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  1. How frustrating! It's so annoying to be doing so much right and feel you're not being rewarded for it. This is my favorite article on breaking plateaus:
  2. Here's hoping everything goes perfectly! Welcome!
  3. Congrats on a job well done!
  4. So cool!
  5. Good for you! Making positive changes already! Hope to see you here often.
  6. I think worrying about people finding out is taking a bigger toll on you than anyone actually finding out would. Let the worries go. It's not worth the negative energy. Just keep your mind on your personal positive outcome. All those people are thinking about their own stuff anyway.
  7. Wow, you've been through so much. Sending you healing vibes. Thank you for keeping us posted. So sorry it hasn't been smoother sailing! I'm sure the BM thing also has to do with being on the pain pills and being dehydrated. Really try to get those fluids in. Maybe try Colace (stool softener). I bet you can't wait to feel good again!
  8. They took my weight at the seminar & used that.
  9. My first appointment was a consultation with the surgeon's nurse practitioner. It was about a week and a half after the seminar.
  10. Your insurance can tell you what all the co-pays will be. I have a copay for all my appointments (consultation, nutritionist, psych eval, primary care medical clearance appointment, pre-op appointment) and a copay for inpatient surgery.
  11. Good luck! It's information overload at first, but we'll all help you through it.
  12. They weighed all of us at the presentation and again at the consultation. We are weighed at everything (support group, nutrition seminar, appointments with surgeon, appointments with nutritionist...). They told us at the presentation that we are not allowed to gain weight from that day on.
  13. At mine, the doctor gave a presentation to a big group of us explaining sleeve & bypass and answered questions. My husband had to attend, too. Afterwards, the doctor's office called to schedule an individual consultation.
  14. Just looked up the plates you're talking about. Neat idea, but I don't like eating off plastic. I think I'll try using one of my electric heating pads that I usually use for cramps under my ceramic plate. Interesting topic!
  15. Was WLS suggested to you by a doctor, or did you ask about it based on your own interest? I wish my doctor had suggested it years ago. I had to ask about it.