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  1. That is me most of the time... who am I kidding that is me all the time! Thank you everyone for all your responses and your good wishes! I'll be doing a lot of reading to make the decision that is best for me.
  2. Thank you!
  3. Hello everyone I'm new to TT. Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. I'm 38 married with 2 children, I'm a breast cancer survivor, I have high blood pressure and pre diabetes. I have battled with obesity since I had my first child. I started my WL journey in October of last year. My insurance requires 6 supervised visits with a nutritionist and I've already had 3 visits. She has me on this diet called LCHF, at first I taught it was crazy but I managed to loose 8 pounds on the first month. That's when I started having second thoughts about the surgery. I started to think that maybe this time I can do it on my own (again). Maybe if I just follow the diet I'll be able to loose the extra weight. And then I remember what happens every time I start a new diet, I loose the weight and then after a few months I end up gaining it all back. Then I remember how much I have changed since I gained all this weight. I get tired easily, I don't like buying clothes for myself, I don't like taking pictures, I don't like going out anymore because I don't have nice clothes to wear, I don't play with my children anymore because I get tired, I get tired of walking, I can't go hiking anymore, I have zero sex drive, I loved to go dancing and I don't anymore because I am so self conscious. I have become such an introvert I don't remember being like this before I gained all this weight. And then I think that the surgery is the right way to go. Then I start to think that maybe I don't weigh that much to get the surgery and that I can do it on my own. Then I start all over again. This has been going on in my mind for the last couple of weeks. Has this happened to any of you?