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  1. So excited for you @CurvyMermaid! You've done great getting ready no matter which scale you use! Good luck!!
  2. @BurgundyBoy I'm a bit sore today. Still feeling good tho. I can easily drink water at any temperature and the Ensure Plus goes down without a hitch. Trying to get as much walking in a possible. I'm not meeting the water or protein goal today but I am doing my best! So far today I've had 25 oz of water and 24 oz of protein between naps and pills. The pills are the hardest part for me. I am to the point that I swallow them with out a problem 8 out of 10 times. I don't feel much nausea and the gas from surgery never really phased me. My two c-sections were harder on me than this surgery! It's a little hard to ride in a car as the bumps are painful in the area of my upper incision. Sometimes if I drink too much it bubbles back up a bit and then goes back down if I rest a moment. Today I discovered that bacon smells disgusting (which I love bacon lol) and A1 sauce is horrid.
  3. Good luck tomorrow!! I hope your surgery goes well and that your anxieties are relieved.
  4. Excited for you and hope the nesting has gone well!
  5. Another update. Got the taking of pills solved. I can drink more at one sip than I had thought. So now I can take the pills. One an hour but that's a start! Still feeling really good overall. Some pain just below my sterum when I cough or breath deeply. I am not walking as much as I want but I am attached to monitors and the have to come with me. Such is my entourage! Hope everyone is doing great today!
  6. Thank you all for your warm wishes and congratulations! I woke up from surgery and felt great. No real nausea water is going down easy and the protein drink is easy as well. Only problem is taking pills. Made me throw up. Not enough water to get them down. So crushed or melted in water is how I am taking them. Laborious but it works.
  7. Surgery was successful! I'm feeling pretty good but very sleepy. Seems my procedure was broadcasted so the were very meticulous. Kinda cool
  8. Checking in with everyone. At the hospital and waiting for things to get going for surgery prep. Will check in again soon!
  9. Got my surgery time for tomorrow! 5:45 am check in!! Lets do this!!!
  10. Thanks @CurvyMermaid liquid diet today and I'll know what time the surgery is sometime this afternoon. Crossing fingers, toes, eyes...anything that'll cross that this works!
  11. Congratulations! Keep it up!!
  12. I gave up soda a couple weeks before my pre-op appointments at the beginning of June. It wasn't that hard as I went without soda for more than five years. I treat it like my smoking addiction. Pick a quit date and then follow through. From that point on it was tea and water. Now I'm off the tea as well. Sip,sip, sip is what I've been practicing for most of the month now! I should be all set post-op
  13. To keep things as stress free as possible I have gone into what I call "Nesting Mode". Dishes done, vacuuming, laundry, cat box cleaned, clear liquids/full liquids bought and ready, kids at Grandma's house and that sort of thing. Just having things caught up and then I have a few days where I don't have to do them. That's key I think. I should really check out this MyFitnessPal app. I keep track of things on paper (because I'm old school like that), I enjoy checking off what I've eaten as I go through the day. Grazing is a tough habit to break. I am a grazer myself and the only way I keep from doing it is to have all my meals planned out in advance. I do up to a week at a time. If it's not on the sheet, I don't eat it. Seems to help!
  14. Hey! I'm feeling 100% better. Throat is all healed up and I have more energy. Got back on track with the pre-op diet and am eating 3 meals now instead of 2. I'm feeling optimistic about Friday. How are you doing? How's your pre-op diet going?
  15. If the menu has the option you can get a dish without the sauce. Usually listed as "Diet" they put the sauce in containers on the side instead of on the food. So you get the meat and veggies naked. Just a suggestion.