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  1. *or what they perceive to be hunger* I think is important to at least explore, even if you determine that's not what's going on in your particular case. I know it sounds super insulting to say "head hunger" to someone who is experiencing hunger, but for me, it was an important part of the process to understand what was going on in my guts and my head and reconcile the two. "Head hunger" sounds like you are hallucinating hunger or just have a craving, when it's more like your brain and stomach are used to eating more, so they actually go through the whole getting-digestion-going process when you think about food - they secrete the hormones, your guts start doing their thing, so you feel like you're hungry, when in fact your body doesn't actually need food. You have what you perceive to be hunger signals, but it's not because your stomach is hungry, per se. I learned that when my stomach growled it was actually my intestines doing whatever they do and it didn't mean I was actually hungry. I learned to ignore my intestines, basically, particularly as they are so very busy doing I have no idea what after surgery - very noisy. There's also that sort of gnawing feeling that I used to interpret as hunger that is probably actually stomach acid doing something useful, I assume. I drink a glass of water or have some tea and it goes away. What I've learned is to know when I'm actually hungry, as in my body needs food, and this took a few months of really listening. It includes symptoms such as feeling a bit light-headed or low on energy, or just really empty, not sure how to describe that. Basically, I think I've spent most of my life assuming I was hungry when there was something else going on with my system. Sugar, in fact, sets off all of these processes in me very rapidly - a chewy vitamin can do it (so I don't take chewy vitamins - I don't like having to convince myself it's not hunger). Anyway, I don't want to imply that you're not hungry, as I'm not in your body, but it may be useful to at least think about the systems at work in your body. Here's a link to a video that helped me to think about this. I don't totally agree with his method of assessing hunger, but the information about my guts was helpful in getting me to assess hunger in my own case.
  2. 7

    You're getting there, you're getting there. It must be frustrating to be so close and still have hurdles to clear. Sorry about the boot and the foot. I hope the MRI goes well and you have smoother sailing after that. Less weight on the foot will certainly be a bonus. I can literally feel that my feet have less pressure on them now than a few months ago - like, the soles of my feet feel that I'm lighter. It's kind of weird, but in a good way. Six ounces? I feel your pain, but it'll disappear soon enough. It sounds like you're doing a great job of following the plan you're on, and in the end, that's the important part. Plan. Habits. State of mind. The numbers will follow, eventually.
  3. That's so great! (Well, minus 6" in the bust for ME is great, I know that's not the case for everyone, but...) Let me know how the super complicated 5 measurements system goes when it's time to shop - I'm curious to see if it works. I ran into a few old bras in the storage unit the other day. Several were too big, but a couple work OK for the moment. They're from before I discovered how wrong I had been about my size all these years, so the band size is WAY too big but the cups are OK for now. Judging from that, I've gone down several cup and band sizes, which puts me at about the same letter, but probably 3 band sizes down, which is a lot smaller (thank goodness!). My shoulders and upper back will be thanking me.
  4. Good for you! Pat yourself on the back each and every time you go in the gym door. Exercise recommendations - can of worms! I think this is an area where people are just as opinionated, and have as a wide a variety of opinions, with as much evidence of both the anecdotal and the experimental types to back them, as diet! Starting slow, alternating cardio and strength, as @BurgundyBoy says, is very reasonable.
  5. It's almost time! I'm a Syntrax Nectar person, myself. I liked it best before and after, although I did switch flavors I liked (chocolate to vanilla). Some powder brands sell little packets you can try so you don't have to commit to a whole giant vat. My tastebuds changed a lot after surgery (still weird), but definitely more than average so I won't worry you'll end up like me. I ate a whole lot of sugar free popsicles in my liquid pre-op diet. That and Crystal Light are the two exceptions that prove the rule that I generally don't like artificially sweetened stuff very much. They make whole boxes of just red ones these days! It got some of the desire to crunch on something out of my system. The countdown continues...
  6. Yeah, had quite a few uncomfortable moments as a vegetarian in various places... and made some accommodations for that over the years. Khat is certainly bad news in Yemen. I don't think it's too widespread in Oman, maybe in the south. Bad news for Ethiopia. Environmentally, too.
  7. My cat could use some khat for the voyage over, that's for sure. Yes, I'm interested to see how the food culture will work for me - when I lived in Dubai, I ate a lot of dates and drank a lot of very sweet coffee over the years. I'll have to see if I can handle a date (oh please oh please I just want a nice fat medjool now and again), and the coffee is always small, at least. Students love to bring food gifts, but they're usually presented as a take it and eat it later kind of thing. Maybe Oman will be similar. Debating whether to plead diabetes. This is unfortunately a well understood disease there
  8. @CurvyMermaid, I totally love purging the clutter. It makes me feel free! I also enjoy the feeling of knowing my no longer wanted stuff will be appreciated by someone else - the great karmic wheel of used furniture and clothing rolls along.
  9. Thanks, @CoTN! Yes, traveling was a challenge, but I made it through Next adventure will be a big one.
  10. I'm a teacher - mistrustful by nature, training, and experience. You're looking great!
  11. It's definitely on my list! How many passports have you worn out, BB?
  12. Thanks, @Gretta! I'm very pleased
  13. Welcome
  14. I guess focus on health and activity outcomes A healthy active wife has got to be a great thing to look forward to!
  15. Taco Bell is a pretty poor substitute for actual Mexican food (I say that as a person who has eaten about a million 7 layer burritos). Have you tried fajitas post op? I find them to be pretty ideal, nutritionally speaking. If you're a meat eater, there's so much that would work - grilled stuff, etc. The real problem is the giant flour tortilla (often fried) smothered in a pound of cheese that usually passes for Mexican food.