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  1. Amazing! I'm so glad to hear you bounced back the way you did!
  2. Thank you so much, each of you. I'm going to really try my best to shift into a positive mindset today and look forward to the rewards to come! I've come too far not to.
  3. I hope someone can help with encouraging words. My surgery was this past Tuesday, and although I was released that Wednesday evening, I ended up re-admitted on Thursday after bouts of severe heaving and a very distended feeling in my stomach. Turns out that I had an intestinal ileus, where basically the intestinal function doesn't pick back up like it should after surgery, but I've had some movements over the last 2 days, so the nursing staff seems very happy about that. I on the other hand am crying daily. I had no co-morbidities, but clearly needed to lose and did not have long term success in previous attempts. In 4 days, I've gone from a person who only needed annual physicals to someone hospitalized for 4 days, release to be determined. Right now I would give anything to feel like my old self again. Anyone feel this way this soon after? So far, I'm up to 3 oz of broth and 3 oz of water an that's about it.