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  1. Well, it's working like a charm. Hooray! Great job!
  2. I don't have a specific diet from my doctor. He just said to lose. Low carb is the only way I know how to do that, so I'm doing that!
  3. Another vote for food!
  4. Congratulations! I'm so grateful for the help you offer those of us just getting started. Your sustained success is a lot to be proud of. Well done!
  5. I think you are right to explore this option for yourself. We have to use all the tools at our disposal to live our best lives.
  6. I can SO relate! Thanks for taking the time to type and post this!
  7. What a thrill! Well done! You're making so many positive things happen for yourself! Awesome!
  8. Trish, that is awesome!!! You've done so well! I'm so excited that the wait (and weight) is almost over! I hit 25 pounds lost today too. Took me 8 and a half weeks, though! I'm one pound under what my surgeon wanted me to be on surgery day. I have 5 more weeks until then. Hopefully I can lose even more. SO impressed by you! Well done!
  9. Awesome! Great results! So excited at how much better you're FEELING, too! Great job!
  10. I'm no expert, but I really don't think this us normal this far out. I think you should contact your surgeon.
  11. Oh, I really feel for your sister. What an awful fall! Hugs to both of you!
  12. Outstanding! Your hard work is really paying off! Well done!
  13. Welcome! I'm having sleeve surgery May 31. It will be fun to lose together. Drastic carb cutting is the only thing that works for me, so that's what I'm doing while I wait.
  14. Welcome back! You have all the tools to get back on track. You can do this!