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  1. Thank you for the feedback and support. I have some chickens in the freezer that I butchered this fall, I'll pull one out and try that. Home made butternut squash soup has been my life saver, I can tolerate it and keep it down great. I'm already 60% of the way to my goal weight loss. I'm losing about a pound every other day now.
  2. Has a nutritionist pre-op to get qualified for surgery, but they had me only meet with her once. The plan given to me was clear liquids for the first 48 hours, the go to purée diet (nothing thicker than applesauce) for six weeks. After six weeks it's protien, and a few veggies if there's room after I finish the protien. During the puréed portion I was supposed to have two ounces every two-three hours. Now, on the protien portion I'm supposed to eat only three times a day. During the first six weeks I really struggled on eating enough, and now on three times a day it's easier, since there's still no appetite.
  3. It's interesting how every doctor seems to have different restrictions. All of the paperwork from my surgeon says nothing about calorie limits, either. Yesterday I went back to a puréed diet for the day, and my stomach pain and nausea were gone. I know I wasn't over eating, and according to what you wrote I'm not eating enough. Does this mean I'm not yet ready for solid proteins? This is so frustrating. My surgeon is four hours away, it's not like I can just go see him easily.
  4. According to my doctor, after six weeks I am only supposed to eat three times a day, all protein, and drink 64 ounces of water, and only do a protein shake if I'm not able to get 50-60 grams worth in my three meals.
  5. I am taking in only 2-3 ounces, three times a day. I've tried different temps. Warm foods and drinks are more tolerable. I was just a little concerned because I haven't been having the nausea issue for 2-3 weeks, and now I'm having it again.
  6. I am eight weeks post op today. The first few weeks I really struggled to get enough pureed food or liquids in mostly due to nausea, but about the five week mark I was doing better. I had issues with foods coming back up, but that tapered off. Now all of a sudden, the past few days, anything I try to eat or drink I'm back to being nauseated again. Is it normal to have set backs like this? I am not eating or drinking anything I'm not supposed to.
  7. I live outside of Ninilchik. We haven't had much snow the past three years, just ice. It's been awful. However I don't think I could ever move away.
  8. That's great to know. A gym isn't really an option for me anyway- the closest one is over an hour away. How owe do I respond to the Drs office though when they ask how much I walk/exercise? I don't know how to answer that. Or would it be a good idea to invest in a fit bit or something so I can have a number to give them?
  9. I'm glad to hear I'm not alone in this new temperature tolerance. I can't say I like it. I've never experienced being cold like this before.
  10. I have been living in the Cuddl Duds tops and bottoms with layers over them. I love them now. It's only ten degrees here outside, and in the low 70's in the house with the wood stove. I feel like of this keeps up I'll freeze this summer- we only get highs in the sixties (and that's a heatwave) and we don't run the wood stove in the summer. I always loved the cold- it's part of the reason I'm in Alaska. Weight loss aside, I feel like I don't know my own body anymore. I didn't expect these other changes, that's for sure!
  11. I've always been a very active person. My weight never stopped me. I spent over ten years training, feeding. exercising and running sled dogs (which is a LOT of exercise, believe me.) and for the last seven years my spouse and I have a farm in rural Alaska. We get our own firewood, hunt, fish, garden, and farm. We have five dogs that I exercise daily, and we raise geese, ducks, turkeys, chickens, and rabbits. A farm life is non-stop, 24/7. I may not be going out and walking a mile for the purpose of walking, but I am always in motion. Pre-surgery I was strong as an oxen, but post-surgery I'm having trouble lifting a piece of firewood over my head. I only had this surgery for health reasons, I need to have my spine fuzed and my surgeon wont do it at the weight I was at. Also, I have rheumatoid arthritis, and my rheumatologist said getting the weight down would help with my joint pain. I'm still in the weight restriction period of post-surgery, but the two follow up appointments I've had they keep asking if I'm exercising. I don't honestly know how to respond to them. Between a new puppy we got a week after surgery, winter chores (shoveling snow/etc), and regular farm chores, I don't get to sit around. I know I've broken the weight restriction many times already, but I try to listen to my body-if it starts to hurt, I stop. Anyway... The question I'm trying to ask, I guess, is do I need to be adding in an exercise regimen on top of my daily chore list? Or does chores like carrying five gallon buckets of water 120 yards to the barn, stacking a cord of firewood, and walking the dogs already count?
  12. Hi, I'm Tiffany. I'm just over four weeks post op. I had the Vertical Sleeve done due to some other health issues not allowing the bypass. I'm still in the pureed foods and liquids section of diet, but am struggling to get down enough liquids or food. My healing was delayed a bit due to a very bad allergic reaction to the heparin shots they gave me while in the hospital. It's been four weeks and I still have symptoms of it. The allergic reaction was worse than the surgery itself. I do have a question for everyone- Has your temperature tolerance changed? Before surgery I was always hot (partially due to menopause from an oopherectomy) but after surgery I am constantly freezing. I'd always been a tank-top and shorts even in the winter kind of girl, now I'm in long johns and multiple layers- even when the woodstove gets the temp up to 76 in the house. When I go outside to work on the farm I'm getting bad burning/pain/numbness from the cold in my fingers and toes too, which I never had problems with before.
  13. Hello! I just had the Sleeve done five weeks ago. Also, yay for Minnesotian's!