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  1. Great update! You handled everything so well. Did the new foods trigger any cravings afterward?
  2. That's huge! Good planning on your part, too. Well done!
  3. I'm sorry you're feeling this way. Give yourself time to feel the feelings, then open your mind to RNY. I have no doubt that, after you get RNY, you'll be so glad you did and you'll fully embrace it. You really don't want to deal with daily acid problems.
  4. Awesome, @Dunndeal!!!!!
  5. Beautiful new avatar picture!
  6. You are rocking this! Such a thrill to dip below your initial goal!
  7. Titanium is considered "MRI compatible". It's very weakly magnetic & shouldn't cause a problem. Plenty of WLS patients use CPAPs with no trouble.
  8. 11

    Congrats on leaving the 300s for good! Major milestone! Beautiful pictures. I'm interested in getting my BMR tested when I reach maintenance. I'll have questions for you then.
  9. The first 3 days of carb withdrawl are the worst. You're almost done with the worst part!
  10. So glad to hear the lines are out!
  11. I so hope you get your PICC line out! A great way to start feeling more like yourself!
  12. So sorry you're in such a stressful situation. The sooner you start getting a handle on your food issues, the better you'll feel (so much more easily said than done!). Putting in the effort is a way of showing yourself love, making yourself healthier for the surgery, and making your life easier down the road. Vent to us whenever you need to.
  13. I told some family members and two friends. I now wish I hadn't even told that many!
  14. I use My Fitness Pal. The food database there is just the best. Yeah, we can't use the "Complete Diary" feature since our intake is too low, but that doesn't bother me.
  15. Great update!
  16. Fantastic! Well done!
  17. The liquid phase is so hard. Nothing sits in your sleeve long enought to truly feel full. Those liquids just flow right through. While waiting for more satisfying stages, try taking something for acid when you're feeling hungry. Acid could be the cause. Your weight loss is amazing. Focus on positives like that while you wait out this phase.
  18. I love everything about this! Congratulations on your sustained success! Thank you for sharing all your insights here.
  19. I hope you're having fun with your family!
  20. That's wonderful!
  21. Wow, the changes are really evident. Awesome!
  22. Welcome back. If anyone can get back on course, you can! I'm glad your son is taking control at such a young age.
  23. Welcome back! You know just what to do, and we're here to support you!
  24. My nutritionist said all liquids count toward the fluid goal (protein shakes, popsicles, soups,...).