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  1. Hi everyone, I'm a little over four months post op and I've already lost 91 pounds. I'm finding that I'm cold most of the time, especially my hands. Any thoughts on a fix? Lol. I'm feeling great and very blessed to have had a smooth recovery thus far.
  2. Hi everyone, Thanks very much for the responses. 8 weeks out now and feeling a little better. Still have noticeably more trouble eating anything at dinner time. Eating earlier in the day seems to go very well for the most part, but I tend to get very nauseous at dinner, no matter what I eat. I guess I'm still adjusting.
  3. Hi Everyone! I wanted to reach out for ideas or suggestions. I decided when I started this journey that I'd get my first tattoo once I lost 100 pounds. I'm at 70 right now and looking forward to continuing this journey. Anyone have any ideas on something meaningful to represent 100 pounds lost?
  4. I'm 6 weeks post op gastric bypass and having real trouble with almost any food, especially around dinner time. I just passed a kidney stone yesterday and am just feeling down in general. I've lost 58 pounds and am excited about that but hoping this process improves and I can enjoy this new life I've been given.
  5. Good Afternoon! I'm enjoying reading everything on this site and have learned a great deal since I found thinner times. One question that may seem a little strange, is what does everyone focus on when looking at food labels? Low fat? Calories? Low carbs? High protein? What is most important to everyone?