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  1. Hello to all I'm almost done I had my Endoscopy on Friday & my last nutritionist apt is on March 13 does anyone know when does the doctor gives the Sergery date? If someone would plz let me know how this works thanks & if I go threw all this does the insurance approves it I'll be waiting on answers thanks 

  2. I'm so happy for all of you guys getting your Sergery done wish you all the best. My Endoscopy is on February 14 yes on Valentine's Day then I'm guessing I'll get the date for my Sergery after I have the Endoscopy hope that by April I have my date good luck everyone
  3. Good luck
  4. Today I went to my first nutritionist  appt 3 more to go & in April I should get my surgery date hip hip hooray I can't wait 

    1. Alexa21


      On January 18 I have my next nutritionist apt then 2 more & im done then on February 14 yes on valentine day I have the Endoscopy almost done & im drinking my vitimins & calcium so when the day comes I don't want to hear I need vitimins or iron lol I'm so happy I can't wait I'll keep u guys posted 

  5. Congrats on your journey I'm also over weight I have 220 pounds & I also I'm doing the 6 month processe i have 4 month to go & hopefully in April i get my date for the Sergery I'm sorry to hear about your relationship I'm here for you good luck to us on our journey to be Heather
  6. Thanks yes I weight 220 I'm 5"1 I have all the appt I'm attending to them I hope after I'm done I get the surgery
  7. Thank you so much yes I'm 5"1 inweigh 220 I have insurance thanks I'm glad I joined this community
  8. Thank you so much that means a lot good luck to us
  9. I'm new but I'm so happy for you keep up the good work...quick question I'm starting the process & I have my appt for the psychological evaluation on November 30 then in January I have to call for the Endoscopy then in December 27 I have my first nutritionist appt then 3 more times then the nurse said by April I should get the surgery do you think they would do it after I complete all of this? I'm 5"1 & I weight 220 thanks
  10. I'm 220 pounds right now
  11. I have psychological evaluation on November 30th & I have my nutritionist apt December 27 them I have 3 more times then in January I have to call for the Endoscopy then the nurse said that by April my surgery date will be available can someone pleas tell me if they will do my surgery after I complete all of this thanks