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  1. Hi!  How is it going since your surgery?  I just got my date (Jan 30th!)  Any advice / tip are welcome!!!

  2. MGap: How is it going since your surgery?!
  3. Just got my surgery date scheduled for January 30th! OMG! Super excited!!! Ready to be on the losers bench! You can do this... just put one foot in front of the other where exercise is concerned. Look how far you've come. You inspire me!
  5. Does anyone have any advice going into this final stretch? I must say that until now I have not really been diligent about my eating.... except that I have not been "dieting" and I also have not been binge eating... once I took the stress of being on a "diet" away I somewhat normalized.... that said, I have been tracking... and trying to get in more water... make better choices... (Just not 100%) That is the part that worries me the most... so many people seem to have lost quite a bit before their surgery... and I have only lost a few pounds... mostly stayed the same... but once they said I was scheduled... well, yesterday was like an entirely different day for me... I drank my water... ate protein first, made better choices, etc... I just don't want to be one of those that has the surgery and then messes it up and doesn't lose. Does that make sense? Did any of you have that same fear? Thanks in advance.
  6. Just spoke with the hospital and now having my surgery date!!! January 30th!! OMG! It is right around the corner.... My final class is on Tuesday the 17th when I start my pre-surgery diet.... Wish me luck!
  7. So glad things are going better for you! And that they gave you extra meds for reflux. I hope it helps! I am sure that your stomach will not stretch... sounds like you are doing what your doctor has told you to do....
  8. Congratulations! Look forward to joining you on the bench sometime soon!!!!
  9. How are you doing today? I hope better.... keep us up to date on your recovery. xo
  10. Hi Valerie! How did the surgery go? I am so excited for you. I am waiting for approval of insurance and then will start down the runway! I too feel the same way as you do... I am terrified... of myself and self sabotage. But I am doing daily meditations and telling myself that this time it is different. I cannot wait to feel better about me and my accomplishments!!!! I know you can do it. We are all in this game together! Looking forward to hearing about your journey!
  11. Met with Dr. Hungness today. He seems like a great surgeon. Very informative. I am very excited. He did schedule me for a sleep study and the endoscopy. This will push my surgery date probably into February. Yay! Moving forward!
  12. Hi Everyone! Just came back from class 3 with Ashleigh. Question: Did you all do a 2 week liquid diet before the surgery or did they have you just on a high protein low carb diet? This is the first I have heard or read that we will not be doing a liquid diet 2 weeks prior and while I am sure I should be jumping up and down for joy, I am not.... because everything I have ready says that is what you do to shrink the liver. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  13. Congrats on your surgery. I have not yet had it but I am excited for it. You are going to do great! Just stay focused and do what the doctor tells you and listen to all the good advice on here. There are so many inspiring people who have been where you are that can help you. You've got this!!!
  14. You are rocking it! And THANK YOU for your words! I needed to hear that! I love hearing the people who have taken this seriously versus others who have just continued to do what they did before looking for changes... I know I must make the changes and I love hearing your strength! Way to go!