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  1. Can i Cry now...

    Thanks everyone i am trying to keep it together because i don't want to upset my son at all. I was able to get an emergency appointment with job and family services so i am hoping that on Friday i can find out what my options are or what recourses are available. This is not an ideal situation by no means especially not having any family or friends close by but i know i am strong and this to shall pass.
  2. Can i Cry now...

    @Jen581791 Unfortunately all my family and friends are in a different state. If i wasn't so close to possibly having my revision i would just make the haul back home. This has all been very overwhelming. It's almost too much to handle
  3. Can i Cry now...

    I feel like i have been strong for so long but my world as i know it is crumbling right before my eyes. All i want to do is cry i have no one to lean on right now other than you all. Im miserable and depressed and can't seem to get out of this funk. I was fired from my job because of all the hospital stays and medical issues. I can't seem to find a job because of my upcoming revision surgery (well if it even happens) i have run out of what little savings i did have. I was not able to pay rent this month so i just got served an eviction notice. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do. I just keep balling it's winter and i have no where to go with my son. I just want it to all go away. I am beyond at a loss right now. I also can't stop throwing up nothing has been going down not even water. I really have buyers remorse on having this surgery. I really don't think it's going to be okay at this point
  4. Need thoughts and prayers!

    Thinking of you how are you doing @Michael_A
  5. Options

    It's so stinking tough right now. I hate to cook anymore honestly. I pretty much can't eat so when i do cook it either ends up freezer burnt or in the trash (leftovers in any form don't go down well le sigh) i was hoping to come up with something that could work for both of us unfortunately I don't think that is going to happen. Especially since I have had a rough few days and can't even get my protein shakes down. I may have to convince him we don't need to do this lol (reasoning with a strong willed 5 yr=i will let you know how that goes haha)
  6. Options

    Since my son has a 3 day weekend he has requested that we do what he refers to as munchie weekend. He wants me to fix some appetizers to eat on for the next day or so. Now normally in the past that would consist of stuff like cheese sticks potato skins pizza rolls etc obviously that does not fit my new life style. So i was trying to come up with some healthier options that i can be able to puree and eat as well. So far the only thing i can come up with is turkey meatballs. I need some options that are both kid friendly and for me as well. I tried searching Pinterest but a lot of the stuff i am seeing is not something my son will eat (he is 5 and super picky) i am like having a mental block. So feel free to throw out some suggestions. TIA
  7. 12 hrs

    Will be thinking of you and update us when you can
  8. In a rut

    @BurgundyBoy i will give some of those a try I'm not much on fish. I will say i did make the ricotta bake and the fluff stuff from the egg face website. I was able to actually keep it down which is always a good day for me. I added my unflavored protein powder to both as well. Hopefully i really get to have my surgery December 12th.
  9. In a rut

    Thank you @cinwa i forgot about her website
  10. In a rut

    So I'm seriously in a rut. So as most of you know i have been battling quite a few complications since my sleeve surgery back in February. I am on a mostly clear liquid/protein shake diet with the occasional good day i can get pureed food down. What were some of your go to options for purees. I have been in the same food routine since May. I am about sick of refried beans cottage cheese and greek yogurt. Eggs are a no go for me. What else can i try. I'm so over the whole liquid puree thing it's not funny. When i can finally have something with more texture it will be a glorious day that is for sure.
  11. Normal BMI.

    Yay congratulations
  12. Never again

    Thanks everyone i am feeling better now but it was definitely a lesson learned. I honestly don't know why i even ate it considering i have not eaten candy sweets etc since before my sleeve surgery. I am happy to report i won't be doing that again.
  13. Never again

    So first let me start by saying I did learn my lesson. Okay so i don't really know why i did this but earlier today my son offered me a piece of Halloween candy. Now normally i would turn it down just because i haven't eaten sweets since before surgery and two i still can't eat solid food. But for some reason i mindlessly took it and ate it. Big i mean really BIG mistake. Never again i think i spent almost an hour in the bathroom throwing up and feeling like hell. All from a bite size snickers. Now that definitely confirms why i don't eat sweets/high sugar foods. I haven't had my revision to bypass yet but if that is the equivalent of dumping i hope to never experience that again. Hope everyone is having a good Friday.
  14. Disappointed beyond words

    @Michael_A i would be ok with being half way to goal. The doctor said the more i lose now the safer it will be for the revision.
  15. Disappointed beyond words

    Hi everyone thanks for your words of encouragement. Things have been hectic. I have been fighting tooth and nail to get this all sorted out. So the reason they cancelled my surgery is they feel like my albumin is still not high enough. It was 3.5 which i was told was normal and that i could proceed with the surgery so you can imagine my frustration with them changing their minds and saying it needs to be 3.7 at a minimum but really 4.0 then the doctor who was going to do my surgery changed his mind and said he is not experienced enough to do a revision. I finally found a doctor at the Cleveland clinic who is going to do my surgery. He said he wants my albumin to be 3.8 to make sure i heal properly from the revision. My numbers were 3.6 as of last week so I'm going to keep chugging along as surgery will tentatively be December 12th. They have me doing my premier protein shakes and adding unflavored protein to boost what i am taking in. So basically i am getting almost 200g of protein a day hopefully i will get good news in 2 weeks when i go back for my labs again. I am also happy to report my almost 2 month stall has been broken i have lost 15 pounds in the last two weeks. This has all definitely been overwhelming but i am going to make it. Hope everyone is doing well