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  1. For some of us it takes longer. I had surgery at the beginning of February and I can still only eat about an ounce of food. I am still heavily relying on the protein shakes or I would never even come close to my protein goal. I am told over time this will get better. we are still healing at this point so it's okay.
  2. I don't have any suggestions but I would love to hear what others have to say about this. following
  3. Welcome to Thinner times. Dr. Trace curry did my sleeve surgery back in February. He is an amazing doctor in my opinion.
  4. I use the Bariatric advantage Calcium citrate I take 2 chews a day. I personally like the caramel and the tropical orange flavors the best. I feel it's worth the money personally.
  5. I think it's a matter of being on the soft food. I feel like I am very limited in what I can have. it's definitely a major change, and yes hopefully I find my groove soon. I would love to have fresh fruits and veggies right about now however I was told not until after week 12.
  6. Simply put how do you do it? I literally feel like I can not have anything. I look at the nutrition labels and I feel like everything has to many carbs. I actually broke down in the store today (yes I probably looked crazy) because I feel like I am having some deep regrets over this surgery. like im sick of eating tuna plain what can I substitute for bread or crackers that is low in carbs? I never realized how much of a struggle it was going to be to adapt. oh I am also still on the soft food phase so I know I am limited in what I can have anyways. I guess the routine of eating the same thing day in and day out has me frustrated.
  7. Since surgery my skin has been feeling extra dry and itchy. I have heard from others that this can be a common issue after surgery from all the changes our body is going through. I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this and if so what product(s) did you use? I have tried the Vaseline brand lotion, as well as Jergens brand and neither of those seem to be doing the trick. Tia for any help.
  8. Thank you all I will definitely give some of these a try. it's funny how our taste for stuff changes so much after surgery.
  9. Hi all just wondering what else I could add to my water that is low/no calorie other than Crystal light or Mio I am finding that they are just way to sweet even if I use just a little bit. plain water gets boring after a while. so if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.
  10. @cinwa I have spoke to the surgeons office they keep telling me that everything I am going through is "normal" after surgery. It's really frustrating to be a month out and still be experiencing issues. I don't know what else to do at this point other than see if I can find a surgeon that will give me a second opinion.
  11. you are not alone I am a month out and still can barely tolerate solid food. I am supposed to be on the soft food phase however I am finding that I am still having to puree most of my food. I am lucky if I get an ounce of food down. it will get better it's just that some people take longer to heal than others. and it really is a trial and error process to see what foods you can and can't eat.
  12. My stomach feels extra tight today. all I can manage to get down is a protein shake. I really just want to curl up in a ball and cry because I am so miserable. is there anything I can do to relieve this or to feel better? any advice would be appreciated tia.
  13. Congrats on being smoke free for a month and welcome to thinner times. The people on here are absolutely amazing and very helpful with this journey.
  14. Thank you everyone, I did speak to my nut this morning and she said that salads are not allowed until after week 12. so for now I will continue to stick with the mushies. if anyone has some suggestions for variety that would be great lol. I am finding that eating the same foods over and over makes me just not want to eat at all.
  15. I was just wondering about salads. I am currently on the soft food phase and no where in my nutrition packet do i see anything about when i can add salad to my diet. I was wondering if it would be okay to do like spinach leaves with some chicken cut up in it for a meal? I will call my nut tomorrow but i was wondering other people's experience with this in the mean time.