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  1. Confessions

    Exactly. I still have loads of restriction and that parts great. It's the ease of popping a candy into your mouth, and then another an hour later, and another. That's my issue. I just need to be more careful on what I allow in the house. I previously was able to just avoid because I shouldn't eat it. Now that's harder for me and I'm not sure why. Feeling accomplished and thin? Treating myself for doing so well. It's a weird mental thing with me. My brain looks at my daughter's left over waffle and says "DO NOT EAT THAT", "YOU'RE NOT EVEN HUNGRY" and then before I know it, down the hatch. What is that?? I had to reschedule my therapy to next week instead of today. I was hoping to have better insight.
  2. Confessions

    Last week I had to yell at my husband to remove the reeses p-butter trees from the living room. He purchased 3 bags of them and I realized I was back to really dangerous behavior. I would get up in the middle of the night to pee... and eat a piece of candy. That is not who I am anymore!
  3. Confessions

    So. I read this post this morning and I sat on it. And I stewed. I'm still stewing. It felt like an appropriate time to say... I ate a pint of Ice-cream on Saturday. Truth is, I've been totally out of control. Snacks on snacks on snacks. I find it so hard at 9 months out to have idle time. I love being at work because I pack my food for the entire week breakfast lunch and snack and that's all I have. But when left to my own devices, there's been a lot of sweets involved lately. I have therapy Wednesday and I a have made a promise to myself to bring up food addiction. I have tackled all other addictions in therapy and talk about them freely, but this one seems scarier.
  4. It’s really working!!

    SAME! I love this place. You guys get me on so many levels! @Res Ipsa @Chefman77 If I am not weighing it's because I am avoiding it. Before, when my weight was trending upwards I knew. If I didn't get on the scale I didn't have to actually face it. I could keep eating like garbage and try to live in ignorant bliss. My daily weigh-ins keep me in check. I know there will be fluctuation and now I seem to have hit a point where I only lose 1 week a month and that's a minimal amount. Once I learned that my body had it's own way of doing things I adapted to that. Measurements are also great. Every time I would get in a stall I would imagine my body magically moving around fat and changing the shape of my body. I have lost 41 inches and 81lbs and I feel better than I ever have!
  5. Hi. New here.

    Welcome welcome! I had the same fears. Not as much about the actual surgery but for sure the dynamics of my life being altered. I was (And still am) a big entertainer. I love to cook and feed people and have drinks and I thought having this surgery would take all of that from me. It hasn't. It does make me center things less around food, but there is still always something cooking at my house. There are always people coming over to visit. I just take much better care of myself and it shows in my physical and emotional health. I have never been happier and the same will be true for you!
  6. ^^^ What they said! I'm 8 months out and I still don't eat toast. I do eat fruit occasionally but I didn't start that until 5-6 months out.
  7. Road Bike Shopping

    I do NOT have a fancy bike or know anything about the shifting you speak of but I do alright on my diamondback hybrid I got for my birthday.
  8. You aren't love. At 6 days out just functioning as a normal person is exhausting. I returned to work on day 4 and it took everything in me to walk from the parking garage to my desk and back. But it gets a little better in time. Once you start eating solids you will notice a huge change in your energy levels. Hang in there!
  9. Breaking traditions

    Sorry I am just now getting logged back in. Every now and then TTF forgets my password and kicks me out. Thank you ALL for all of the nice comments. Yes @delilasIt really is alligator. It's a Cajun thing from our neighbors in Louisiana. There's a little booth at the Ren-Fest every year that serves Cajun food and it's the best fried alligator you can find. My husband is obsessed. I know that it sounds cliché but it really does taste like chicken. So much though, that we gave 1/2 it to my very picky 4 year old and told her it was chicken and she ate it all. #bestmomever
  10. You guys, thanksgiving is coming and i love stuffing.

    That's my plan too @cinwa. What makes my tool so great is that I just can't physically eat all that I want to. I still have the want to eat everything in large quantities, but I can't. So I'll have a few bites of my mother in laws amazing giblet stuffing and cranberry sauce and I'll be happy. My husband and I make Thanksgiving eggrolls with the left over turkey and stuffing and this makes me a bit sad, but instead of having 4 like last year, I'll probably have 1/2 one
  11. Breaking traditions

    And here's the family photo of my little ones 4th birthday party. The day was amazing.
  12. Breaking traditions

    What a difference 1 year can make! I had a wonderful time. I did not purchase a single food thing. I did have a bite of everything though. All still delicious. I did try a beer. I haven't had a beer in 8 months! I ordered an oatmeal stout hoping that it would be low in carbonation, I had two teeny sips and realized it wasn't wise so I gave it away. Sighhhh.
  13. Breaking traditions

    I will for sure have a good time. I just need to rebalance the day about more enjoyment of the entertainment and less about the gluttony. I can't wait to show you guys pictures.
  14. Breaking traditions

    This weekend is two big events. My daughters 4th birthday party and our annual trip to the Renaissance Festival. I have mixed emotions about the Ren Fest. We go every year the Sunday after Bonnie's birthday with a big group and it's a blast. Last year I was at my very heaviest in our annual group photo. I cannot wait to get a new photo this year and see the side by side. My best bud had the surgery 2 months after me and he is also in the photo. We both are excited. What I am NOT excited about is the food. My favorite part of renfest is the food. Scotch eggs, and giant burgers and fried alligator on a stick. Turkey legs and deep fried cheesecake. Ugh. Mostly I will miss BEER! Ya'll wish me luck.
  15. 5 lbs to lose for surgery approval

    Hey welcome! Fellow vaper here. I quit smoking after 20 years in order to have the surgery. I can say now that I'm a little ways out that quitting smoking and having this surgery at the same time has been amazing. Before weight was always an excuse not to quit. "If I quit, I'll gain more weight". I don't have that crunch because I am focused on losing more than the not smoking. It's been surprisingly easy once I got over the first few weeks.