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  1. Hi everyone, Was going through some old pictures of me before my surgery, all I can say is I never knew I was that big till I actually starred at these pics of me. Started my journey May 31st and down 51#'s. I feel alive again more active, hiking Torry Pines! I thank the Lord for giving me the strength everyday to stick to my goals. It ain't easy but by me taking it one day at a time it works for me. I'm so thankful I did my procedure when I did. I went from a size 22 to 14 my goal is a size 7-8 lol. Life is good! #Blessed #LifeStyleChange #EveryDayStruggle #Storyofmylife #TheStruggleIsReal #PhatGirlProblems
  2. Thanks, I'm having that tonight so over Tilapia. Yes see you in a few weeks.
  3. Hi Jen, That sounds so good ricotta bake, thanks for the info!
  4. Hi, Quick question, do you blend the smoked salmon with the cream cheese?
  5. Hi Gretta, Are we able to eat the Italian turkey sausage?
  6. Hello everyone Thanks for all the recommendations. I've been eating Tilapia and veggies for dinner, Breakfast a Protein shake and lunch Jello and cottage cheese. 3 more weeks and the schedule changes lol. I'm definitely going to try one of your suggestions this weekend, once again thanks for the feed back!
  7. Hello Members, Just wanted to say Hello and give an update on my JOURNEY, I'm down 22# from my surgery date on 5/31 also i'm at work as we speak but only for a few hours. Today I move on to Soft and pureed foods. I also want to thank Dr. Callery and his staff for taking good care of me and calling me to see how i am doing, you guys ROCK! ANY suggestions on soft food recipes? Thank you My daily activity is WALKING and more WALKING!
  8. Welcome Clark924! I'm right behind you 5/31/17 is my surgery. Looking forward to it, wish you all the best on 5/17
  9. Day 2 of lunch activity 5/2
  10. My activity for 5/1 and today will be working upper body. 28 more days till Surgery! #Blessed
  11. Thank you....
  12. Hi everyone, I'm still trying to figure out how to upload a picture, it says it is to big?!? Can anyone help, thanks!
  13. Still figuring out this forum.
  14. Wow, that is awesome, thanks for sharing. I'm almost to my surgery date 5/31 can't wait.
  15. Hello everyone, Hope all is well!, As for me just taking it one day at a time before my surgery on 5/31. I've been calorie counting,walking, cut back on carbs and NO COCA COLA or COFFEE I'm down about 3lbs not where i'm supposed be BUT it's okay!. Hoping to lose another 7lbs before 5/31 I know I can, MIND OF MATTER. counting down the days............. TAKE IT ONE DAY AT A TIME!!