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  1. Wow... Those are phenomenal results Matthew ! Welcome aboard
  2. I went a head and bought this one... you can't beat the price! Plus it has a Purple screen
  3. Thanks for the input everybody!
  4. So I am in need of a new food scale... I did a search to see if there were any threads already going with recommendations but any that I found were a few years old. So here it is, what scales do you recommend or advise to avoid and why? I appreciate the input!
  5. Hang in there Gretta, you are doing great! Just remember, only bury people that are not being supportive and understanding of your situation in the back yard. If you follow this simple rule one of the main stimuluses' of your crankiness will be greatly reduced and you will be surrounded by only supportive people... win, win!
  6. Hehehe.... Stalker-Trish? (Sorry... had to be said!)
  7. That's when you let your nut side run free! Next time just do what I would do and start jumping up and down yelling "Woo Hoo! I did it, I've finally come this far!!" everybody will be so busy wondering about your mental state that the fact you mooned them will be no big deal!
  8. I keep a spreadsheet of all appointments, tests, etc... its the only way I can keep it all straight with my schedule! I only have 3 things left to complete... 2 hour pre surgery class with the Nutritionist (6/13) 2 hour pre surgery class with nursing for post surgery self care (6/26) Final pre-surgery appointment with the surgeon (7/3) Should be interesting what else they add between now and then!
  9. Great info and insight Kio! Thanks for posting this
  10. Intussusception: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intussusception_(medical_disorder Intussusception is a medical condition in which a part of the intestine folds into the section next to it. It typically involves the small bowel and less commonly the large bowel. Symptoms include abdominal pain which may come and go, vomiting, abdominal bloating, and bloody stool. It often results in a small bowel obstruction. Other complications may include peritonitis or bowel perforation.[1] The cause in children is typically unknown while in adults a lead point is often present. Risk factors in children include certain infections, diseases like cystic fibrosis, and intestinal polyps. Risk factors in adults include endometriosis, bowel adhesions, and intestinal tumors. Diagnosis is often supported by medical imaging. In children ultrasound is prefered while in adults a CT scan is prefered.[1] Intussusception is an emergency requiring rapid treatment. Treatment in children is typically by an enema with surgery used if this is not successful. In adults surgical removal of part of the bowel is more often required. Intussusception occurs more commonly in children than adults. In children males are more often affected than females. The usual age of occurrence is six to eighteen months old.[1] Not a pleasant experience I would assume!
  11. Welcome aboard! You will find this site a wealth of information and helpful people
  12. I keep threatening to start a blog... just don't seem to ever get around to it. Besides the fact that I have no idea what I would write! If you don't mind, for now I'll just live vicariously through yours!
  13. Jen, glad you are doing so well! BTW... I really enjoy reading your blog posts, they give me insight into what I may be looking forward both good and not so good plus I also find inspiration in them to continue down the path I have chosen.
  14. Probably going to be the longest two months of my life!