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  1. Hello all, Had a little problem with heartburn/reflux last couple of days. Keep me up last night and kinda sucked good. Tums wouldn't touch it and that's all I had. I called the doctor and they sent me a prescription of something I can't remember. Grabbing that later so no more of that hopefullly. One possitive note, I now weigh 276 at two weeks post-op. That's 46lbs down in less than a month. Pretty crazy, waist down from 48" to 44"-42". I am sleeping really good now with no c-pap or back pain in the morning. I am tired of shakes as previously stated, so I'm trying regular food that I can chew good. Its hard to get much down sometimes and get close to my protein goals but I guess a little each day will have to do. For now the heartburn issue sucks, but the lack of proper fitting cloths is a good kind of suck too. Thanks all for the well wishes. DoneW/300's
  2. Doing a lot better, thanks for asking Carina. My pain levels are way down. Sadly, the only pain I get it from the damn hematoma that has gone away, struck, or changed in any way. That's said, I am over the shakes. I am now craving real food. I know it's a little early in my nutional plan, but I am losing weight every day and I really feel like eating. Had soups and few bites of my steak the other night. I chewed it well and it went down nice. I'm addicted to sugar free ice pops, but have been experimenting with foods. I have been able to walk quite a bite now. I usually do about a half mile, but I have done a couple 2 mile walks. It really wipes me out and my energy is gone, but I get it down. Funny thing is my thighs don't rub togeather anymore. Just a funny thing to share. I also seem to need naps in the afternoon due to low energy. I have about her week until work starts back so I hope my energy levels come back soon. I'll hit the scale in a few days and update me weight for you guys.
  3. Just to set the record straight and keep everybody informed as you may be following this thread, the doctor saw me first thing today and felt it was a hematoma, but to be sure he wanted to do a CT scan. After about a two hour wait at the hospital directly across the street they did the scan and told me that it was a hematoma as suspected. The doctor said there's nothing that can be done about it. It just has to reabsorb over the next couple of weeks however, it is going to give me more pain than I should of had and continue to use the pain pills Percocets as prescribed and try to do as much walking as possible. I kind of laughed ( which really hurt BTW) and told him that because of the pain I can only be on my feet for about 2 to 3 minutes but I will do my best to follow my doctors orders and push through this issue. Beginning weight 322 Preop weight I think 304 last week, and today I was 294. So I guess I'm actually done w/300'a now after all. Thank you guys for to listening to my woes.
  4. So I called the doctor yesterday got an appointment for this morning. I now know that this is nothing more than some type of muscle spasms but I'm going to ask the doctor for a muscle relaxer or something that can help. Last night things were actually loosening up a little bit and I can roll over and move a little more, then I took a sip of water with a pain pill at about 1 AM and coughed on the water sip. it felt a hot sword went into my gut. Now I'm back to square one this morning with a c instant cramp in my stomack muscle. Hopefully the doctor will give me something other then Percocet to take the edge off. On a different note, I still haven't had a bowl movement since prior to the surgery just shy of a week now. I told some OTC saline solution stuff yesterday that didn't work. I guess the doctor will have a suggestion for that also.
  5. Not at all. I'm getting really discouraged. I'm going to put a call into the doctors office today. I still can only bare the pain between chair, bathroom, and the couch. I have read others have had similar pain with their large sututure area and need to wait for the stitches to dissolve before getting some relief. I can't believe even deal with my nutrition right now as all I do is deal with the pain. FYI, tender to touch around the area, but no nausea, fever, or accelerated heart rate. But the rest my body is really starting to hurt do to laying around all day. Please give me some words of encouragement.
  6. I talked to the surgeon about it before being discharged. He said it was normal and would go away soon. He recommended cold presses. It really hurts when I stand up straight and try to get in and out of bed. I guess it's the stitches between the inner and outer abdomen. It's has even created a depression in my skin. I'm gonna give it a day or so before I call the surgeon and try to take it easy.
  7. ....continuing. That pain hasn't seemed to get any better and it really is impeeding on my ability to walk around. I can only do it with lot of pain. Is this normal? Can anyone offer a similar situation? And if so, how long will I have to endure this excruciating pain? As far as eating, I haven't had and protein or broths. I can only do liquids and ice pops. I am going to try some protein shakes today and see how it goes. My guts are making all kinds of noise now, so I guess it time to force some down. Any recommendations or similar results would be appreciated.
  8. Well, it's done. Surgery happened on Tuesday the 14th as scheduled. Check in weight was 304, down from 322 weeks prior. I got home last night after a few crappy days in the hospital. The surgeon said I did a good job shrinking my liver and procedure was textbook. I feel great, except the stitches in my main hole they pulled the stomach out of hurt like hell. Everthing I move even a little bit if feels like a huge fish hook pulling on my stomach muscles. And what has me concerned it that that pain haven't s
  9. Thanks all for the encouragement. It's really appreciated as I start my 24 hour pre-surgery liquid diet. I am getting a little apprehensive and nervous knowing that tomorrow morning they will be take 4/5th of my stomach out. I've been with it from the beginning and we have had some really good times togeather. But as I have been reading here and in speaking with other sleevers, there are no regreats. I'm just done to the wire and feeling the nerves I guess.
  10. I think that's the meat and potatoes of it. Lol, I couldn't resist.
  11. Well, three days out now and still doing the liver shrinking diet. The hunger pains have past for the most part, but I have defiantly noticed a lower energy level. I have had more then my portion calories, but still extremely low cards. 750 cals a day just isn't realistic for anyone. I have already needed to tighten my duty belt at work and my pants are looser. Sunday is dinner at mom's and planing on chicken and veggies, then Monday is liquids only. That's going to suck, but I guess I'll get through it. I've come this far, won't blow it now. Planning on shakes all day and a quart of egg drop soup for dinner. Check in is at 7:00 am on Tuesday then my life changes. Starting to dream about real food and wondering what I'll be able to eat next week. I guess I'll have two days in the hospital to plan it out.
  12. 5 days left of this pre-diet crap. I've never eaten 700-800 calories a day and I starving all day. Today, we had a group training during our lunch hour and boss bought pizza for everyone. I wanted to die it smelled so good. But I was able to dig deep and resist. I only had my little salad, cheeses stick and my protein shake. Now, I wake up hungry, spend most of the day hungry, and after my snack of a dinner meal I go to bed hungry. I hope this changes post surgery or I'm screwed. I hate being hungry all day.
  13. 10 days until op... Had my last steak last night with all the bad extras and I'm going to miss them for a while. Tonight is my daughter's 17th birthday get together and we are grilling burgers and dogs. Monday, my mother-in-law is making her famous meatloaf and scalloped cheese potatoes for my last real meal. Then Tuesday is day one of the 7 day low card and calorie pre-op two shakes a day diet. Grabbing all the stuff and the grocery store this morning to get me through it. Its really starting to sink in now.
  14. That's good to hear. My wife and I have been togeather since she was 16 (married at 18) and we really have a great marriage. I only see it getting better for us, but a large weight loss for either of us is all new territory. It's really more than I can imagine right now. I'm not even sure how I'll react to seening myself in that state let alone her and my kids, family, co-workers, etc. It's all seems surreal.
  15. Wife and I have been married 20 yrs and we have both be over weight most of our lives. I am pre-op 15 days, but the subject of me losing a lot weight has come up. She told me likes bigger guys and has grown to love me the way I am. She is having a hard time visualising me being smaller or even skinny (dare I say). I think it will all be good and make our love stronger, but is there anyone here who lost a relationship over losing weight?