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  1. The first symptom my little brother had of his pancreatic cancer was itchy skin and jaundice. Make sure you look into the medical causes of your itchiness first before trying all the lotions, etc. Not trying to scare you but this is a true story.
  2. Awesome! Very inspiring! :-)
  3. Awesome story. Very inspiring! :-)
  4. Sounds great. I wish you all the best. My surgery won't be until the spring so this story is very encouraging to me.
  5. I will check them out. Thanks!
  6. I was checking out reviews of various chewable vitamins on Amazon, so wasn't trying on purpose to latch onto the expensive ones. Lol. I'm partially worried about the taste because I know I will be less likely to take them as I should if they are disgusting. Know what I mean?
  7. What do you all think of Bariatric Fusion multivitamins? I was thinking of trying those after surgery but I haven't decided yet.
  8. Thanks. Great advice! :-)
  9. Thanks for all the help, you guys, it's much appreciated! :-)
  10. I take probably seven different medications, most for bipolar disorder. I need to stay on those meds to do well in life, especially after the surgery. How can I possibly take these meds though if I'm on a liquid and then pureed food diet at first. I'm confused and worried. Thank for any help. Kim
  11. I have bipolar disorder and have taken psych meds for thirty years. Wellbutrin is an antidepressant that does not cause weight gain, but you'd have to see a psychiatrist to know if you really have a severe depression as an illness or whether this is just situational. Just my two cents. Take care!
  12. Congrats on the fifty pounds that's awesome! I haven't had surgery yet so I can't speak to your other concerns but I thought I'd come in and give you a well deserved pat on the back! :-)
  13. I finally had a consult and talked with the surgeon and the dietician on December. At least on the insurance plan I have and the way they do things here I don't have to necessarily lose weight ahead of time, I have to go to one one on one dietician consult and three group meetings with the dietician. That's pretty much it. And my surgeon requires a two week liquid diet just before surgery but I think that's just his requirement not the federal bc bs requirement. Hope this helps. But keep in mind depending where you go maybe things might be different. I don't know.
  14. My guess is by the end of March or sometime in April. My last nutrition class will be March 8th, so as long as I have everything done by then we can set up a date. I have to plan around my work, my wife's work and my daughter's school schedule.
  15. I talked to the surgeon and he said it was fine so that's what I will go with.