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  1. I think once you have gone through the surgery and you join NMH support group, they do have a website for support for bariatric surgery. I am 6 weeks out and have not been to a support group yet. Hoping to get to one next month. If you go onto Facebook, and you type in VSG or WLS, you will see some groups pop up. Beware, they are not private and your friends and family may get something that says "sally liked VSG you should too..." or whatever. I found one private group... I don't have it with me.... It is not northwestern specific. I love Dr. Hungness. He did my VSG on January 30th. he was really great! When you meet with him, ask a lot of questions. Your time with him is limited... When he did my surgery, I will never forget him coming to see me right before they wheeled me down and with a big smile on his face he said "Come on... let's do this!!!" I knew I was going to be ok!!! After I met with him, he ordered a sleep study and an endoscopy. My surgery was a month and a half out from my meeting with him.... Good Luck! You will do great! If you are on myfitnesspal, there are a ton of support on there!!!
  2. WOW!!! You look amazing!!! Regarding dating and ... feeling like you are the same person... or feeling invisible.... @Bellamoma is right! And I hate to preach to the choir but let me just say this to you... You are not invisible... only if you make yourself invisible. And you don't need anyone... ANYONE... telling you how great you look... or anything else...because it really comes down to how you feel about yourself. Maybe you need to look into yourself and see if you need to work on your own self confidence.... not just as a smaller healthier version of you but in general. I am 5'1"... I always dated taller men.... I, like Bellamom, had an ideal picture in my mind of what my partner would look like..Tall, handsome with a great movie star smile.... I dated some of those people that fit the bill.... then I met my husband... he is definitely cute but her is SHORT! and he for sure does not have the teeth in the movie star smile... but he is AMAZING! His heart! His zest for life! We fit together like peas and carrots! He even loved me heavy! Huh! Go figure! (Of course to tell you the truth, I don't think I ever thought I was missing anything as a heavy person... I think I still thought I was thin and hot! (IMAGE ISSUES for sure! ) Anyway.... You will meet that gal who is going to make you laugh and make you cry. She will light up a room when she walks into it. And she will love you for you... not for what you look like. Keep doing what you are doing... enjoy your life.,... be involved and she will appear when you least expect it. TRUST ME! I met my husband at 35... and he was well worth the wait. xo
  3. How is it going? Are you feeling better now? There are many people who take longer to get real foods in .... my friend is a month and a half out and she is still drinking shakes because she is afraid to eat. I have not had that issue. I think it would be good to talk to your NUT.
  4. I love you guys! Really! I needed this... maybe more than I ever realized. You are ALL right.... and ya know, I was / am not blind to it.... I just never wanted to see the friendship end .... so much history. Many good things / times... I am a glass half full gal, so I always tried to ignore the bad... but you are right. She is toxic. She is a believer that her success is my failure... or my failure is her success... I would find myself lying to her just to make her feel better about herself. I am going to jump off of that train now.... I've got my parachute... I don't think I will confront her... I think I will just let it die.... I'm too tired to confront her.... But truly, THANK YOU!!! I lost another pound yesterday! I am winning!
  5. I take 2 Flintstone Vitamins daily!
  6. @SMEI thought so too.... Thank you @bellamoma ..... I needed to hear that!!
  7. I was sleeved on January 30th. I am down 27 and holding right now... at a plateau and while I know the weight will start to move again, it is certainly a trying time. Anyway, that is not the reason for this post... I have a friend who has been in competition with me since we first met - 32 years ago! I don't care what it is... her husband is better than mine, her kids are better than mine, her diet is better than mine... she exercises more than me, she makes more money than me, she is prettier than me.... blah blah blah. After while, it gets really old. Yet, with age comes wisdom, right? So I know that what it really comes down to is that she is insecure or doesn't like herself very much. She does have a great husband.... I am happy for her. I also have an amazing husband! Although after I had my son, and was going through some post partum depression and my husband and I were having a hard time, after we went on a mini vacation with her and her husband around that time period, she had the audacity to call me to say that she and her husband did not think that me and my husband would stay together. (REALLY?!?) She has three amazing kids... I have two wonderful kids as well..... Part of the problem I think, is her eldest is a special needs daughter. Whom I love! She is a bright spot in my day! However, my friend thinks that her daughter is a reflection of her and thus a failure in some way shape or form. It is so very sad..... She does everything to try to push her daughter to be "typical" instead of embracing all the goodness that her daughter has in just being her! I try hard never to really discuss my children or their accomplishments or what they are doing because it always comes down to something about how her son does x better than my son... or something to that effect... so I just keep any goodness about my family to myself. Personally, she has always been in competition with me with regards to exercise and weight. I used to be a competitive figure skater and I don't know, maybe she felt threatened by that part of my past but... throughout the years it was always about her being x size... it could be if I was a 6, she was a 4. If I was a 14, she was a 12. If I was a size 20, she was an 18! If I did spin class, she did it longer and with a harder instructor.... You get my drift. Anyway, everything I do now, I track on myfitnesspal. Especially since surgery.... it has been my lifeline and saving grace for staying on track and doing what is right for me. So after surgery, (which I did tell her about .... her response to me having the VSG was "Well, I hope you don't tell anyone because that is so SHAMEFUL!" (P.S. I tell EVERYONE!!! :)) Anyway, she decided to go on a crazy diet. She was full of questions all about it... what I would be able to eat, how many calories, etc. I told her the main gist was to worry about eating your protein first and get a lot of it in... 80-120 g. So, as you can imagine, she started doing that.... (Good for her - she needed to lose 40-50 pounds!) Well, about two weeks after surgery she says to me... "How much weight have you lost?" I told her.. not even sure the number at that point.. and she says... "I'm down 15!" I congratulate her! That is pretty impressive. And she starts talking about myfitnesspal (as if she owns it!) so I look her up... (but, I don't friend her...) it says she is down 6. (Still a great number but now I know she is lying to me.) And every day that we talk - she lives in MD and I live in IL.... she tells me her new number - to which I look it up to see she is still lying... It makes me feel bad... for her. If she knew I knew the truth she would be destroyed... and I don't want to do that but I am finding more and more, I can't be a part of this with her.... Is her insecurity running so deep that she can't even be my friend and tell the truth. I am happy for her. She is losing weight. She is making positive changes. Her changes aren't mine... and they don't need to be... but I don't even want to tell her anything about me or my situation because she cannot be happy for me, except today when I declared I have been at a stall.... SHE WAS ELATED! This was the best news ever for her. She said, probably because I eat too much and don't exercise! (WHATEVER! I think I may continue to tell her I am not losing! Then SHE can pretend to keep winning!) Today, I realized she doesn't only do this with me.... when we spoke, after she told me what she was down, (another lie) she started bragging about how she is such a great loser and how her friend who she works out with is so jealous of her because she is losing weight so quickly and the friend isn't. I said, well why don't you try to pump her up it come join you.... she said, this person just doesn't have the motivation like she does.... because no one is like she is... Anyway, I am really just sad about it all. I am sad because she is a long time friend yet I really cant share anything with her... and I really don't want to talk to her because she is not motivating to me... she is a downer. Now mind you, while she is not impacting my journey on a positive side... it does feel like a negative drag and I don't want that. I know that I am focused enough on me and my life and my health that I pay no attention... but it makes me sad that someone I once considered a good friend, can NEVER be happy for me. She is always looking to hurt me in some way shape or form all to make herself feel better.... Does anyone else have a friend like that?
  8. Me too! It's hard going through that first stall. It is making me crazy! I felt as if the stall was a month long... when I look back it turns out it has only been 10 days but still... so frustrating!!!
  9. Thinking of you Buckeyegirl! That is a bummer but THANK GOD they found out you had a leak and hopefully they will be able to help you... as your body heals... sending positive thoughts. Come update us soon xoxox
  10. Try the sugar free popsicles. Even if you can't get all your protein in at first... don't worry.. every day try to get more and more in... sending you positive thoughts!
  11. I do tomato soup with Genepro unflavored protein powder. Yummy! over 30 g of protein!
  12. I feel your pain. I am 27 down from my two week pre-op. 17 from surgery date. I am 6 weeks and 1 day out. I am frustrated as all get out! I am hoping that what everyone is saying is correct that you will start to see the drop again... I feel as if, after all I have ready and other people's experiences, that I would be further along. And I am trying hard not to get discouraged. I was so excited, feeling as if I would finally see the 120s or 130s... now I feel I will be lucky to see 1XX. UGH!
  13. Hi Sleeved 524... I am 48 and 5'1" I will be devastated if this is it for me... 27 and done.... OMG! I am praying that I begin to drop. I am doing to lower my total carb intake now to see if that makes a difference. Good luck to you... You can do this!
  14. Hi. I just read your post about slow weight loss... Today is my 6 week mark and I am only down 27 from the two week pre-diet. I am so frustrated. My weight literally has not moved in 3 weeks. I am hoping to have a similar experience as you because quite frankly I am in fear that its not working.... I too feel good... no blood sugar issues, no hot / cold spells, moving more... eating better but the scale wont budge.... When did you start exercising? I started making sure I have upped my steps to 8000 / day and I am moving that to 10000. I am also going to start hitting the gym... any advice on eating and exercise is welcome. Thanks. And thanks for your post. I really needed to hear your experience today.
  15. I know no one has posted on here in a long while but I was relieved to see that this is an issue for not just ME! I had surgery 6 weeks today and I really thought I would be down at least 30 from the two week pre-diet to now.... I am not and although I am down 27. But, I have been at this incredible stall... up .4 down .1, up.8 down .2.... so basically staying at the same weight. I feel encouraged that it feels as if I am making a new "set point" but honestly, couldn't my body wait until I got to 199 to do this... I am at 205 and just want to be out of the 200s forever already! When I went into this I was so excited and could see that I would finally be able to lose the weight and get super healthy and now with this stall, I am beginning to question my ability to get there.... I am hopeful.... but....