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  1. Hi @ktallon! Agree with everyone's advice ^^ and I would bet that you're continuing to lose inches. I've read about a process that occurs following work outs which essentially causes your muscles to hold on to water, causing the scale to stay where it is. The small muscle tears that occur as a normal part of your workout (and which build your muscles up) cause some water retention and when the muscles also need to hold on to glycogen for repair, this causes additional water retention. This has happened to me, mostly with running, but I believe it's possible with most forms of exercise. Last, don't forget that even minor dehydration can cause water retention. So if possible, you may want to increase your H2O on work out days, even by 8 oz. Are you already tracking your progress by measuring inches or, less scientifically, but still inspiring, how your clothes fit? If not, measure your waist now and return to check that when these dreaded scale stalls happen. You're doing a great job and you WILL get there. And more importantly, you're implementing all the right lifestyle changes to STAY there once you arrive.
  2. Good luck to you, sounds like you're on the right track! Keep us posted!
  3. Hi Jen! Things are going well-I have officially left the period where I didn't want to eat (not due to loss of smell or taste, just incredible post op restriction). Now, at 10.5 weeks out, my problem seems to be dinner-it's when I typically serve myself the most significant meal of the day, by which I mean about 2 oz of protein and some veggies. It's rare that I don't feel crappy, if not nauseated by the time I give up. That feeling lasts about 30-40 minutes and then dissipates. I suspect that I am eating too many veggies BUT, if I eat the same meal,earlier in the day, I don't seem to have the same issues. Any wisdom from the experienced Sleevers around this dinner issue would be appreciated. Other thing I have noticed is that there are days I simply must eat a quarter or a half a piece of whole wheat bread. This is usually once or twice a week. It's a new thing-I did not care whether I ever ate bread again earlier on in my post-op phase. I will need to watch this like a hawk as I have always identified bread as something I could binge on. However, pounds are coming off nicely-i have lost 50 lbs-and in the midst of that, experienced my week long dreaded stall. But thanks to TTF, i kept the faith. Enjoying your posts, keep up the good work!
  4. WOW! I've heard that people experience this following the surgery, it's interesting that yours was a result of your viral infection. Just wondering if you're thankful or sad or just very matter-of-fact (seems like it from the tone of your entry).
  5. Way to go-amazing!!
  6. I loved your insight that the most vocal opponent is someone who could benefit from it herself. We're all on our own journeys.
  7. I also struggled with the idea of putting a perfectly private medical decision "out there" and receiving unsolicited judgement, so your thoughts make perfect sense to me. I just want to provide an alternative viewpoint, which is not intended to persuade you to share your surgery. I agree with @athenarose. I realized that if the people I knew had never shared their WLS story with me, I would have wanted to know what allowed them to enjoy such success in their weight loss when I continued to struggle. I suspect that it would have caused me to be much harder on myself. Telling others about my WLS-in particular, those who have had it done themselves-also allows me to be able to discuss it with "real people"-as wonderful as TTF is, online support is not a complete substitute for me. Last point I considered-even if the person who is asking you about your weight loss isn't overweight, their spouse, child, sibling or best friend may be struggling. They may be asking for them. I assume that all of us on here believe that obesity is a disease with causes that are multi factorial. If you were receiving treatment that (finally!) worked for an autoimmune disorder, diabetes or cancer, would you believe in sharing it? It took me a few months to reach my decision to be honest but IMHO, it's about normalizing it, which in turn could encourage others to explore it and change their lives.
  8. Glad all went well for you. Good luck on your journey and keep us posted!
  9. Congrats-this is amazing!! Good for you.
  10. My endocrinologist suggested it to me. I had been seeing him for 8 years, during and after gestational diabetes, in an effort to prevent lifelong diabetes. He had tried me on metformin, prophylactically, and I couldn't tolerate even the extended release form. He saw me through several weight losses, only to regain what I had lost. After a year of watching carbs and exercising every single day, with only a few pounds lost, I told him that I no longer knew what to do to help myself and was wondering if weight loss drugs were what I needed. That's when he suggested the sleeve. He told me that about 25 of his patients had been sleeved in the past 5 years and their only regret was that they hadn't done it sooner. He also told me that one of his colleagues was talking to everyone of his diabetic patients about it as an option. I am grateful that it came from him-to be honest, before hearing about from my physician, I thought it was extreme, despite knowing 4 people who had done it. A trusted doctor's advice can go a long way.
  11. You asked if anyone had a friend like this.....my answer is that I have known them but have never counted them as friends and I actively avoid them. Agree completely with ThinCVT, Smallbites & Res Ipsa. Lose her-it seems as if you can only be happier without someone who is constantly telling you that you aren't good enough. It doesn't really matter what her motivation is. It just matters that she is tearing you down. Good luck-go enjoy your successes and your family-you will do wonderfully!
  12. Welcome Obsidian! You're in the right place for support! My doctor (endocrinologist) also recommended the VSG to me after I had ruled out WLS for myself. I do not have diabetes but had been seeing him to prevent it, since I had gestational diabetes in 3/4 of my pregnancies. It made all the difference in the world that it came from him and that he offered to support me in the process. He explained in detail the reasons that he supported the sleeve vs the other procedures. I am only just over 4 weeks out but am down 30.5 lbs and the surgical recovery was super quick. I think you'll feel amazing and be thrilled that you did this for yourself. Good luck and stay in touch with us!
  13. Welcome Anne! I understand what you mean. I felt like a stranger in a strange land. TTF is a wonderful place for you to be. Keep coming back as often as you need to. I can share my experience so far with you: I am only 4 1/2 weeks post op from a VSG (down 30.5 lbs). It was a super quick recovery, all in all. So far, the most difficult part was the pre-op and early post-op diet, but if you follow your surgeon's eating plan, you will avoid complications, set yourself up for success and do well. I wanted to share with you that as strange as it seems, after the first 2 weeks, I have been able to cook for my family and friends, sit at the table with them and still enjoy it-your focus shifts from being about the food and fellowship to being about the fellowship, and their enjoyment of the food. I don't feel at all resentful that they can enjoy things I can't (which I was afraid I would). Also interesting-not sure if this will last, so I will defer to Res Ipsa and Cinwa, but I do not crave sweets yet-even though they are right in front of me. I may be overstating the case here, because I am so early post-op, but I would describe my experience as being so grateful to eat again and have a serious chance at substantial weight loss that everything on plan tastes amazing, even puréed food (which I was terrified of). My tastes have not (yet) changed. I am eating 1/2-1 premiere protein chocolate shake, 1 cup of Greek or Icelandic yogurt (most protein) and about 6 tiny bites of whatever is for dinner (carb free, chicken, turkey or fish). Since I am the primary cook, I make sure dinner contains soft food since that's the phase I am in (for example, turkey meatballs). I have 8 or so days to "regular food"-which will include salad and I CAN NOT WAIT for a salad. The texture deprivation early on really stirs up the anticipation for crunchy foods. The people on TTF are super helpful and they will reinforce what you need for success-water and protein, water and protein, water and protein. I wish you the best and please keep us up to date on your progress or struggles, and continue reaching out as you need to. ☘️
  14. Hear you on the shakes! Moving to next stage (soft foods) Thursday. Just when I think I will lose my mind on one phase, I find myself coming to the next, though I understand many people keep these darned shakes in their diet for the long haul. Hope you find some nice choices at the restaurants around there and happy travels!
  15. I feel like I could have written your entry for so many reasons, but primarily because we both are-as I imagine many on here are-foodies and chronic dieters, and also at the beginning of our journey. I read with interest and concern the posts by those who battle weight gain 1-3 years (or more) out and desperately hope that I can find a manageable plan that lets me feel as if I am still living according to my food principles-whole foods, lots of fruits and vegetables and yes, for god sakes, some amount of good CHEESE! I am not a vegetarian but I am happy to decrease the amount of animal fat in my diet simply by the smaller portions I am eating. I am on soft puréed now and have one shake (30 g protein) per day, one half cup of nonfat Greek yogurt with pink grapefruit or berries in it and whatever my family is having for dinner sans the carbs. I have loved tomato sauce (a well made and healthy one like Rao's) mixed with chicken or ground turkey. It tasted like heaven! I also had about a teaspoon of very smooth guacamole that was so, so delicious. I am averaging around 44 G protein/day and my nutritionist says that is average. I think you'll be so happy once you move through the next stages and slowly figure out what works for the plan and how to keep what you love. Looking forward to hearing more from you about your journey. Good luck!