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  1. Congrats on your eating, and yes, it will get better! Check the soy milk for sweeteners - if it tastes at all sweet or vanilla-y it may be sweetened. The unsweetened stuff tastes like the devil - but at least has no sugar. Glad you're feeling more normal - the first two weeks are definitely the hard ones.
  2. Ditto. Leftovers have left me in pouch agony several times, so I've learned to avoid them. It's all an experiment: see what your new stomach can deal with. At the beginning - not much!
  3. Almost there....

    Congrats on your quickly approaching surgery! Glad to hear you're not unhappy to be "missing" the holiday food. So much to look forward to.
  4. 6 Years Later

    Wow! You look amazing! Congrats on your six year anniversary After six years, you must have a solid system you're working. Any secrets you can pass along to us?
  5. Sounds about right for a first meal on purees! Not much eaten, pretty anticlimactic. It'll get better I eat on little tiny decorative plates and bowls with a little tiny coffee spoon - it makes it feel like I'm eating a normal amount, and like my food looks pretty. It all goes haywire when I go out to eat and have a normal plate and normal utensils, though! What?!? So much food, couldn't possibly eat that. AKA the new normal.
  6. Lots of wisdom here! I don't do fat free at all, either, but I will re-evaluate as time goes by. Maybe low fat? If I'm having problems. Right now 50% of my calories are coming from fat. I like your fuel analogy. That's how I feel - I think about food when I need it, but not before. Sweet freedom from food obsession.
  7. Kristin (_withak)'s Surgery Date!

    I hope everything went really smoothly!
  8. Yup, so irrational. I feel a little bit like I'm going to have to figure out what lots of events are really about if you take the food out of the equation. It's always been all about the food. The new me is working through some of these issues...
  9. This was mine, as well. Followed at the next meal by ricotta bake. Just like everyone else said, go slow and take something for gas - the little Gas X strips that dissolve in your mouth are good because they're easy to take. I spent a long horrible night in terrible pain (week 3 I think) after eating a bit too much split pea soup. I thought I was going to die or my staple line ruptured or something. Took two Gas X strips and it immediately got better. Papaya enzymes as well (I talk about those things so much I should probably buy stock in a papaya enzyme company). Total life savers.
  10. Congrats to all the November bench members! I absolutely identify with all the "seasonal" excuses for not eating healthy - I think we all had those! My surgery was on Valentine's Day, and it seriously crossed my mind that I wouldn't be able to eat chocolates so maybe it wasn't a great day to schedule it... I'm not even sure if my husband has ever given me chocolates for Valentine's Day! But an excuse is an excuse, and doesn't need to be rational in any way, shape, or form. WLS during November, rather than waiting for January, or whatever month doesn't mean "food related holiday" for you just means you'll get to enjoy your new thinner, healthier life starting two months earlier
  11. OK, Oh Yeah! One Bar review, since I picked my order up in Dubai over the weekend: Peanut Butter Pie is very good. It's pretty peanuty and the glaze stuff on the outside makes it nice - most of the Oh Yeah! bars seem to have this magical glaze. It's no Almond Bliss or Cinnamon Roll, but it's very good. Salted Caramel is also very good. It really tastes like it's candy (OK, so my memory of candy might be a bit hazy at this point...). Both are great replacements for a meal when you haven't planned properly. I have two new Quest bar flavors, too (coconut cashew and something or other else), which I think I'll have to bake into cookies, as @cinwa posted. I've heard this is a good trick. The back of the boxes even has recipes where you bake them with fillings and stuff. Interesting...
  12. Let's Talk Turkey

    I think it's great that you're planning around your exercise restrictions. Way to go!
  13. It's been 12 days already?!?!

    The World According to Eggface's blog has a ton of recipes for every phase: The ricotta bake was my main food for about three weeks! It's good. Like good enough that my husband kept snatching bites out of the fridge.
  14. It's been 12 days already?!?!

    Congrats on a successful 12 days - you're being very strong not "cheating." Sometimes I think it's good to just be able to show yourself you CAN say no. It shows you how strong you can be when properly motivated. Purees are just around the corner. Ah, that first bite of refried beans was heavenly. And don't forget the ricotta bake. I, too, was dying for a salad at two weeks out. I tried my first bit of salad at about 6 weeks, which is early on, but it was so nice.
  15. Hi y'all!

    The experience tends to vary a lot - I was in little pain, just discomfort, and didn't even take any pain meds after I left the hospital (not even Tylenol). I had RNY though, and it sounds like VSG tends to be a bit more painful initially. But again, it all tends to vary. i hope the rest of the November group does really well! Best of luck to you all!