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  1. so I can somewhat handle the premier protein shakes, well better than any of the other ones I have tried. I found some recipes on their website for smoothies using the shakes. they all pretty much appear to be a premier protein shake blended with ice and a little bit of frozen fruit. Has anyone tried this? and does it make the shake more tolerable? nut said it was okay as long as it is well blended.
  2. okay so as many of you know I have been having several issues since my surgery. at the moment I'm not really able to do puree's everything is getting stuck because of the narrowing of the top of my stomach. I am waiting on a call back from the nut at the surgeons office however I wanted to get some others opinions in the mean time. since I haven't been doing puree's I have been doing mainly just the clear liquid stuff (broth sf popcicles etc) well I have found that I have also been doing quite a bit of apple juice over the last couple of days. I know that we aren't supposed to drink our calories but do you think it would be okay for the time being? I feel bad about it even though i have lost 30 pounds in a 2 and a half week time frame. Advice is definitely appreciated. tia.
  3. Welcome to tt forum. This group is absolutely amazing they are very supportive and helpful.
  4. So I spoke to the surgeon and he said that from where I had a lap band several years ago the top of my stomach is still narrowed. he said to give myself another week or two for everything to relax that I'm more than likely just very swollen from surgery still. that's not what I was expecting but hopefully I won't feel this way soon, because it really is no fun.
  5. I'm not in California however I have a Blue shield ppo platinum plan through my employer(based in California). I had to do a 6 month supervised diet. I think that is becoming more of a standard for insurance approval. did you talk with the insurance coordinator at the surgeons office? they may be able to pinpoint it more precisely.
  6. so I just got back out of the hospital yesterday for severe dehydration. my recovery has not been the easiest unfortunately. today everything feels like a ton of bricks in my stomach, even just water. I'm concerned because I don't want to get dehydrated again. is this feeling normal or should I be concerned and call my doctor? any advice is appreciated.
  7. So I got discharged from the hospital today finally. I am feeling a 1000% better now that I am well hydrated again. Thank goodness. I never realized how sick you could feel from dehydration. Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday.
  8. My surgeon told me it is normal to have less energy during the healing process. I have also been really dehydrated and had to be readmitted to the hospital so I have had zero energy. I was told approximately 4-6 weeks after surgery I should see an increase in my energy level.
  9. Just checking in I'm still in the hospital unfortunately. Good news I do not have a staple line leak. Bad news I was severely dehydrated. So I'm on fluids around the clock along with vitamin packs twice a day. Im at least starting to feel better and the dry heaving has slowed down. If all goes well over the weekend i could be discharged on Monday.
  10. @cinwa I saw the doctor earlier I'm now at hospital being admitted for observation fluids and they also want to do a scan to make sure I don't have a staple line leak
  11. @Cheesehead I don't think I'm dehydrated and my son goes to daycare and despite precautions who knows what germs he brings home bbut he's not ill. I don't have a fever either. I put in a call to on-call but have not got a call back yet. Still debating on the er bc now I'm throwing up stomach acid. I'm just generally absolutely miserable.
  12. Since yesterday I have been having this general ill feeling. I have cold chills extreme nausea and dry heaving like no other. My stomach is also spasming like crazy. I know i have been having issues since surgery and have been taking the medicines but today I'm just plain miserable. I have been on my bathroom floor for several hours bc if I move I start dry heaving again. I have considered going through the er but not sure they can do anything. I just wish this would all end. Any positive thoughts are appreciated.
  13. Amazing job congratulations
  14. So since I am getting ready to moved up to the puree stage I would like to start tracking in my fitness pal. Does anyone know if there is a way to change the serving size on items. for example the protein shake I am doing is 11oz but can currently only get about 2oz down. I have been playing around trying to figure this out but am stumped. Any help would be appreciated tia.
  15. @cinwa yes they actually think a lot of it has to do with the spasms in my stomach they upped my dose of the medicine for that and since yesterday I do feel a little bit better. I did actually throw up early this morning but have felt okay since. hopefully now each day will improve.