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  1. I agree that going back to the liquid diet for 1-2 weeks may kick start the loss again. And I know you feel great about being strong, but you don't sound happy at your current weight. So you'll have to suck it up and try the way lower calorie/liquid diet to get those last pound off, then return to the full body building. Maybe reduce your weights lifting pound to 50% of current. This will keep you toned without making you feel weak while on the lower calorie Good luck!
  2. Thanks. I used to have a sweet tooth but am finding all these things taste a creep kind of sweet. I made baked apples in my pressure cooker (over cooked so it was like applesauce), NOW that was a delicious sweet:) Ate about 1/4 c, filled me up and very satisfying. I may try those treats you mentioned, Anne
  3. I guess it just SEEMS like forever, hahahahahaha. But I ate a whole bar at 9 pm when I got home from work and NO gI problems. I just have to have something like this for work. I work 12-13 hours shift and certain do not get 30 minute breaks, EVER. we eat when we can and this is filling and gives me energy. I will be very careful however as I can't afford this type of problem at work:) I have to say, 2 oz chicken goes down very easily and no sense of too full or difficulty swallowing. Of course I chew it to death too. Gonna try some fish this weekend. It's been a staple of our Florida lifestyle and I miss it. Also had good luck with vegetarian refried, no fat beans/ black beans. Again 1/4-1/2 c. Down 34#...started using my bike and elliptical. Feels so good to be doing something active again.
  4. OK I am liar. I am 5 weeks into this. NOT 7. 7 from the pre-op die to now. Had 2 ozs of soft pulled pork (made in my pressure cooker) for dinner. Very agreeable Feeling great Looking forward to the new venture.
  5. Just enter my 7th week post op. SO I can start eating regular food, still with the emphasis on protein. For lunch, about 12:30, I had 2 ounces of fresh soft turkey with 1 wedge of Laughing cow cheese warmed and softened over it. I swear that was the best food I've ever eaten!! hahahaha. Also the most satisfied I've been since I started this journey in mid-March. I have felt quite hungry despite thinking I wouldn't. I am tracking all my food, getting in the recommended 60 gms of protein, limiting carbs and fats. Eating about 600 cal/day. Drink plenty of water. On 2 GERD meds, which I was on before the surgery. 3 hours later had 1/2 of a Quest bar. All went down easily. No tummy trouble. Here's my issue, about 2 hours after the snack, I had, well let's just call it GI distress, NO cramps, pain, etc, just had to get to the BR, in a hurry, twice. feeling fine otherwise. Is that just my system getting used to the food, or is that too much food in a 3-4 hour period??? PS It's now 4 hours later and I have NO hunger. My body, and psyche, needed something beside smoothies and pureed food:) I am down ~32#'s (want to lose about 75 total).
  6. Thanks all. This AM I made sure to have 24 gm of protein, and I swear I haven't been hungry since. Made sure I had a "meal" a couple of hours ago. It feel like I have a very full tummy. Will be cutting that in 1/2 next time. Pureed beef stew (like baby food), it was wonderful to have something beside yogurt, shakes and fluids;) I am already on Nexium and Ranitidine. Also had to get some Benefiber. Sigh it'll always be something minor I'm sure till I'm well adjusted to how my stomach feels. But I am down 20# and feeling good. A little anxious about returning to work but it may actually help me develop a more routine schedule. Anne
  7. Hi All, 2 weeks out from surgery. Starting pureed foods tomorrow. Thank Heavens. My siblings, each > 150# over IBW, had this surgery several years ago and have done great. Both told me, Oh you won't be hungry. OMG, I have been hungry. I awoke from a nap 2 days ago cause I was hungry. I felt panicked thinking, what did I do? Had a irreversible surgery that will leave me hungry but unable to eat 24/7? So I added yogurt and cottage cheese (both FF) twice daily and things are much better. I have about 70#'s to lose. have lost 20# in these 2 weeks. I was told, by my nutritionist, my daily protein intake should be 50-60 grams. My sister said yesterday, that's why you're hungry, not enough protein. She was told her protein intake should be 80-100 gm/day. What were YOU advised? Anyone else feel hungry? I have to admit it's a bit discouraging and anxiety provoking to think I will feel hungry and unsatisfied. I am trying not to be negative, trying to adjust my food intake and eating times, etc to avoid this. Maybe it's temporary... I return to work this week. Hopeful my very, very busy schedule will help me. Any thoughts appreciated Anne
  8. Thanks I am 2 weeks out today. Finally feel like me:) Started on pureed foods tomorrow. Back to work as well. Have to be well planned, I worked 12-13 hours shifts often without more than a 15-20 minute break. Made protein rich beef stew, BBQ chicken with bacon and pureed them. Measured and package, ready to go!!
  9. Thank you. It was just water weight. I lost all of it in a couple of days. Had daily headache, quite bad, for a week. Today I am 8 days out finally no headache:) Thanks Anne
  10. Maybe Australia is different but personally I have not seen any 400-500 # persons in Europe. I am sure there are some but not like US where you see folks > 300 pounds ever day. And when I kept adult foreign exchange students, they would tell me how shocking it was to see so many huge people in every day life. I wasn't even heavy then but had some huge family members and thought this is a sad statement about American food consumption. That was 30 years ago, and we are still the fattest country in the world. the most disheartening trend is the rapidly rising numbers of children under 13 who are consider "super obese" for their ages. Absolutely awful. I am determined NOT to be a fat American anymore. I want to be healthy, take little to no medication and enjoy an active lifestyle. Anne
  11. Grandma, I'm right there with you. Looking good at 60 is a nice bonus BUT the reality is, I don't want high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol. And diabetes and elevated cholesterol have been knocking at my door for 3 years. For me, I have missed being more energetic, going hiking on vacations, traveling to Europe and site seeing for 12 hours. These are all things that have gotten harder as the pounds packed on. I am so embarrassed to be with my thin husband and friends and always the last person up the hill OR worse not going up the hill cause I'm just too winded. I had surgery Monday of this week. Had a complication that has crimped my best laid plans, but today I actually felt human. Took 2 10 minute walks, was able to start my protein smoothies. I'm still really tired and because of the added complication I have to be VERY careful with each phase. Have to see the doctor next week.Glad I took 2 weeks off, not 1, I would never have been ready to do a 12-13 hours shift!! Congrats to you, thanks for your words Anne
  12. I am concerned that I'm not going to lose weight. I followed the 2 weeks pre-op religiously. I was only down 8 #'s when I went to the hospital Monday I had complications with the surgery and ended up staying 6 days, NPO the entire time. Of course I had antibiotic and IV fluids. I was swelled up like a balloon. Weighted myself when I go home yesterday, up 9#!! How is this possible? Also I have had a terrible headache for 5 days (migraine sufferer all my life) Got injectable Imitrex yesterday before I left the hospital, and of course it worked like a charm. I started with some protein shakes today as I am worried the headaches are related to going so long with any real nutrition Thoughts? Anne
  13. Well I had my surgery 6 days ago. And what a whirlwind that turned into. The evening before my surgery I got a call from my Mother who said, your Father can't breath (ages 88 and 89 respectively). So I said call 911. SO I grabbed by bag, already packed and headed to the next county where they live and I was having surgery. Dad ended up in ICU, improved rather quickly. I spent the night in a chair by his bed, took my pre-op shower at 5:30 and ambled over to surgery center. MY fiancé arrived about 6. I decided to have the surgery as I thought all would be very well quickly and I could help tend to my parents. 2 of my siblings, who each had 200#'s to lose, have had this surgery without any issues at all. BUT it was not to be that easy. I had an unusual complication, they perforated my lower esophagus. They fixed it immediately. But I had to stay in the hospital for 6 days. I was watched like a hawk. Had to be absolutely nothing by mouth for the first 5 days, and I mean nothing. I came home yesterday, with my surgeon's noted reluctance. I have to be extremely careful to avoid injury to not only the healing stomach but the healing esophagus as well. I had a swallow study before I left, which gave me dumping syndrome for the day. Good times, hahaha And like so many here, I have had a migraine daily since day 2 after the surgery. Today I am sitting out on my lovely porch, taking in the fresh air, going for short 10 minute walks and letting my siblings take care of the folks. This is very difficult for me. I am a nurse practitioner and my parents, esp my Dad, doesn't want anyone else to make decisions for him but me. I have been their care giver a long time, and not to be at his bedside at the rehab facility they sent him too makes me want to cry. I have another nurse sister, and 3 other very competent adult siblings so I know it is all ok. So I will sit here and enjoy my down time while I can. Allow my body to heal 100%. Thanks for listening, any input or suggestions much appreciated Anne
  14. Seriously?!?! "you won't be hungry?" I am hungry constantly. I am really concerned about having the surgery if this is how I am going to feel ever day for ever. Clearly I greatly underestimated how much I eat and snack BEFORE I considered this. I am doing it but still, HANGRY. Did you feel hungry after the surgery when eating small amounts?? Please help, feeling discouraged
  15. Your post is an inspiration for me. I have having the sleeve the 27th of this month. Worried I would be fat again. Glad to hear it can be done long term!! Anne