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  1. I already feel that way. I really like the group so I'll just block him.
  2. @Stephtay lol .... Omg never thought about that eeeekkk..
  3. @lightenupwoman week creepy that a she would do that. My ex current is looking into my business pages and I find it strange. To each their own she can go ahead and give me some money to raise our son since she wants to be all in my business lol ...jk
  4. Yes I actually engaged in conversation with him he says he's not interested but I think he is. He's an older guy with a fetish for larger women so I know he is always looking at stuff I don't mind it. I'm confident being big but I have a young son and too many health issues. I just didn't want to tell the whole world either. I've known him since I was 16 and I'm 34 now so it's a long time. I talked to him and I'm almost sure he's thinking about it.
  5. I'm in a fairly large group on FB. Turns out today I see an ex coworker so I messaged saying Hey are you also getting the surgery he says no I'm happy being fat just being nosey. I dont really know how to feel considering I posted about my relationship question today.
  6. Are there other pre-op patients from SD here?? ... I'm getting mine from DR. Callery
  7. Thank you!! I was struggling lol
  8. No I doubt it my last one was over a month ago. I go to education support on the 2nd of next month. ☺
  9. I'm wondering where I can get an evaluation? And how much will it cost? Do they take insurance?
  10. Awesome congratulations! You can probably tell me more than I can tell myself. Like what to eat and drink. Odd things people don't talk about. What to watch out for lol
  11. Hi I'm new to this forum. I'm pre-op waiting on surgery date. I'm hoping to get the sleeve. I'm excited about making this move but I also want to be prepared. I'm from San Diego.