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  1. Tomorrow is day five after surgery and I am going back to work tomorrow. I work from home pretty consistently - with the exception of big meeting days - so hoping that I am fully recovered by the time that I have to go back. I am not taking any pain meds other than liquid Tylenol every 4 hours - honestly the first few days of gas build up and aches were worse than any sort of incision pain. My husband still has to help me up and down out of the recliner or to go to the bathroom - but the pain feels manageable. I think the weirdest part of going back to work in an office would be the food/timers/medications. I have apps on my phone beeping at me to remind me to take a vitamin or to drink a couple of ounces of fluid. It is so odd to not feel any sort of hunger! I know that feeling comes back, but I'm thankful for it right now!
  2. Thanks for all of the well wishes! Hope safe and sound and tucked into my recliner! It's amazing how much more comfortable you are in your own space! The gas pain was the most uncomfortable part of the procedure. I walked the halls so many times, and it still hit me hard in the back and shoulders. Going to do a little r&r this weekend, and will post a little more about my experiences!
  3. Newbie to the forum with a tomorrow surgery date - 3/17/17. Laying off the caffeine has been the hardest part for me. The first two days on decaf coffee, I was so cloudy, it was hard to function! Was so glad when I started to feel more normal on day three. Slightly nervous about tomorrow, but so optimistic about the future!
  4. Tomorrow is my surgery date - and I had a really quick turnaround from the initial seminar - exactly 2 months. On top of the diet and exercise changes, I've been spending a lot of time reading and watching YouTube videos - check out Clusie's YouTube channel, she has a ton of VSG videos on a range of topics. They were entertaining and interesting! Good luck! It will be here soon!
  5. United covered the procedure for me - they did not require any co-morbidities. I had no requirements for any nutrition counselling, physician supervised weight loss, or psychological evaluations. Their only requirements for me were a BMI within a certain threshold - and the procedure must be in an in network facility by an in network surgeon. They were very easy to deal with, and my approval was surprisingly fast - only 14 days from the time my surgeon submitted. I have their Choice Plus PPO through my employer.
  6. Newbie here – wanted to introduce myself. Typing this while I prepare my hospital bag – my VSG is tomorrow! Like many of you, I’ve been overweight for almost my entire life – pudgy baby to a teenager wearing her mom’s clothes because nothing in the junior’s area would fit me. If there is a diet out there, I’ve probably tried it and over the course of the last 15 years, I have probably lost and then gained hundreds of pounds over and over again, 10 or 20 lbs at a time. Somewhere along the way I always lose focus and I can never seem to find the right rhythm to be consistent. Back in 2011, I lost 50 lbs by eating Paleo and working with a trainer – I ran a 15k, and I’ve never felt happier. Flash forward to today, I’ve gained it all back + 20 more pounds, and I can scarcely remember how I got here. I’ve had an oddly quick trip to my 3/17/17 surgery date. My husband and I went to an introductory seminar in early January 2017, I started the process with surgeon’s visits, nutrition appointments, medical testing, and psychological evaluations. My insurance had no requirements other than a certain BMI range and using an in network surgeon. I was shocked – it seems like almost every insurance carrier has a 6-12 month lead time of requirements. So here I sit – 2 months from my initial introductory seminar date packing a bag for tomorrow’s procedure. I’m ready and excited to start this journey – I know so much of this battle is mental – and I’m hoping this community can help me along the way!