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  1. So exciting! Six weeks will pass before you know it. It sounds like your surgeon's office has some good support. It would be fun to try before you buy
  2. I speak kg, so all good there! Wow, what a dramatic transformation! You look positively willowy! Are you tall? Congrats
  3. I hope not! I'm breaking in a new pair of hiking boots, so that IS a possibility! The Fitbit is weirdly motivating. I didn't think it would be, but it pushes the right psychological buttons for me. I always really liked getting stickers on my assignments in elementary school.
  4. Congratulations on making the huge decision to do this, and also on preparing for it so thoroughly. It sounds like you've done all you can to get ready. I hope the insurance question is ironed out quickly and that you can get in with the process. I know it's a bit scary in the pre-op phase, but you have definitely done your due diligence! Nice job.
  5. I walked 22,000 steps today, according to my Fitbit. That's more than 9 miles! This is my highest step count, but I've been regularly getting 5-7 miles. It feels so great! (well, I'm a bit tired at the moment...). I'm at the beach, so I've got a beautiful place to walk This time last year, I was actively avoiding going for walks because it felt uncomfortable. I'm so thankful for this change!
  6. Zyia, it sounds like you and I have similar tastes in books. I'll check out your recommendations - I'm an avid reader with a lot of time on my hands at the moment, so thanks
  7. Hey, I'm reading the Mistborn series right now! Book 2. I really like it. The Magicians by Lev Grossman (series of 3) is like Harry Potter and The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe for grown ups - a snarky, ironic, self-aware version, anyway. There's a tv show of it, but it's really different (worse, alas) from the books. The Sabriel series by Garth Nix (series of 3) is good. It's read by Tim Curry, who does a fantastic job. Her Majesty's Dragon is a fun read (first two or three are better than later ones).
  8. Congratulations on reaching your goal weight!!!! So exciting. You are really inspiring and I wish you great success in the maintenance phase. I'm happy to hear how supportive your coworkers have been, too. What a great environment.
  9. My surgeon didn't let me have anything to drink for like 48 hours, so I was so thankful I had brought Biotene mouth spray for dry mouth. Depends on whether you are allowed to drink whether that is useful, though. Best of luck on the big day!
  10. I love LOVE LOVE those mules. You look great.
  11. Have you ever tried screaming into a pillow? I find it extremely soothing when I'm having one of those days Sorry you're having a bad morning.
  12. So much wisdom here from @Res Ipsa and @Stephtay, thank you both. I am so glad I have my honeymoon period to change all of my habits. I'm working hard at it, and being able to do that without dealing with physical hunger is so great. It's like I suddenly have 25% of my brain freed up from thinking about food: shopping, preparing, serving, eating, planning a new diet, planning a decadent treat, feeling guilty about said treat, planning another diet, etc, etc, etc. Not to mention the constantly running undercurrent of unhappiness about my weight. 10 hours a week? Counting all the negative thinking, I'd probably double that! New relationship to food, yes please.
  13. Oh, Olga, I'm so sorry you're not feeling happy right now. The first week is hard. The second week is a little less hard. After that it gets better. The liquid diet was hard, for sure, but things got a lot better when I started eating food, even the soft stages. Keep coming back here for support. You're not alone! I hope you feel better soon.
  14. It sounds like you're working out some really important ideas and strategies right now, which is probably the most important part of the process! It sounds like you've got some good plans in place - thanks for sharing. It's super helpful to me, as well as other newbies, I'm sure. I agree with Gretta - numbers take on such weird importance to us - sometimes I have to remember that NO ONE ELSE KNOWS WHAT THE SCALE SAYS. They know what I look like, how I carry myself, what I wear, what types of activities I do, what I eat, and what my attitude is - but they don't know what the scale says (or what size the tag on my clothes says). I hope your journey takes you to just the place you want to be It sounds like you're well on your way!
  15. I'd give the zero cal stuff a look, too. That much sugar would set off sugar cravings for me, and surely isn't helpful anyway. I drink a little Crystal Light now and again, but mostly just plain water, sometimes with a lemon slice. Some people really can't stand plain water after surgery, but it tastes good to me, thankfully. I drink probably 80+ ounces per day.