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  1. Hope you guys feel better!
  2. This is my constant life. My daughter loves pink cupcakes. What she really loves is pink frosting and leaves behind the entire cupcake. The cake being my favorite part, this used to be ideal. Now this is torture. I have to smoosh it way down into the trash and run away!
  3. Ha guys. SO COLD!!! Pre - Surgery I was always hot. Always sweating. My husband has always kept the house obnoxiously cold (to the detriment to my light bill). Sometimes in the winter he cranks it down, opens a window and has 2 fans blowing full force. This has never bothered me, until now. Now, in Texas July I get up to use the restroom in the middle of the night and I am diving back into bed under the covers and squealing! COLD COLD COLD.
  4. Thank you! This just helped put me back into perspective. The difference between month 1 and 3 really is only 10% less. Instead of 20lbs difference I kept focusing on.
  5. One of my best friends tells me "Would you say those hurtful things to me? No? Then why would you say them to yourself?'" It always resonates with me when I'm tearing myself down.
  6. I'M OUT! For now I dropped another 2lbs to finally hit 50lbs. 1/2 way there already! I upped my protein last week. I was barely hitting 60 lately so I decided to go back to a shake in the morning. That seems to keep me going a lot better.
  7. Wouldn't that be ideal?? Old Ashlee would have said screw it, I'm taking a break from the gym to get Tex-Mex. But alas instead I upped my protein and keep chugging along. Sipping along rather. I sent my friends a snap yesterday of my tall glass of miralax with a caption of "remember when I used to chug beer". Not all of this is ideal, but I'm wearing a size 14... I'm also 5lbs away from being lighter than my husband for the first time in about 7 years.
  8. Sighhhhh at 5'10 and 182 I bet you look amazing. I do feel that I've aged 10 years, but I'm certain I didn't grow taller. You guys are the best. I love following both you and @burgandyBoy because we are all on such a similar journey. Also Happiest of Friday's to you!
  9. My first OOTD post. I have a job interview today so I treated myself to a Macy's trip on my lunch break yesterday. Dress is a large and sweater is a medium!
  10. Beautiful pictures! I may need some help from you getting my best friend a new lens for Christmas this year. I know 0.
  11. Go Trish Goooooooooo! So happy for you lovely.
  12. I keep hearing about the muscle loss. Maybe I am too early out? I have been doing circuit training for the last month with a friend and just the other day we were gawking at my quads and how defined they are. My calves are still pretty solid as well. Will I lose that? Or am I just uncovering what was already there?
  13. So I did my measurements last night and I am down 23inches from the start, and 9 inches in the last month. This puts me at ease a bit more. I will keep on keepin on.
  14. With our mutual love for ribs and good wine, I think you may be on to a good theory. Are you sure YOU aren't a 33yr old short girl?
  15. Gahhhh I'm jealous of your first day of summer. It's been in the high 90's here. I tired to run 2 miles outside last week and nearly blacked out. Enjoy your bike ride. I will keep chugging along until I break through this spell. Trying to up my protein a bit more. Switch it up and keep it fresh