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  1. Seriously?!?! "you won't be hungry?" I am hungry constantly. I am really concerned about having the surgery if this is how I am going to feel ever day for ever. Clearly I greatly underestimated how much I eat and snack BEFORE I considered this. I am doing it but still, HANGRY. Did you feel hungry after the surgery when eating small amounts?? Please help, feeling discouraged
  2. Your post is an inspiration for me. I have having the sleeve the 27th of this month. Worried I would be fat again. Glad to hear it can be done long term!! Anne
  3. I'm Day 3 of Optifast. Having AWFUL heartburn despite my 2 GERD meds daily. The stuff also seems to be going right through me. Didn't expect that:) Any suggestions? I'm drinking tons of water to keep the heartburn at bay. Took an extra pill too but OMG that is way too much. Anne
  4. Thanks for the comments and support. I'm day 3 with the pre-op diet and intend to stick with it 100%. I have my pre-op clearance with my PCP in 2 days. My step-grand-daughter, her BF and new baby are arriving for a visit Saturday. Can't wait. I will plan on cooking when they are here but do feel confident I won't be eating. My biggest problem, AWFUL heartburn/ I already take 2 meds/day for this but the shakes are killing me. Also seem to go right through me (hate to be graphic). The bars don't seem to cause this problem Anne
  5. HI, new here. On my 2nd day of the 14 day Optifast before my upcoming VSG surgery. Day 2 was much better than day 1 so I am sure it will be fine. Having more trouble with my "feelings" than I anticipated. I felt sad at the grocery store 3 days ago. It just feel odd. I feel a little lost. Did anyone else feel this way? I'm not having cold feet. I want to be thinner, healthier and more active. I look forward to it. Food, cooking, and baking, have become a fun important part of my life. I know I will get back to it just feels odd. Thoughts??