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  1. That is so true! I had no idea that this condition is also a contributor to my insulin resistance. I feel like a puzzle being put together and we keep finding missing pieces.
  2. Got some unhappy news that may delay my surgery more. I have two cysts on one of my ovaries and some growths in my uterus that are contributing to my anemia. Frustrating and scary development. Now it's waiting for a referral to a specialist and getting their input into this situation.
  3. Hello everyone! I've been busy with classes again and been reading posts but not posting anything myself. I'm still in transition waiting until the beginning of April to have my next set of blood tests to see if my iron and D3 levels will be satisfactory. I've gained then lost some weight and now am back down to where I was at Christmas (197). I've fallen off the wagon of protein and climbed back on. Gone back and forth on if I should or shouldn't go through with the surgery. Reading the posts on here have helped me through many of the doubts. I'm hopeful that I will get a date by the beginning of April. I'll post when I know more!
  4. Heard back from the doctor today and my labs show that I'm deficient in Vitamin D and Iron. So 8 weeks to build them up and then retest then we'll see. Mildly frustrated but I get that it's necessary. Upside; all the other tests were A-OK!!
  5. Got my blood work, chest x-ray and EKG done yesterday. All that went well just need to hear back from the doctor!
  6. I am on anti-depressants and have been for several years. I take Abilify in addition to another medicine. The Abilify causes my blood sugar to stay high and luckily I haven't gained much weight while taking it. Sometimes the first month of taking anti-depressants it can be a bit rocky with ups and downs. Regular therapy visits also help with the transition if you can find a therapist in network or out who has a sliding payment scale.
  7. I know how you feel. I am restarting my 90 day diet as I am looking at surgery at the end of March/beginning of April. I've fallen off the wagon and gotten back on several times. It is the weekends that get me too. I had to start planning for the weekends more...have things "at the ready" so when temptation strikes I have a go to/ready to eat food. I also change up how I season my chicken on the weekends. I'm scouring the internet for recipes that I can add protein powder to and ways to sneak in extra here and there while getting some kind of flavor. Mentally I try to keep in mind why I'm doing what I'm doing. No longer being diabetic and getting off meds for it. Loosing the weight and having more energy again. When that doesn't work I tell myself over and over again that I am worth this effort and acknowledge that it isn't easy. It is hard and it is ok to slip up as long as I get back on track before it gets out of hand. December was incredibly difficult. I slipped up for two weeks. I ate half on track and half off. I gained back some weight. When I met with my doctor she was very encouraging and pointed out that I did great considering all the temptations. We went over the goals again and decided to give it another couple months while I finish my classes. Regarding water...I have to have it in the bottle I drink from or it doesn't get drunk. Again, planning is the key. I wish I had some better advice about getting the water into the day but the only thing I have is to make sure you put it in your food journal.
  8. It did get easier but I remember that first week was super hard. I remember feeling sick the first day and wondering if I would breathe normally again. I took a full month to reach 5k and it wasn't easy the first time I did it. I thought I'd die about half way but did it anyway. I ran for about a year 3 or 4 times a week. Then I hurt myself by pulling a muscle and had to stop running. I miss it and the runners high I used to get after the first 5 minutes were over. I did this when I was about 185 lbs and I am heavier now.
  9. I did this program and the first week was so hard! One thing I had to do was extend my first week into the second and spend more time getting my body used to the rhythm of running. Learning to control my breathing during the early stages was key. Keep going with the program!
  10. I did get some answers and tentatively surgery will be at the end of March. Part of me wants to do it sooner but getting through my real estate class is also a priority. Doctor was pleased with my weight post-holiday season and she encouraged me to start eating 60 grams of protein a day and start walking some everyday. We discussed more about how diabetes is affected by the surgery and why it would have such an immediate effect, which put my mind at ease about the subject. Having my diabetes go into remission is my number one priority. I must confess that I cannot even begin to imagine being any weight other than the one I am now and will be shocked after surgery/recovery when the weight comes off. Not sure how to prepare for that reality.
  11. This is all so encouraging! I take 4 metformin daily and my numbers run high most of the time. I hope to have similar success.
  12. I'm type II diabetic and am planning on having gastric bypass this year. I meet with my doctor on Thursday (1/5/17) to discuss approval and other details. At an earlier appointment, she said that after surgery I will leave the hospital and not need my meds. If anyone is able to share their experiences with this I would be grateful!
  13. Thanks Dunndeal I hope it moves along smoothly too! I'll know more on Thursday when I meet with my Dr.
  14. Hello everyone! I'm in the midst of an insurance change which seriously upset my progress towards getting my surgery. I start with BCBSNC in January and meet with my surgeon on the 5th. I've only got chest x-ray, EKG and A1C left to do for pre-op approval but need to talk to the doctor to be sure. I'm a little frustrated and hate to admit it but I really cut loose in December since everything was in limbo. I'm glad I found this forum as it has already helped me work on getting back on track. Thanks to everyone who posts here! Would love to get in contact with anyone who would like to buddy up in NC.