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  1. I got to meet @Michael_A and his wonderful family today! He looks so good, and he's moving around like a champ! So much fun!
  2. Tomorrow.....

    Good luck tomorrow! You are one tough cookie. I can't wait for your update on how it goes!
  3. Kristin (_withak)'s Surgery Date!

    Update us when you can! Sending healing vibes!
  4. Met my first TT celebrity today!

    That is the best compliment EVER! Thank you!
  5. Cardamom77's Surgery Date

    Best wishes for an easy, successful sugery tomorrow!
  6. 6 Years Later

    Looking fantastic! Congratulations on years of success! Well done!
  7. Tests and Tidbits

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Glad you're making such great progress on all the requirements. Thanks for the update!
  8. Almost there....

    Nice to see you! Keep us updated when you get your date. Very exciting!
  9. Sorry it was a bummer. When you go to eat leftovers of any kind (but eggs especially), don't be surprised if they're too tough or dry to eat. Moisture is our friend after surgery, so I try to only make small batches of things that will dry out. Or, at the very least, cover everything in the microwave.
  10. Anyone With Aetna Insurnace

    I had my surgery at the same hospital as you, and my copay was the same amount. They told me I could pay it at my pre-op appointment (I did that) or the day of surgery. They didn't give me any other options, but it wouldn't hurt to ask. Be ready for them to do both blood and urine tests (so be hydrated!).
  11. Pureed Italian turkey chili, split pea & ham soup, and refried beans. And phazyme chews for gas!
  12. It's been 12 days already?!?!

    So glad the nausea is gone! Great job on your liquids. My nutritionist said the same thing about the frequent salad comments. How's your mood? I was pretty cranky day 11-14.
  13. Kristin (_withak)'s Surgery Date!

    Good luck tomorrow! I know you'll do great!
  14. If you have a lifestyle that makes protein bars necessary, I thought I'd let you know I just tried a really delicious one. The Peanut Butter Pie one is pretty good, too. Oh Yeah! One Bar Doughnut, Maple Glazed, 12 Count
  15. 6 month surgiversary!

    Aw, thanks, Trish!!!
  16. 6 month surgiversary!

    Trish, those stats are simply awesome! Fantastic work! You are rocking this WLS thing! I'm so happy you like your new doctor. She sounds great! You really bring heart to this message board. I'm so grateful for all your kindness, wisdom, positivity, warmth, and for being such a good example! Congratulations on all your success! You've earned it!
  17. The worst week of my life

    So true! It shows you are really ready for this change too. Well done.
  18. Odd symptoms?

    Did the surgeon's office give you an after-hours number to call? I'd give them a call so you don't have to suffer all weekend. Lghtheadedness has me thinking it may be a blood pressure thing. I had that too. I had to stand up so slowly every time I stood.
  19. Vent

    See if you can get the EKG and psych results sent yourself to move things along. If they have everything in their possession, it's harder for them to say they won't submit it. Sorry the process is frustrating.
  20. Met my first TT celebrity today!

    You are too kind! Thanks so much!
  21. 6-Month Post-Op Sleep Issues

    Ketosis exacerbates my insomnia big time. I take melatonin (10 mg, I believe). I also try to do all the suggested things: -exercise -no screen time an hour before bed -always keep to the same sleep schedule every day -get sunlight as soon as you wake up -I use a white noise machine and sleep mask -I got the Overdrive app for my phone & download audiobooks free from my library. I often listen to them with headphones and fall asleep that way. The app has a sleep timer. Let me know if you find something that works. I could use pointers too.
  22. The worst week of my life

    Dealing with a death is so hard in many ways from emotions to logistics. I'm so so sorry. I send positive thoughts your way often, hoping you'll feel them. I'm sorry you can't just be excited about the whole surgery thing. I hope it's not overwhelming and just more of a numb fog for a bit and that you then emerge from all the pain feeling good about yourself. Eventually, the first thing you'll think of when your sister comes to mind will be what a gift she was, rather than first thinking of the crippling pain of her absence. Time has a way of making us able to do that, thank goodness. So very many hugs, @Cardamom77.