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  1. @Trish1967 no they go in through endoscope and dilate the esophagus with a balloon or in some cases like mine they place a stent to hold the esophagus open. I had to have the stent due to years of damage from when i had issues with the lap band.
  2. I had issues with food getting stuck from a stricture. That issue has since been fixed. I have had one or two incidents since where meat i was eating got stuck because i did not chew well. I think as long as you chew well and eat slow i don't think you will have to worry about food getting stuck.
  3. So i apologize in advance is this is long but i really just need to vent for a moment. I had my surgery in February before surgery i removed all things from my home that could potentially be a temptation. I do have a 5 year old but if it's not in the house he typically doesn't ask for foods like cookies ice cream etc. At the end of February my sister and her 2 kids came to stay with us while her husband is deployed. She is really making my life difficult. I love her to death but two families are not meant to live together. She hardly ever helps around the house. So all the cleaning gets left to me. But what is really starting to get to me is all the crap food she is bringing into my house. I feel like i can only resist the temptation for so long. I feel like i'm about to break. I have talked to her about it but i just don't think she cares or she doesn't want me to succeed. At this point I can't wait for August to get here so i can have my space back. Im frustrated by the whole situation and kind of wish I would not have agreed to this living situation.
  4. welcome and congrats on your success so far. also like gretta said im surprised your allowed solid meats already. I wasn't allowed any solid food until 6 weeks, and even now depending on how meats are cooked I still find a tendency to have trouble especially if they are on the drier side. keep up the good work.
  5. So I had an appointment with my surgeon this morning because I had the sleeve I do not qualify to have the procedure my family doctor recommended. so now I am looking at having a revision to bypass. hopefully I will find relief from this acid reflux soon.
  6. Hang in there i promise it does get better and it will all be worth it in the end.
  7. Congratulations that is awesome
  8. I have terrible Gerd that has gotten worse since having my sleeve surgery. I am on 2 different medications for the gerd (omeprazole and Famotidine) plus I usually end up having to take something over the counter as well (tums rolaids etc). My family doctor is wanting to send me to a GI specialist to possibly have laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication done. I have been doing some research about this procedure but Im just not sure. I wanted to know if any of you have ever heard of this or had this particular procedure done to treat your Gerd? My surgeon says the next step would be to convert me to bypass but that he would prefer to wait at least 6-8 months which I understand I am still healing from the sleeve. I just want relief from the acid reflux.
  9. Congrats that is awesome
  10. Welcome to tt. I had the band done in 2007 and nothing but problems as well. I had mine removed in 2012 and just got sleeved in Feb its been the best decision ever.
  11. I have found that as of late I have no desire to eat. previous to the last two weeks I have been on the eating schedule that my surgeon wanted me on. Which is eating 5 times a day. Honestly I found this to be a lot. so now I am down to eating just 3 times a day. will I still loose weight if I am not eating 5 times a day? how do you keep yourself on a routine when you want nothing to do with food? This surgery has definitely changed the way I look at food as well as my relationship with it.
  12. My doctor told me that for women they need at least 60-80 grams a day and men need at least 80-100 grams. Do you have a nut you can call if so I would put in a call and ask what there recommendation is as I know that every program can be different.
  13. Feel better soon i just got over bronchitis not to long ago so i know how your feeling. Get lots of rest and drink plenty of water.
  14. So i am a little over 2 months out from my sleeve surgery. This morning I woke up and i have had no appetite at all today in fact the smell of food has kind of made me nauseous i also have no desire to even put water in my mouth. Although i have been forcing myself to drink so i don't get dehydrated. Is this normal or has anyone else experienced this?
  15. For me the desicion to have sleeve was that i did not want the malabsorption factor that you have with bypass. I have bipolar disorder so after discussing with my surgeon and psychiatrist it was felt that sleeve would be best for me. I highly recommend you talk with your surgeon about both to decide what is best for you