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  1. I'm ok! Mostly just very hopeful. First few days were rough but I got through it. It's nice to be back at work. I've lost 16lbs already. Doesn't seem real. I had to have a family member take my scale away because I was becoming a tad obsessed.
  2. I started this journey on the lower side as well. I've been between 180-220 most of my adult life. Recently sprouted up to the 230-240's. I had a consult a few years ago when I felt all was lost and was told insurance wouldn't cover it. I was disappointed. I went home and tried another diet. Surprise surprise! Didn't work. Fast forward to last month when I hit 240 and decided to try again. My insurance WILL cover it now, but I decided I've already wasted too much time to jump through the insurance hoops. Luckily I was in a positive to self pay and I had my surgery last week! I had multiple tell me not to do it. Why don't you just lose it yourself? I know you can do it! But you're so pretty! Pretty does not equal healthy. Regardless of what my friends and family think 220 is still unhealthy. I have no comorbidities, but I know I shouldn't be this weight. I know that this is hard on my body and my heart and mind.
  3. How long has it taken for people to get back on a good sleep schedule?
  4. Well I made it. The last 5 days have been very interesting and continue to be so. Firstly the pain. Sweet baby Jesus. I think that I had hyped myself up about being a badass and did not expect the level I experienced. I had previously heard that the gas pain outweighed the surgery pain. Very true. But upon hearing this I assume it would have similar to my C-section. It is not. I'll take 3 more C-sections over that please! The gas bubbles in my shoulders, neck and chest were all consuming. First day home I cried a lot and told my husband I had made a mistake. My 3 year old was so worried about me. It was just a mess. Day two was a little more of the same, but less doom and gloom and more hope. By day three I was up and moving and getting on a schedule with protein and fluids and meds. Here I am on day 6 back at work. I'm feeling a little foggy, but for me work is a controlled environment and I think I will do great here as long as I don't fall asleep at my desk.
  5. Good luck on your surgery today! and thanks for the videos. I'll watch them now.
  6. March surgery here! 6 more days until mine! I only took 5 days off work. Hope I bounce back quickly. I stopped smoking yesterday, that's been the hardest part.
  7. Thank you so much Athena! All valuable info.
  8. Thanks everyone! I have 6 more days. Blood work today. Therapy tomorrow. Endoscopy Tuesday then it's go time! I have ordered all of my vitamins and protein powder. Any recommendations on things I will need at home?
  9. It does feel like fast forward! I have been working with a client rep and researching for a few months. But wow. Not really any questions yet. I'm sure I'll have a billion of the next few days. Just trying to get to know people and read up on experiences.
  10. That's the purpose of this community though right? Support and guidance? It's faster than I had expected. That's true. But I am over the moon. I need this leap in the right direction.
  11. Yes. I was not expecting that at all. But I am not paying through insurance so maybe why so fast?
  12. I am not prepared. I have been looking at this forum all morning while prepping for my consult today. They had an opening for next week and I jumped on it. Freaking out a little, but I am so ready for this change!