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  1. Met with my surgeon and signed consent last week. (Yay!!!!!!) I haven't gotten an official date yet, but he fully expects it will be sometime in March. I'm getting the sleeve. Anyone else having their operation in March?
  2. Bella we seem like we're twins! I have two young kids as well and it sounds like our starting BMIs are very similar... and I'm getting the sleeve too! I hope I'm half as successful as you!
  3. Thanks for all your support and suggestions, everyone! I talked about my fears with my surgeon and directly asked him if he'd lost anyone. He knocked on wood and said no, and then we realistically discussed risk factors etc. Feeling ever so slightly more confident now! Goes to show... JUST ASK!
  4. ohh ohh ohh I have a big one! I was at my local Starbucks working and the barista came by with a bunch of frappucinos a trainee had made and was giving them away for FREE! they looked so good, but I told myself that just because it's 0 dollars doesn't make it 0 calories. I'd have NEVER refused a free sweet before!
  5. this is exactly it, Aussie. the first surgeon I met said that he didn't think the benefits outweighed the risks for me. the second surgeon I saw was more sympathetic to my situation and agreed that getting surgery would greatly improve my quality of life... but I can't help but wonder if the first doctor was right because self doubt is a pain in the you know what LOL
  6. thank you so much for this!
  7. Being able to shop in more stores and having more choice! Playing a team sport like soccer or rugby.
  8. Thank you for your answers so far everyone! Very much appreciate hearing your perspectives and experiences
  9. this post is great! thanks so much for sharing, everybody! I know it's super old, but for those of you who posted here, mind giving an update? has anything changed since the last time you commented here?
  10. I did, but for different reasons. They both work within the same Weight Management Clinic, but one of them thought my BMI was too low and my comorbidities were not serious enough to justify the risks of operating on me. He sent my file to another surgeon for a second opinion, and THAT surgeon believes I am a good candidate for the surgery and is taking me on as a patient instead. I actually switched which clinic I went to, as well. I live near Edmonton AB so I applied to their Weight Management Program but the waitlist to even see a nurse for your intake is almost two years. I didn't realize it had gotten to be THAT long of a waitlist, so about 6 months into that wait, I applied to the program in Calgary. Still funded publicly and structured similarly, but in a different city. Wait time there was three months to your intake. I'm at the point of surgery prep now (doing my scope next week) in the Calgary program and still haven't gotten the call from the Edmonton one for that first appointment! Kinda wanna see how long it takes! When the difference is THAT drastic, switching clinics made sense for me, but if the difference were six months or less I'd have probably stuck with the local clinic and waited it out. Hopefully my post gives people some perspective on how long waits can truly be. Of course, having it funded by your taxes is a BIG plus but people in Edmonton can wait four and five years for a surgery, and knowing that, to me two months seems completely reasonable. Now if there's other issues with the practice, like you don't trust the qualifications of the surgeon, the admin staff are unprofessional, you don't think the follow up will be rigorous enough... But if the only issue is the wait? I dunno how likely it is to find someone who'd do it any faster than that!
  11. Thanks everybody. Heart disease and type 2 diabetes both run in my family so I'm definitely using this surgery in the hopes of avoiding both. haha considering I drive to a hospital that's three hours away, and I'm doing a lot of it in Alberta winter weather/road conditions this is actually probably 100% true LOL! my mom (an RN) has been saying since day 1 that the 1/1000 includes sooooooooo many variables that are not an issue for me and that therefore my risks are much lower than that average. Some statistician needs to give me a perfectly tailored number LOL it's nice to know I'm not alone in my fear, though. when you see that other people have felt the same way and come out on the other side whole and healthy and happy, it really does put the mind slightly more at ease. I know a year from now I will look back on this fear and be so thankful I didn't let it hold me back!
  12. Hi! I'm pre-op and want to know more about Dumping Syndrome. I've read lots of articles so I understand why and how it happens, and also know the percentages of people it affects. What I really want is your personal stories of dumping syndrome. Care to indulge me by answering a few questions? Hopefully this post will help other people wanting to hear personal stories and anecdotal data to supplement the research they've read, too. 1. What surgery did you have? How long ago? 2. Have you experienced dumping syndrome? 3. Did it only happen at first and go away as time passed, or do you think it will be a lifelong thing for you? 4. How often would you say it happens? 5. What are your trigger foods? 6. Does it happen after one bite of the offending food for you, or is it more something that happens after you overindulge in that item? (IE: is one bite of ice cream okay but more than 5 will cause dumping syndrome?) What's your line? 7. In general how much does dumping syndrome restrict what/how you eat? Does it restrict your lifestyle in other ways? 8. Looking back now, would you have chosen to get a different surgery in hopes of avoiding it? (If such a choice was possible, since I know many people don't really get a choice for various reasons?) Thanks so much in advance!
  13. Hi Tom! I'm bi too. My husband knows I'm bi and we are in a monogamous relationship. Married nine years this September. I've been with women in the past, and I'm still attracted to them, but now I'm with him. We like to talk about women together but that's as far as it goes. If you ever need anything feel free to send me a message.
  14. sounds like you are living your new life to the fullest! I hope I'm able to take advantage of my surgery the same way you have. makes the pain and risk worth it!
  15. I busted my scale recently too. But it was a Withings wireless one I paid like a hundred dollars for, grr. At least they covered it under warranty! I used to have a Weight Watchers scale that was around the price point you're talking, though, and honestly I kind of hated it. Always had me a solid 6 pounds heavier than my doctor's scale.