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  1. Eighth day after surgery- mouth and throat feeling much better today. Seems to be healing. The bariatric part of the process was basically non eventful which I am very thankful.
  2. I went to the clinic and got a prescription that reduces inflammation and numbs. It is a bit better today. Thanks for the suggestions and comments. This was so unexpected.
  3. The roof of my mouth and throat are still very very raw but might be getting a bit better. I was just able to swallow a few sips of cream if wheat and skim milk. I was not expecting such pain. The bariatric part was a breeze. No pain. Just the mouth and throat from tubes and extreme dryness. Some of the skin on the roof of my mouth peeled. But yes I am glad I did it. This too will pass.
  4. I had surgery 3/29. I got home 3/30 and am in so much throat pain! It only subsides for a few minutes before it starts up again. Otherwise, I am great!
  5. I just found and joined this sight. My gastric bypass surgery date is 3/29 and I am very excited it's almost here.