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  1. I have bipolar disorder and have taken psych meds for thirty years. Wellbutrin is an antidepressant that does not cause weight gain, but you'd have to see a psychiatrist to know if you really have a severe depression as an illness or whether this is just situational. Just my two cents. Take care!
  2. Congrats on the fifty pounds that's awesome! I haven't had surgery yet so I can't speak to your other concerns but I thought I'd come in and give you a well deserved pat on the back! :-)
  3. I finally had a consult and talked with the surgeon and the dietician on December. At least on the insurance plan I have and the way they do things here I don't have to necessarily lose weight ahead of time, I have to go to one one on one dietician consult and three group meetings with the dietician. That's pretty much it. And my surgeon requires a two week liquid diet just before surgery but I think that's just his requirement not the federal bc bs requirement. Hope this helps. But keep in mind depending where you go maybe things might be different. I don't know.
  4. My guess is by the end of March or sometime in April. My last nutrition class will be March 8th, so as long as I have everything done by then we can set up a date. I have to plan around my work, my wife's work and my daughter's school schedule.
  5. I talked to the surgeon and he said it was fine so that's what I will go with.
  6. That is so disheartening . people suck.
  7. Thanks for the response ! much appreciated !
  8. After my mother got uterine cancer and my brother got pancreatic cancer they got tested for the lynch syndrome gene and were found to have it. So my other brother, my sister and i all had to get tested too. my sister and i both tested positive for lynch syndrome as well. my sister is not overweight and even ran the Disney marathon . we both got prophylactic hysterectomies in 2014. i want to get the gastric bypass , and i was wondering if anyone knows anything about whether this is a contraindication to getting the gastric bypass surgery . i will see a surgeon for the first time this Thursday , so of course I will ask him then as well. I'm just nervous and wondered if anyone had any thoughts. thank you.
  9. Bone can competently heal so to speak in about six weeks. they usually take xrays to be sure it has healed. but swelling and pain can last much longer and often does. i probably was walking mostly normal on my own within the year. however, i broke my ankle from a really hard fall on ice and becausr of that to this day i am extra careful when i walk because i don't want to fall again. that's purely mental though .
  10. Why do people have to be so mean? I'm very happy for you for the journey you've taken for yourself. but even if i lose all my weight that won't stop people from being terrible. wish they're was some kind of surgery for that - to take the mean and terrible out of people.
  11. Yes. I'm a bit sore for sure. but I'm not feeling as sad or just plain bad about myself today. i talked to my therapist today and she is fully supportive of me going for weight loss surgery and thinks i will be successful. that made me feel pretty good. thanks for asking!
  12. I don't know if it's the same or not but i broke my ankle almost two years ago falling in the ice and snow. i also had an aircast. i had a lot of swelling and pain for well over a month. i think i was still having some pain from it for 6 months. maybe more. i didn't need therapy to learn to walk. i think people just know how. but what the doctor did suggest was gait therapy. so therapy for HOW i walked. i never went. i didn't have time. i got back to a normal walk on my own. but i imagine every injury is different.
  13. I had a close friend look at me with total shock in his eyes when i told him i was over 300 pounds. i think those who love us just don't see the heaviness like we do.
  14. Everyone has been so great here. it is much appreciated. i was able to upgrade my plane seats to economy plus for a cool 129 dollars for both ways. just did it this morning. the government doesn't pay for that part of taking a trip. unfortunately . thanks again to everyone for the support. I'm probably 99% sure I'm going to go forward with the wls. i just want to see the surgeon first to get that other percent. my appt is on the 8th.
  15. Thanks to everyone for the support. i really, truly appreciate it.