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  1. I usually cook Mahi or Cod, those seem to be my favorite. I take some low cal margarine, heat it up, and then mix in some old bay seasoning. Drizzle over fillets, and let extra run off. Just want a thin coat. Cook on fish setting, and turn time down 2 minutes lower than factory setting. Check then add 2 mins when needed.
  2. I love my Air Fryer. Especially when cooking fish fillets that aren't uniform sized. It's easier to control the heat so the thin parts aren't overcooked before the thicker parts are cooked enough. Sweet potato fries, with no oil sprayed on them, I'm learning to like. I have never likes sweet potatoes.
  3. Well, I guess i'm too impatient. My staples were taken out 9 days after surgery, and I ripped open one of the incision sites the next day. I didn't even notice until I went to take a shower later. BE CAREFUL! I wound up tearing another one partially the next day. Reallllly wish i hadn't done that. Went back to doc and it was too late to get the sides to reconnect. Just have to wait until it heals naturally. My own fault. Don't be stupid like me.
  4. Best of luck! My surgery was last Monday (1/31). Don't worry, it's way easier than you'd expect. After 3 days I didn't even need tylenol anymore.