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  1. Agree with all the posts!! Well said. Morbid obesity IS a huge risk factor for many acute, chronic and fatal diseases. Weight loss surgery isn't as dangerous as it used to be and complications are relatively rare. I'm a nurse practitioner AND had a complication during my surgery, a very unusual one. I did fine, and continue to do so. I am stronger and healthier than 3 mths ago and will continue to be!! My cholesterol and fasting glucose(sugar) have been slowly creeping up over the last few years. Am going to follow up with my PCP this summer, hopefully will have much improved lab values!!! Will post about this further when available
  2. I think eating sausage and peanut butter this soon is causing you distress. Please follow a full liquid diet for another week. Make sure you get protein powder or drinks with 20-30 of protein per serving. Did they not tell you how many grams of protein per day you should be having?? 60-80 gms of protein daily, around 600 calories/day initially. Lots of dietary advised given about, read it all!! Helps a lot when making grocery decisions. Best of luck, stay on the boards and ask as many questions as you need!!
  3. Mine said NO POPCORN too. However I did note my brother who had the same surgery 3 years ago, is eating popcorn. However, he is gaining weight, sadly, so I won't be adding popcorn to my diet for a long, long time, if ever I was told no gum and no straws. I have done both from the first month. Gum- because my mouth tasted terrible with all the shakes, greek yogurt and protein bars. HAve always been a 1/2 piece of gum chewer daily. I don't swallow gum so I don't think it's a problem. I use straws to drink smoothie and shakes only. I don't drink carbonated drinks, they were on the no-no list too. And amazingly I have done just fine with this. Have ice tea, unsweetened daily, 1 glass. read the handouts and reasons why the surgeon doesn't want certain things. Help you decide if you will choose to follow those guidelines.
  4. I initially was scale obsessed. Now I force myself not to be. I weigh 1-2 times week. I am 2.5 mths out. I think it's counter productive to weigh so often. It determines how we "feel" about everything that day. It's a bad habit. If you can't be happy with the number on the scale, no use ruining the day. I agree with the others. AT 500- 600 calories/day, the human body will lose weight. I'm up to a little more than that and expect my weight loss to slow a bit. But I don't mind. I feel good, am exercising again and happy with my progress I will tell you, this has been more then a giant weight loss thing. It has been very personally eye opening for me. there are things about me I didn't realize, or chose to ignore, that I have had to face during these 2.5 mths. 1. I had no idea the relationship I had with food, and surrounding food. 2. I thought this would be easier than it's been. I have been much hungrier than I thought I'd be. This mad the initial month quite challenging. Much less hunger and feeling much more satisfied now. 3. I care much less about my appearance, then I thought I would, and more about how much easier moving, and just plain existing, feels. 4. Just started back to 4 day/week exercise and while it's tough, it makes me feel like "me" again, So maybe you are on a journey. Less worry about the destination, more about the journey and what you are experiencing. Best of luck, Anne
  5. I was cranky for a month!! I was sooo over the liquids and soft pureed foods. But it definitely got better for me once I was eating "real" food more. I still have shakes but I add frozen fruit now (without GI symptoms) and enjoy them so much more. Hang in there. Tell people, sorry I'm cranky, let them help you. Watch comedy, laugh. get outside for fresh air. It helps (but I still was a big crab, at work especially) and I just apologized without excuses once I felt better.
  6. How do you add the ticker to the screen?? Thanks anne
  7. Just had a bra fitting yesterday!! The only way to go. Find a store near you that does this OR do it yourself with a trusted friend/family member. Down 3 sizes, BUT cup size is larger which validates your research (at least in my case), And if it's not "snug" it doesn't fit. Bras shouldn't move or have to be tugged, readjusted, whatever. I needed a strapless bra cause I can wear much more stylish tops. Wore it for 5 1/2 hours last night. Even with it fitting properly, it's uncomfortable after 3 hours. I looked great but couldn't wait to get it off, hahahaha. That why women in Hollywood "tape" the girls. But my blouse, and my shape, looked great (if I do say so myself). But to each her own, many women chose not to wear them, or any bra, and that's ok too. As I get slimmer, I will try the taping or sticky bras my millennial step-daughter and her friends use. That ought to be worth a chuckle or 2:)
  8. I agree with the above posts. Just a healing area, I expected tenderness for weeks, even up to a month (I'm a nurse practitioner). the body ahs been invaded and will take time to heal. Just allow it too. Doesn't hurt to use oil or low heat to area but avoid excessive stimulation. If still concerned in 3 weeks, see the surgeon Good lick Anne
  9. Hello again all, Doing so much better after my visit to the nutritionist. Figured out appropriate calories, protein, carbs and fats for a weight loss of 2# /week. I believe it has really help. Only recipe I've tried, turkey burgers with goat cheese, basil, chives, onion. Delish. Had one late night where I foolishly decided, oh I can have a few nacho chips. IT WAS HORRIBLE. Will never do that again. There may be a time I can have a few and I mean 2-3 chips, but it's not now. The discomfort and nausea was dreadful. I had to sit up for hours before I could go to bed, to allow them to digest. Even the next AM I felt nauseous. Nothing taste good enough for that misery. HAHAHAHA lesson learned. I have also figured out, using my fitness pal app, how to break down regular menus/foods, for correct and accurate nutritional data. Back to having at least 1 high protein smoothie with frozen fruit daily too. So my fiber intake has improved, along with my GI tract. Was having a harder time getting in the increased protein without at least 1 smoothie. Oh and I reached "onederland" last week. A place I hadn't visited in > than 10 years!!! Need to post a new photo. As always, thanks for the continued support Anne
  10. Thanks for all the responses and support. it does help a lot. I will be discussing this with the nutritionist and making a follow up with the exercise physiologist (all follow ups at no cost with my bariatric program). Please keep the suggestions coming, and the support. I know everyone's experience is a little different so it helps to hear them. My siblings who had this surgery, said "oh I was never hungry, I had to force myself to eat and drink." As I have said, this has not been my experience, not even the first 2 weeks. But it's ok, I'm losing and feeling great
  11. Thanks. I wondered about the cheese. Didn't want to try it yet. Having issues with constipation since the surgery (no surprise there) so I hated to add anything to make that worse. Never had this problem before. Trying to remember to have Benefiber daily. Will also be asking the nutritionist about this:) Thanks Anne
  12. Thanks for your response, The ONLY 1 week stall was when I went from only shakes, and fluids to "real" food. But it was very temporary. I too want to get back into exercise as part of this journey. I have been doing arms weights (10#) 4 days a week. Went canoeing with my hubby Sunday and was actually able to paddle a good bit. But the aerobic part has been more difficult. Actually doing it seems like a lot of work, and I know it will, but it's been much harder than I ever remember. I can't do more than 15 minutes at this point. My heart rate > 150 but comes does quickly. I see the nutritionist tomorrow. will discuss the calories in/calories out with her too. I can't see living my life at 600 calories, and feeling truly hungry (not just head hunger) much of the day. I will try your every 2 hours suggestions. Gonna cut up a protein bar for that. I think I'm still looking for the way to balance all this. Thanks again Anne
  13. Well my brain has evidently cleared. I have my dates correct finally, hahahaha I am 2 mths post-op today!! Down ~40, haven't weighed this week. Broke down and bought some new clothes, not a lot, but I was looking mighty silly in my baggy britches. Hadn't had coffee till this week, man, did it taste delicious. BUT today is the first day I've had heartburn since the surgery, Yikes. going back to my herbal tea:) Also had my first piece of VERY toasted bread. No problems with that at all. Only ate about 3/4 of it but nice to have some different texture. I have downloaded some recipes and am looking forward to cooking again. Also looking forward to a more varied diet. I have never been on to eat the same things day in and day out. SO this has been a challenge for me. Made an appointment with the nutritionist next week. Need some dietary guidance. Still only eating 60 gm protein and about 600 cal. That just doesn't cut it for me at work. I work 12-12 hour shifts in a very busy urgent care seeing patients. No 30 minute break. I need compact but tasty food items to sustained me all day. Find myself sooo hungry by 6PM. Also going to meet with the fitness counselor in the upcoming weeks. Want a compact workout for muscle strength too. Onward and upward (or in our case downward.) Any thoughts?? Anne
  14. I agree that going back to the liquid diet for 1-2 weeks may kick start the loss again. And I know you feel great about being strong, but you don't sound happy at your current weight. So you'll have to suck it up and try the way lower calorie/liquid diet to get those last pound off, then return to the full body building. Maybe reduce your weights lifting pound to 50% of current. This will keep you toned without making you feel weak while on the lower calorie Good luck!