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  1. I'm so sorry to hear of your tragic loss. I can't even fathom losing a child. Her children must be devastated as well. Again, so saddened to hear this news.
  2. That's a lot on your plate. Take things one day at a time, and if that feels too big, take it one hour at a time...still too big, get through the next fifteen minutes. ((hugs)) You must be incredibly strong because, after all of that, I'd be curled up in the corner crying my eyes out!
  3. Good information. Thank you for posting it.
  4. You look happier, younger, and more vibrant!
  5. Hi Ashley! I'm looking at an Aug. surgery, so like you I"m early on my journey. I just had my third office visit/my insurance requires six...Also getting the other stuff out of the way, appt wise. I look forward to watching you dance your way into smaller clothes and a healthier body! Like you, I'm excited and absorbing as much information as I can.
  6. Jim, what a fabulous intro! You've got this. Congrats on getting off to a great start. I wish you much continued success.
  7. Welcome
  8. OMG, glad you were okay, but I was giggling reading this.
  9. Great news to hear you're feeling better
  10. Thanks. The poor NJ threads were a tad dated!
  11. I just read The Emotional First-Aid Kit and enjoyed it. Was helpful. I found it one one of the WLS boards, I don't remember where.
  12. As a shopper: I've used Poshmark a lot, not sure if you've heard of them. I've bought a bunch of handbags from there. Thanks for the tip on the experience with ThreadUp/Macy's. Otherwise, I donate clothes usually.
  13. Fabulous, such wonderful inspiration!
  14. Anybody out there? I'm in Hunterdon County. I've started the process and am looking at August 2017 for surgery.
  15. Yeah for getting through that first week!