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  1. You guys, thanksgiving is coming and i love stuffing.

    Well, I survived Thanksgiving, even without stuffing. It was a large gathering of American expats, so everyone brought something - which meant the food table was full of like 25+ different dishes and the dessert table was about the same. I loaded up on fake vegetarian turkey that I brought for myself, plus some veggies, and had about two bites of mac and cheese and two bites of mashed potatoes. It was the most food I've eaten in one meal since surgery, for sure, and I even had a couple of little nibbles of dessert from my ever-suffering husband's plate (he's not a fan of sharing). It all went down well, no one noticed I was eating tiny portions (well, not that I could see), and I totted everything up at the end of the evening, and I got my protein in and didn't exceed 1000 calories (by guesstimation of course) even though I had a bit of wine. Woo hoo! Success. It was all tasty enough, but I wasn't like *excited* about any of the food enough to eat too much of it. It was good, I was part of the experience, and now it's over. I have no leftovers, so no "well, maybe I'll just have a few bites of this ___ before I go to bed" moments. No continued indulgence tomorrow. Thanksgiving and I came to a peaceable arrangement this year. About time.
  2. I DID IT !!! :)

    Congrats and welcome to the bench!
  3. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    Enjoy your day with family/friends, and enjoy your meal with moderation in all things
  4. How it went - post-op day 2

    Glad to hear your surgery went so well and you're recovering nicely. That's great news! That sudden surprise realization upon waking that someone you love is gone is hard enough, without surgery pain meds and nurse identity confusion compounding the issue. So sorry you had that experience - it sounds really hard. Big but very gentle hug. Enjoy your gravy-like substance.
  5. Extremely sensible. I find that I've adopted a few of these ways of thinking about eating just because food feels so much less interesting to me since surgery - if something isn't delicious, I'm not tempted to take another bite. Budgeting for a future special meal several days in advance is, I think, what healthy people with normal relationships with food do! (I've seen friends do this, anyway) It's something I'm going to have to work up to Still currently operating under a "be very careful" mindset.
  6. Paige’s Surgery Date!


    Congrats on the date!
  7. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I love this one!!! The ability to enjoy life more than before and do things you couldn't is the best motivator for me. I'm picturing your happy face on the rides Hooray for you, Tracy!
  8. I had to sit down and rest for 15 minutes after taking a shower every day for about three weeks! Before getting dressed! And I had to rest after getting dressed! As @athenarose said, fluid goals are number one right now. Number two will be protein. Exercise will come a bit later. I think many get hung up on the "walk, walk, walk" advice for just after surgery - that's really to help your body get rid of the surgical gas, not for exercise. I try to think of food as my weight control plan, and exercise as my feel good physically and mentally plan. Exercise as weight loss tool is very much secondary to how you eat. You burn hardly any calories exercising, even if you exercise a lot, compared to your basal resting metabolic calorie burn. Building muscle helps increase the basal metabolic rate, which is super, but it can't compete with controlling intake for how it affects your weight. Exercise is awesome for many many reasons, but controlling food intake is key in weight loss.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    Gorgeous crust! Recipe book cover photo worthy!
  10. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    I found it on a non-WLS forum where someone was complaining about missing dinner because she had to work. She requested they save "some of everything" and this is what her brother came up with (who else but a brother?!)
  11. Thanks, @Aussie H. "More" seems like it's usually the right answer for "How much protein should I be eating?"
  12. 10 weeks tomorrow!

    Sounds like everything is on track for being at 10 weeks out. I wasn't eating much in the way of solid protein at that point, either. Tofu, cheese, Greek yogurt, and cottage cheese were my friends. It'll happen, but it just takes some time. Congrats on your losses so far. 40 pounds since surgery is 4 pounds per week! Wow! It's flying off of you! As for the exercise, it really does get easier as you get lighter. At the weight you are currently, I was still not feeling super happy about exercise. Mostly just "I have to" not "I want to." Now I want to - but it's easier to say yes when it feels good. It'll happen to you at a certain point
  13. Surgery moved up!

    Best of luck! You get to avoid that whole "last week before surgery" jittery feeling. It's here now, so no waiting! I hope you have a textbook surgery and a speedy and easy recovery.
  14. Hi y'all!

    I'm sorry, @Aussie H. I'm glad you've spoken to your son before he shows up and sees you looking much thinner. Especially after the shock of finding out about the illness that was hidden from him before. Seeing just a hint of that image in your mother, or for you in yourself has got to be hard, even though it's for a positive reason: your improved health. Still hard to be reminded.
  15. I was completely useless for the first couple of weeks. Week one, I just walked the hallways of my hotel a bit. Week two, I could barely drag myself around a grocery store (with a cart!). Week three was better - I walked a couple of miles a few times. It got better fast. Don't rush yourself. Some people are able to walk a lot in the few weeks after and good for them! Some people aren't, and just trying for a bit more, a bit more is great. I didn't seriously start walking until about week 5 or 6, doing 2 or 3 miles per day. @Gretta was leading exercise classes at that point, I think!! She's a force of nature, though, apparently and my own personal superhero.
  16. 6 month surgiversary!

  17. Tomorrow.....

    Best wishes on your big day. I know it's been a very tough time for you, but I hope you find that doing this to take care of yourself is a healthy and positive step in your life. Big hug - I'm sure your sister would be very happy for you.
  18. You guys, thanksgiving is coming and i love stuffing.

    Hi, my name is Jennifer, and I'm a stuffing addict. Stuffing is my jam. I think there are whole weeks over the past 9 months where I was losing nothing but stuffing weight. I think I'll let myself have a spoonful or two this year. It's a powerful substance, though, and probably best not to toy with it, in my case.
  19. Thanks for keeping my seat warm!

    Sipping and walking: check! Good for you. Heart rate drama sounds scary, but glad it's turned out to be nothing serious. At least you were in the right place for that to happen, with a team taking care of you. Welcome to the bench!!!
  20. Hi! New Here!

    Welcome! It's a great idea to just click around and do a little research here while you're gathering information. I found some of the blogs really inspiring when I was pre-op (still do, actually!!). Definitely chime in and contribute when you can, and feel welcome to ask any questions you have. People here are so helpful.
  21. What Are You Wearing Today?

    I love the head to toe black - tres chic. You look great
  22. 6 month surgiversary!

    Hang in there, Trish! You sound like a very busy person, but I hope you take strength in taking care of your family - it sounds like you do a great job of it. Take a deep breath, give someone a hug, and remember what's important (not the stain ).
  23. Changing bra sizes as the pounds drop

    I'll take that hug! My size has changed incredibly over the last year, of course, and I just tried some bras on last weekend - still a crazy size, but a whole lot less crazy than a year ago. The calculator seemed to work pretty well. I took my measurements before I went to the store, and the sizes that fit best were right around what the calculator said. Unfortunately it's hard to find stuff in my new band size (30 or 32, what???), so I didn't buy. I'm going to have to order online.
  24. As the weight drops off, the girls are changing in size, and this makes getting new bras a priority. Before you go bra shopping, here are some bra facts that you may wish to consider: Most women wear the wrong size bra their whole lives US bra sizing is totally non-standard, so it's basically meaningless (UK sizes are more meaningful as they're based on measurements) We're trained to think in terms of A-D (maybe DD, or gasp a DDD if it's a big store and you're looking at plus sized bands) if we have always shopped in department stores and Victoria's Secret type stores, but many many many women do not fall into that range, even if their boobs don't seem particularly big. If your bra isn't comfortable, you're probably wearing the wrong size and it's making you miserable Even if you've been fitted at a store, you may still be wearing the wrong size - most stores want to fit you into a bra they actually carry I wore the wrong size bra until I was 41 and I found a website that normalized the idea of having cup sizes larger than D. I needed new bras and I knew that DDs at the department store just weren't comfortable. I assumed I was some sort of freak of nature (while still knowing in the back of my head that I saw women all day long that had bigger boobs than me). My normal strategy had always been to just find the bra with the biggest cup size available in the band size I incorrectly thought was my size. Rachel at steered me in the right direction. (She's got tons of bra reviews and other information.) I used the bra size calculator from the Reddit ABraThatFits community to calculate my size and I almost fainted. I honestly didn't know letter sizes went that high. I went through the seven stages of grief and then finally accepted that this might be the correct size. I ordered online (from Wacoal - they have a good selection, but there are lots of other sites) and received three bras in the mail. Have you ever gone into a changing room with three bras and come out with all three and a smile on your face? If not, you may be wearing the wrong size. All three fit perfectly. My clothes looked better. My back felt better. I didn't need to adjust the girls every time I bent over. They didn't move around. The wires didn't poke me. The straps didn't cut into my shoulders. I just ran around being happy for a few days. It was like I had discovered the answer to one of life's great mysteries. Now I've had WLS. They do not fit anymore. Boo! This is both good and bad. Good because I'm losing weight and because I get to buy some new bras. Bad because my bras don't work anymore and I need to shell out for some more that might not fit in a few months. I've gone back to the calculator and, lo and behold, I've gone down 4 inches in band size, but the cup size letter stayed the same. WHAT??? This does not worry me because I have learned how cup sizes work: a 36D and a 34D are not the same size cup. A 36D has the same cup volume as a 34DD (these are not my sizes - I wish!). Go down a band size, go up a cup size to get the same volume. These are called sister sizes. The top row of the chart below illustrates. Anyway, I started doing some online shopping and I got to thinking that all my bra size research might come in handy for a certain group of women I know who are changing bra sizes very quickly. So, I highly encourage you to use the bra size calculator from the Reddit community and to look around there for information on how to fine tune your size and find good deals online for bras that actually fit. When your jaw drops at how crazy your size sounds, remember to have faith in the calculator. It's the bra industry that's messed up, not you. Size is just a number and a letter. A bra that fits makes life better.
  25. Congrats on your eating, and yes, it will get better! Check the soy milk for sweeteners - if it tastes at all sweet or vanilla-y it may be sweetened. The unsweetened stuff tastes like the devil - but at least has no sugar. Glad you're feeling more normal - the first two weeks are definitely the hard ones.