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  1. Hope things are going better for you this week!
  2. I am one month and three days post sleeve - and just enjoyed a tasty bowl of brown rice, black beans, 2 oz of grilled chicken, and guac! It was like a Chipotle bowl - only tiny. So have no fear - you will slowly be able to incorporate new foods into your diet.
  3. Welcome! Fellow 30 something here! Congratulations on your date - it is just around the corner! When I was anxiously waiting for my surgery, I binge watched all of Clusie's YouTube videos - I love her frankness and her quirky sense of humor. Check them out while you wait, if you haven't already done so!
  4. Thanks all - these are taken! Mailing them out to Lidia this week.
  5. Hi there - just send me your contact information via private message and I will send it all to you!
  6. Friday was 3 weeks post op for me - and I am in a similar spot. After working all day, I am just drained at the end of the day. My energy levels are so low - but I know it is a combination of the surgery/recovery and from the calorie reduction. I've been walking everyday but haven't started anything more than that. My doctor recommended 4 weeks out from surgery for anything more than walking. This week, I am working on upping my fluids and getting my calories in - hoping that gives me more fuel to start being more active! Hopefully it is comforting to know that we are in similar spots!
  7. $0! Just want it to go to a good home where someone will use it! Happy to send it all to you for free. Just message me your address!
  8. Thank you for sharing this Res Ispa! I read through this guide a few days ago. I went out to eat for the first time last night, and one thing from the guide stuck out to me - Eat your protein first! It is a handy reference guide - going to hoard it away for a refresher in a few months!
  9. I had my sleeve on 3/17, and just had my 2 week follow up appointment with my surgeon on Thursday. I am just moving into soft foods from liquids. My surgeon suggested introducing new foods slowly - so trying 1 or 2 new foods, seeing how you tolerate them and going from there. It's only been a couple of days, but so far so good. It did feel weird to eat something solid after nothing but liquid! So while I don't have the length of experience that others have to offer on trying foods - thought I would share the advice from my surgeon - it's worked well for me so far!
  10. Hope everything went well! Good luck on that first week of recovery at home!
  11. Cleaned out my closet this morning and I have some items that I would love to pass along to someone who could use them! I am in Northeast Florida if you want to pick them up or I am happy to ship them to you for free. 2 pair Levi jeans (one dark wash/one mid wash) - Size 24 short 1 pair Old Navy Capris (black) - Size 22 7 tank tops - XXL/XXL - Old Navy, Maurice's,Lane Bryant 7 long sleeve shirts/sweaters/flannels 3X-2X - Old Navy, Lane Bryant, Carhartt, Target, ... not sure where else they are from! 3 short sleeve tshirts - XXL - Old Navy 1 t-shirt material cropped blazer - size 2 Torrid (starting to show it's age a little bit - kinda happens with the t-shirt material, but still life left in it!) 2 t-shirt material black dresses - XXL Old Navy (starting to show age a little bit - kinda happens with the t-shirt material, but still life left in them!) Let me know if you are interested in any or all of these!
  12. I love that - I feel the same way, food was a comfort and I am so thankful for this tool to help me quit hiding behind this weight. For the first time in my life, I am excited and so optimistic about the future!
  13. Tomorrow is day five after surgery and I am going back to work tomorrow. I work from home pretty consistently - with the exception of big meeting days - so hoping that I am fully recovered by the time that I have to go back. I am not taking any pain meds other than liquid Tylenol every 4 hours - honestly the first few days of gas build up and aches were worse than any sort of incision pain. My husband still has to help me up and down out of the recliner or to go to the bathroom - but the pain feels manageable. I think the weirdest part of going back to work in an office would be the food/timers/medications. I have apps on my phone beeping at me to remind me to take a vitamin or to drink a couple of ounces of fluid. It is so odd to not feel any sort of hunger! I know that feeling comes back, but I'm thankful for it right now!
  14. Thanks for all of the well wishes! Hope safe and sound and tucked into my recliner! It's amazing how much more comfortable you are in your own space! The gas pain was the most uncomfortable part of the procedure. I walked the halls so many times, and it still hit me hard in the back and shoulders. Going to do a little r&r this weekend, and will post a little more about my experiences!
  15. Newbie to the forum with a tomorrow surgery date - 3/17/17. Laying off the caffeine has been the hardest part for me. The first two days on decaf coffee, I was so cloudy, it was hard to function! Was so glad when I started to feel more normal on day three. Slightly nervous about tomorrow, but so optimistic about the future!