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  1. Anything that affecting the sinuses can have strange results in regards to your sense of smell and in turn your sense of taste. Years ago a dentist either injected too much Novocain or in the wrong spot resulting in my sinuses going numb. This caused my sense of smell/taste to be a little "off" for several years. On the plus side I was able to quit smoking instantly because for the next year and a half if I came within 15 feet of a cigarette it immediately triggered my gag reflex!
  2. I'm working on getting some sort of system in place pre-surgery to decrease the odds of encountering the "catch-as-catch-can" scenario once the surgery is complete. I appreciate the ideas, and you can bet I will be using them!
  3. That's why I have kids... "Hey, You!.... go clean that up!" They have come in quite handy, every household should have at least one, I recommend them highly!
  4. This is one area I am going to struggle with. My life is rather chaotic, I work 12-13 hour shifts, also on call the rest of the time. I have not been able to have a "routine" in years. I know I'm going to have to settle into some sort of routine when it comes to eating, but I know it is going to be a never ending battle. However, where there is a will there is a way!
  5. Welcome aboard!
  6. Not sure if the hair loss varies from men to women... but I am kind of looking forward to it! Not that it will be that noticeable since I currently most closely resemble a red sasquatch... but it would be nice to reduce the odds of someone coming after me for my pelt during hunting season On the down side... I guess it might get a little chilly
  7. Awesome update! Glad all is going so well for you, I hope I have a similar experience when I go in
  8. Welcome Juliet!
  9. Welcome Sweetstuff! It is for some of the same reasons mentioned above that I have told only a select few persons of my intention to have WLS. Plus I am a pretty private person and figure it is none of anyone's business what I am doing other than those I deem fit to tell. People can't judge what they don't know. That being said, it makes a site like this one all the more important for support. You can say what ever you feel like on here and not be judged. It is a place to openly converse and get answers from those that have experienced what you are going through and what you are about to.
  10. I hope all is going well, and wish you a speedy recovery! Please update us when you can and let us know how this all worked out.
  11. Welcome aboard! You will find a lot of helpful people here. I am also in the phase of fulfilling my insurance requirements for getting the sleeve or RNY (Having difficulty making up my mind which would be best) I just finished my 3rd nut appt... Unless I am completely off base, any lean protein is acceptable unless of course you don't like it! Chicken, Beef, etc... its all good. Mind you, it will be a while before your new pouch will be able to tolerate it. Others more informed than I will chime in I'm sure...
  12. Welcome aboard!
  13. Welcome aboard Wemo! You will find countless post & pre op stories on this forum. It is a fantastic resource!
  14. Good topic, I too have been struggling with figuring out best practices with MFP. I look forward to see what else other people recommend.
  15. Welcome aboard!