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  1. We are surgery buddies! Best of luck, Drake! We can do this!
  2. Thank you so much, cinwa! That is a very helpful article! I ordered Syntrax Nectar Chocolate Truffle which is arriving today, but the cappuccino sounds amazing as well.
  3. Good morning, I am getting ready for surgery in four days (!) and wondered if anyone has ever used Tera's Whey? I have used it for years in my breakfast smoothie so I know I enjoy the taste. I have looked at the nutrition label and it appears to fall within the sugar/fat/calorie guidelines. The only question I had was that the first ingredient is listed as whey protein concentrate and none of my literature mentions choosing a product that lists concentrate. I can give a ring to the nutritionist on Monday, but just wondered if any of you could help me out. Thanks!
  4. I can totally see the difference! Way to go - you look great!
  5. Beautiful photo! Supportive loved ones is such a blessing!
  6. I attended the information meeting last evening at the hospital and I was very impressed with the surgeon and his presentation. They called this morning, after verifying my insurance info, and I have my 2-hour office consultation a week from today! Moving in the right direction.
  7. Valerie, I would love to follow your progress and stay in touch! Elizabeth
  8. Hello from Maine, where we are currently getting 10-14" of snow! I am new to this forum and wanted to post an introduction. I am at the beginning of this WL journey. I researched bariatric surgery in great detail about a year ago and decided not to proceed due to fears and worry about how difficult it would be. I think I have tried every diet known to man over the past 20 years and dieting seems to be my hobby, yet I never can finish what I set out to do. Lose 20 pounds, gain 30 back, yo yo, on and on .... and now I find myself 100-120 pounds overweight. I am almost 48 years old and feel I want to do so much more in my life and be active. I have a loving husband and three kids who support me, but I know they are discouraged when I postpone plans to go on a tropical vacation because I would never be caught dead in a bathing suit, much less shorts. Life is passing me by and I want to start living. I called my insurance today to find out about what they require for coverage. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they have only four requirements: BMI, complete any info sessions that the surgeon requires, that I have a psychotherapy appt and that I have the surgery in one of the hospitals they deem qualified. So I do not have to see a nutritionist (which I actually have been doing on my own the past six months anyway, unrelated to the potential of surgery). Next week I plan to attend the info night at the hospital that is held twice a month. So I feel like I am moving in the right direction. I am nervous, but also excited about what the future can bring!