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  1. Heyyyy a fellow Houstonian!
  2. Thank you! I do feel really proud. Some days I'm frustrated but today, fitting into this vintage shirt I keep tucked in the back of my closet for "one day", I feel great. And luckily only 1 of them is mine. My daughter is 3-1/2 and she keeps me full time busy and crazy. The other cutie pie belongs to a close friend.
  3. It's an incredible feeling! I get so frustrated with the scale not moving fast enough, but the visual proof is there. Feel like a million bucks today.
  4. These are the only shakes I like. It's my go to on the weekends when I'm on the run. Creamy Chocolate blended with a serving of peanut butter. It's heaven and keeps me full for the day.
  5. What type of job do you have? I had my surgery on a Wednesday and back to work on the following Monday. I have a desk job and was able to go on about my day pretty easily besides being tired at the end.
  6. I keep a ziplock in my desk of vitamins. When I was on liquids I just ran out the door with a very large protein shake that I would have throughout the day. Now I've been packing for the week. This week I boiled a bunch of eggs, grabbed a pound of turkey lunch meat and cut up some cheddar into 1 oz portions. I have easy grab meals all day long.
  7. I'm hitting 60 grams of protein a day and 20 or less carbs. (600-800 calories)
  8. I'm coming up on 2 months post op and have noticed I'm starting to lose hair and also develop dandruff? It's thinned in the front, similar to when my daughter was born. I just noticed a handful come out . Is Biotin the best option? Any other ideas? I'm a little vain about my hair and don't really love this.
  9. I've had ribs twice since the surgery. I just have 1 rib now. Also I'm from TX so we don't smother in BBQ sauce we just dry rub.
  10. I'm one month ahead of you and I just now started hitting the gym last week. The energy will come back and be better than ever before.
  11. Fully understand that. I am just excited that this current stall is over and I'd like to celebrate that. It's been a rough two weeks of obsessing so early on in my journey.
  12. Happy to report back that I think my stall is over! Finally down another few lbs. Hope I can keep this momentum going. Thanks for all of the encouragement.
  13. Looks like you're doing great despite it. I think my current 3 week period is coming to an end and I finally dropped a couple more pounds! I think I need to get rid of my scale. I moved it upstairs so I wouldn't get on it every time I walked through my bathroom, but now it just means I have to walk upstairs first thing when I wake up to weigh myself. And again in the evening when I'm brushing the little ones teeth. I'm basically torturing myself.
  14. Daily struggle! I really need to throw my scale away. I'm annoyed daily.