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  1. Good job getting checked out. So glad everything's normal so far.
  2. Ugh. So annoying to be scrutinized like that, especially when you're healthier than ever. Just try to keep looking on the bright side: Your hard work has lead to drastic and noticeable weight loss! People's judgements about it mean nothing. If only their judging could be the SILENT kind.
  3. My nutritionist wants me to aim for 60 grams of protein daily for life.
  4. I've been waiting for your update, @Drake. So glad you are doing well. Gas was the worst part of my surgery experience, so I can relate! Good for you walking and trying hard on those liquids. I fully support waiting to weigh in. You're off to a great start. Glad to hear it!
  5. I take prescription famotidine at the rare times heartburn pops up for me. I think the over-the-counter equivalent is pepcid. I try to sleep propped up if it happens at night. Really helps.
  6. You're doing so well! I too am shocked at how long they're asking you to wait for shrimp. That was a go-to for me very early on. I had to wait until 3 months out for steak and certain cuts of pork. I got the all-clear for everything but alcohol (and carbonation-never clear for that) at 3 months. And I felt like my stages moved oh so slowly.
  7. So sorry about the job stress. Kudos on great weight loss! Sorry about the constipation. Can you up fiber & fluids? Is your vitamin a chewable? I was taking a Centrum chewable that made me throw up. My doctor switched me to 2 Flintstones Complete a day (Funny but gave me great bloodwork numbers).That helped so much. I can now swallow petite vitamins. I have to take 4 a day, but it's so nice not to have to chew vitamins anymore.
  8. I think your intake will increase a bit as your swelling goes down. At 4 months out, I can take in 3-4 ounces in a sitting. I think it will take you longer to get hungry between because of that. Also, I think you'll get better at heading off hunger in little ways. If I get hungry between meals, 4 almonds, a quarter of a protein bar, or a third of a string cheese do the trick.
  9. It's so good to see you, @robin0418. How very scary! What does your weight loss surgeon think? I'm sorry you have to worry about this.
  10. At my surgeon's office (My surgeon founded this message board), neither of those is a no-no, so I say no panic necessary.
  11. Just awesome! AWESOME!
  12. Because I had the sleeve, they sent the removed portion of my stomach off to pathology to test for that. Good info to know since you have to take more precautions to prevent ulcers if you have it. Not sure how testing goes for RNY.
  13. I totally agree! That video was so cute.
  14. That's great news!
  15. I can feel your excitement! Awesome! So great the scale is rewarding you! As far as what feels like air, I think that might be overfullness. Try slowing down between bites even more. Whenever I eat beans, I chew a phazyme (over-the-counter treatment for gas). Really helps. So glad things are looking up for you!