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  1. @Gretta unfortunately i am still on TPN. The doctor was hoping i would be able to advance my diet so that he could decrease me from 24 hours a day on the TPN to a 12 on 12 off schedule. But with me not even being able to keep pureed foods down it looks like i will continue the 24 hour TPN. @BurgundyBoy i do like fish so i will definitely give the fish stock a try.
  2. So i have now been on a liquid diet for over a month. I am still waiting on an answer from insurance about my revision surgery. My doctor wanted me to attempt to advance my diet but it didn't go well at all so he told me to go back to clear liquids. I am getting really bored. What can i do other than chicken broth water and sugar free jello. I know there aren't many options in way of clear liquids but maybe you all have some suggestions. I am pretty much white knuckling it at this point amd hoping insurance gives an answer soon.
  3. @iamready4this i am someone who is currently on TPN nutrition. My doctor has tried every method possible before doing the TPN. It's kind of a last resort thing. As @Aussie H had mentioned i am currently awaiting revision. I became extremely malnourished due to my lack of not being able to keep anything down by mouth. It really is a hassle. My life revolves around this right now as i am on the TPN 24 hours a day. I have a nurse that comes to change the bag every day and if i go anywhere i have to lug the bag with me which is pretty inconvenient. Also the placement of the picc line was not fun at all. The high risk of infection scares me. I can definitely see why they don't just give everyone TPN and basically use it as a last resort.
  4. @Aussie H I've been experiencing almost the same symptoms. I constantly have severe abdominal pain and nausea. I threw up everything I tried to eat. Also my Gerd got even worse after my sleeve. My surgeon thinks my pain is from the stricture in my sleeve and the failed stent to correct it. I am really hoping that if i get this revision i too will be able to say it has completely resolved my issues.
  5. I plan on talking with the doctor about it when I go to my appointment next Friday. It's just frustrating to see the scale go up. I am on the TPN 24 hours a day so I'm hoping that i am just retaining fluid at this point. I just feel like weight gain at this time is putting me that much farther from my goal weight and kind of is depressing to think about even though I know this is what my body needs in order to even be able to have revision surgery.
  6. Oy so i had to do a weigh in today i have gained 7 pounds since being on TPN. Needless to say i am not happy. I have cried all morning on top of everything that is going on the last thing I need is to be gaining weight. This really isn't fair this is not how this is supposed to be.
  7. I can do sugar free popsicles but after almost a month those just aren't doing it either.
  8. @GAviv i love love those shoes
  9. I have now been on a liquid diet for almost a month. My attitude has been something else the last couple of days. I feel really bad but this is hard. At this point i just want something to chew on. I don't know how i am supposed to do this until i am approved for revision. Doctor said it could be another 30 or 60 days before surgery. I am also on the TPN which has really made life difficult.grr god give me strength because i feel like I'm about to break.
  10. You look amazing and what a transformation
  11. Thank you all this definitely eases some of my anxiety about having the revision. I guess when i was doing my research i should have done more on the bypass than i did.
  12. @TP1210 i have to have a revision because of a lot of issues that have literally caused me to be hospitalized almost every other week. I am on TPN because i can't hold any food or liquids down. My surgeon feels at this point the only way to correct the issues is to do the revision.
  13. So i am trying to get my self as educated as possible while i await to see if i am approved for my revision surgery. I would like to know as far as diet goes are there any real major differences between what you are allowed to have as a sleeve patient and what you can eat as a bypass patient? I am asking because a cousin of mine had bypass and she says that the bypass diet is very different. I am kind of nervous because having sleeve i was already very limited in what i could eat (before all my issues). I am really just hoping at this point that i will be able to keep food down after i have my revision. Anyway sorry for babbling I'm just trying to figure it all out considering i did more research on the sleeve before my original surgery. Any advice would be great
  14. So this is the first time I have posted a before picture of myself and I am also posting a picture of me on my 3 month surgiversary I can already tell the difference. I am currently a little over 70 pounds down from the first picture
  15. I had gastric sleeve surgery in February of this year. I have had nothing but complications since the surgery (as some of you may know). I am now on TPN because of malnourishment. I can't physically eat or drink anything without being nauseated, throwing up or just having severe abdominal pain. I am currently awaiting an answer from insurance if they will cover a revision surgery. for anyone that has had revision surgery did you improve after the revision? what can I expect with a revision surgery? is there more pain than the first time around? I am very nervous and scared but am also out of options at this point. I really don't want to be on TPN for the rest of my life so I am really hoping insurance will cover this. Any insight on the revision process would be greatly appreciated.