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  1. I completely understand this!!! I can say no to things, I don't spend a lot of time thinking about food, and I feel like a big part of my brain has been freed! Congrats on getting by the food court without giving in. The smells in fast food are scientifically engineered to hit our weak spots!!
  2. Welcome, Eleanora! Congrats on getting through your first month. It sounds like you're doing really well, 30 pounds down since pre-op diet! Your week 3/week 4 stall will be over soon and you'll be shedding the pounds again. I'm glad you have found some answers here
  3. I'm trying to imagine the look on my face if someone had a good feel around my muscles and lamented the wastage!!! It would not be a friendly look. I guess I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one??? No, I'm still sad to hear that you're suffering from the same thing, even if that means we're suffering together. You keep splitting that wood - good on you for doing it! Keep toasty by the fire.
  4. Yup, I'm expecting a lot of complaining from various parts of me. It was hard enough when I was in my 20s, the last time I was in Guatemala. Those pyramids are STEEP. And the steps are TALL. And I will be exhausted. But much less exhausted than if I did it 6 months ago!
  5. I've had a few times when it seemed like it was going a little faster than it should be, but not sustained, and not super fast, so I'm not worried. It sounds like yours is more worrisome than that - why not put in a call to your surgeon's office just to check? If nothing else, it will put your mind at ease.
  6. Thanks, Trish I know you're in a different part of your journey right now, and I'm so happy for you and your walking successes. Hiking probably seems a long way off, but keep doing what you're doing since it's working! Losing muscle mass is temporary, and the work we do to get it back will actually help us along the way, as well as to keep the weight off, so it's a win/win.
  7. Yeah, not sure that's in my future!! I'd settle for gazelle-like, though.
  8. Thanks, athenarose, I appreciate your suggestions. I can totally understand the balance thing - we've been navigating the world with a lot more padding, and our centers of gravity are probably changing! I'll get on it. Single leg deadlifts may be a while in the future, but most of the rest should be doable. I'm traveling/homeless/in geographical transition at the moment, so no access to gym or weights, but bodyweight exercises should be OK for the time being.
  9. On the contrary! I think this is the hugest achievement and you should be shouting it from the rooftops! The difference between lack of mobility and up and down the driveway three times is HUGE! Much bigger than up and down the driveway three times and anything else - it actually gives you mobility! It's a change in your quality of life!
  10. Thank you, @Cheesehead. That makes me feel better. I know losing a bunch of weight quickly will do weird things to me, but it was a bit shocking to see it in action today. Not sure I'm looking forward to hauling myself up Mayan pyramids next week... slow and steady, I guess.
  11. I felt pretty "normal" at about 6 weeks - not tired anymore, more energy to get out and do things, etc. I had RNY, not VSG, but it seems like a pretty common timeframe for both. It sounds like you're doing great
  12. Yeah, I guess you can either cut or bulk, but not both at the same time Time for good old fashioned squats and lunges for me, I think. I just can't believe how wimpy they are after just a few months. I mean, I used to be strong enough to carry around my whole me! All the time!
  13. Another lovely hike. Excited for you with the new lens - it somehow feels powerful to have a good telephoto.
  14. Very exciting! The last week of waiting takes forever, but then it's done and it went so quickly! Looking forward to seeing you on the losers bench.
  15. Glad to hear things are going well. It sounds like you're taking good care of yourself and are well prepared to go back to work