good! I waited on writing this post so that I could include the results of my two week follow up appointment. The last week has been an ongoing experiment of how far I can walk and what liquids my stomach can tolerate. My doctors plan has me off of clear liquids and onto "Full Liquids" the second week. I have found that the definition of "Full Liquids" varies from plan to plan, some plans classify "FL" as only being the Clear Liquid diet with protein drinks added to the mix. Other plans include adding such things as strained cream soups, pudding, yogurt and cereals such as cream of wheat. My doctors plan had me adding protein drinks for the first part of the week and if that went well then slowly try adding cream soups, Greek yogurt or applesauce near the end of the week. The diet has been pretty easy to follow, especially considering that my sleeve will only accept about 4-5 ounces of anything other than water sipped over about 20 min, after that point I have a very full feeling and don’t dare sip anymore! The later part of the week I slowly tried a few new things, tomato soup, apple sauce, Greek yogurt & cottage cheese. These things have been a nice treat from the water and protein drinks and they have been a good pre test for phasing into Week Three - Pureed Foods. The Two Week Follow Up Appointment The appointment went pretty well. All my stats are right where they should be including blood pressure, which has not been this low in years even with medication! Hopefully this means that my blood pressure meds can be reduced soon if not eliminated. My incision points are healing nicely, I have been applying a vitamin E cream to the incisions to help reduce any scaring and that seems to be working well. The only negative things I had to bring up with the doctor was my sciatic nerve and some muscular issues. The sciatic nerve is just something I have to deal with right now, at least until the weight drops off to the point that it will fix itself or until the changes have reached a point that it can be addressed with out the possibility of my body changing and undoing any corrections that might be made. Muscular issues - These are just the normal muscular issues that most people encounter as their center of gravity changes due to the rapid weight loss. Basically areas of muscles are having to work harder than they are used to in order to compensate for the shift in weight displacement. It varies from person to person but in my case the worst is the band of muscles that run across my back, right below my shoulder blades. When I go for a walk those muscles are worked pretty good and knot up to the point I can barely move. It will get better over time or once I heal to a the point I can start using my Bowflex to work those muscles back into shape. To coin the phrase "If I knew then what I know now" one of the things I would have done pre-surgery would have been to work my back muscles and abdominal muscles more, if I had I would have reduced these muscular issues significantly. All in all the appointment went well. The doctor was very pleased with the rate my wounds are healing, the fact I am having none of the normal possible side effects and the amount of weight lost so far. On that note here are my current stats as of 8/8: Start Weight: 465 lbs. Surgery Weight: 448.3 lbs. (16.7 lbs. lost prior to surgery) Current Weight: 415.4 lbs. (32.9 lbs. lost since surgery) Total Lost: 49.6 lbs. On to Week Three - Pureed Diet…
  9. You look great! That is quite the change barely tell that it is the same person. Keep up the awesome work !
  10. That is awesome Jen! Hitting a double shot milestone to boot!!! You've been an inspiration from day one and you keep on delivering, keep them coming! (By the way my wife and I are envious of your upcoming Oman adventure!)
  11. @Gretta, @delilas @Jen581791 Thanks all of you. I sure hope I am lucky enough for the nerve issue to go away, it is quite aggravating at this point. Hopefully mine is not one of those few cases that require surgery to fix
  12. Thanks Jen. I hope someone might get some insight from it. My sister has been looking into having a VSG done so hopefully this will help her make up her mind!
  13. Thanks! Can't really say that I have had hunger pains so to speak... fair bit of grumbling but no real hunger pains. The only time I desire food is when I am around others eating, it is not so much a desire to eat but rather a "hmmm.... that would taste really good right now." thing. Honestly I can't wait to be able to have something I can chew! I had my first post surgery vitamin this morning and the act of chewing that was very satisfying BTW... how do you tag someone like you did? been trying to figure that one out but have not been successful
  14. The first week has been a bit of a blur. Being limited to water, broth and Sugar Free Jell-O does interesting things to the body. The goal has been to consume at least 50 oz. of fluids per day, more if possible. Key phrase there is “if possible”. During the time from waking after surgery to being discharged, roughly 22 hours, I consumed 80 oz. of fluid. I thought hitting 50 at home would be a snap… but it turned out to be more difficult than I thought. My mind was a little muddled on the first day of being home from the hospital due to my body starting the ketosis phase so I forgot to track my fluid intake, but I did start the following day. Here is what I consumed the remaining 4 days of the week: Water Broth Jello Total 7/28 23 oz. 6 oz. 1 oz. 30 oz. 7/29 40 oz. 6 oz. 2 oz. 48 oz. 7/30 45 oz. 6 oz. 3 oz. 54 oz. 7/31 53 oz. 4 oz. 3 oz. 60 oz. The doctor had sent me home with a large bottle of liquid Oxycodone for pain, and a bottle of anti nausea pills. Thankfully I really did not need either. I took a dose of the pain killer the first 2 nights just to ensure that I slept well, not because I was currently in pain, but rather as a prevention of possible pain. I kept down for the first week as per my doctors orders and I am glad I did. The first couple of days are a bit of a blur as my body adjusted, not so much to the new stomach but rather the lack of nutrient consumption. Eventually my mind started to clear… not sure that it is completely clear yet… actually not too sure it was clear prior to the surgery… but it is getting clearer! From what I have read of other persons accounts I have fared pretty well, at least thus far. Now for the down side. Getting around the appeal of food is interesting, especially when others are eating. I don't physically feel hungry but at certain times or when someone else is eating my mind starts going "hmmm… that would taste good about now". I just remind myself that I didn't go through the lengthy process just to defeat myself stupidly. Besides, I would hate to think what my stomach would do if I ate something right now! About the worst side effect I have had through this process has not been related to the surgery so much but rather a sciatic nerve. I have had an issue with the sciatic nerve in my left hip for years. Usually it manifests its self as a numbness in my thigh with the occasional shooting pain similar to feeling like a coat hanger being thrust up and down my thigh. The last 2 mornings I have awoken about 4am with a pain in my thigh and hip that the closest way I can describe it is as a red hot poker jammed in my hip and thigh with electricity coursing through it. When I got up this morning I could barely stand. With a little time stretching and sitting upright the pain subsided after about an hour. I can only assume that the weight loss that I have already experienced as loosened and freed up the nerve so that it can shift around resulting in the increase of pain. Something to talk over with my surgeon ASAP. All things considered so far this has been a really good experience, I have no complaints so far other than I can't wait to be to the point where I can chew something! On that note I will close out this post with my stats... today, one week post op, is the first time I climbed on the scale since surgery day. Here are the results so far: Start Weight: 465 lbs. Surgery Weight: 448.3 lbs. (16.7 lbs. lost prior to surgery) Current Weight: 423.6 lbs. (24.7 lbs. lost since surgery) Total Lost: 41.4 lbs.
  15. It was a little unnerving at first to find out I flat lined. But all is well, and the doc confirmed that there are no long term issues that could come back to haunt me from it. This was my first time having any kind of surgery and was a little apprehensive to begin with, if they had not continued I'm not sure I would have gotten up the nerve to try again after my heart stopping. As far as my first week post option... not too bad, can't wait to have something other than clear liquids though!