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  1. Where can I check online if I have been approved or not for my sleeve surgery????? I have Tri Care Prime ! Thank you!
  2. I was given couple of sheets with stuff, but I would like to hear everyone's input on how they manage to get through the 2 week low carb diet because I know a lot of people go crazy lol
  3. I start my pre op diet on the 3/14. What should I eat and drink that will satisfy me ?? I'm open to all options!!!
  4. Thank You so much!!!!! Wonderful advice!!!!! Congrats on your proggresss!!!! And happy Surgversary!
  5. I finally have my surgery date for 3/30/17!!!!!!!!! I am getting the Gastric Sleeve and I am actually excited to get it done. I was leaning towards the Gastric Bypass but I found out I was anemic so it automatically disqualifies me for the gastric bypass. My surgeon then said that the gastric sleeve was the better option for me. Has anyone else has had this problem or similar to it? It would be awesome to get advice of how to have a speedy, manageable recovery, protein shakes..etc. Just in general . Thank you .
  6. Can someone please tell me reasons why insurance (TriCare) could deny my surgery??? I am cleared both from Psych and Dietitian, since protocols changed I am not required to do the 6 months surpervised diet. There's one thing probably why....I don't have documented weight loss attempts (such as weight watchers...jenny craig...) ...even though I did make several of them! Don't want to lose hope! Super Nervous!!