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  1. I am having some pain in my left hip. It mainly happens on days after a long walk.I did 2.35 miles today and its really aching whenever I stand tonight. Is this possibly WLS related or something else? It could just be that I am super out of shape!
  2. Proof of the power of planning. You're going to get those two pounds!
  3. Thank you for your insight Res Ispa and Stephay. I'm really going to take your words forward and do my best to forge new habits.
  4. Gretta, I also love the Time Traveller's Wife and Ready Player One! If anyone likes Fantasy then I highly highly recommend the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson. Does anyone have a good read account? Would love to have more friends on there!
  5. Loving this thread. So much support and inspiration here. My NSV of this week: My jeans fit. They are a UK size 24 (that's a 20 in US sizing) so still "plus size" but every little bit counts. I bought two pairs of jeans about two years ago and they quickly became too small. I refused to buy more because I was determined to find a diet that would help me lose weight to get back into them. Needless to say, I never did. So I've been living in leggings and my work trousers for about a year and a half. Just on a whim I got them out today and they slipped on with total ease. In fact they are a bit lose. I couldn't and still can't believe it.
  6. Welcome to the forum Danielle! Lots of love and support here. I didn't have to do a liquid pre-op diet. I got a choice between liquid or food so I don't have much advice to give but I am certain some other lovely people will be along to help out.
  7. Good luck Gretta! Keep us updated.
  8. It was a week on Thursday that I had my surgery. So far I have to say its been pretty smooth sailing. I think I've been pretty fortunate to have such a good outcome. I am a little worried about what is going to happen when I hit the solid food stage. Its been so simple for me so far but I think food might be where it starts to get more difficult. I am still getting tired out pretty easily. We managed a trip into the city centre on Thursday and did a lot of walking around. But Friday I was totally wiped out. At one point we were walking past a Greggs and there was a lady with giant slice of pizza. It was strange because I didn't really want to eat it but its more like I remember pizza tasting good and enjoying it? I guess I am still figuring out where I am with food and how it can be a healthy part of my life. Feeling less tired today and managed to do some cooking for my husband and a good friend that is coming over tonight. I've always loved cooking and I didn't want to lost that hobby after weight loss surgery. But as I was cooking I realized how much I used to pick as I cooked. I can't at the moment because I am still on liquid but it was totally something I took note of and will remember in the future. Wouldn't want extra calories to slip in at a future date. I've also hit up Egghead's cooking blog after some recommendation on the forums. I haven't weighed myself since the surgery. In the past the scales have always been dangerous for me. So I have decided to make a firm commitment to only weigh and measure on the first of each month. My main reasons for having this surgery were for getting healthy so I am trying to think of the weight loss as an added bonus. Its going to come off, I'm confident of that.
  9. Hope you're feeling better ThinnerMe and can give us an update when you can. *hugs*
  10. Welcome to the forums!
  11. Welcome to the board Sammy! Lots of love and support here.
  12. Thanks for the update Trish! I suffered from nausea too straight after surgery so I think it must be common? Hope you are doing well and look forward to another update from you!
  13. Wow, congrats Stephtay. Love love love this picture. You are a total inspiration. I think I'm going to start a bucket list now!
  14. Hello and welcome. I had my surgery in a Bristol too!
  15. Wow Kelly that's amazing. Congrats!