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  1. Follow your surgeons instructions.

    if you have questions about anything after surgery call your surgeon.

    everyones journey is different, so don't compare yourself to others. Get rid of your"trigger foods" in your house.if food things are unopened, they can be donated to a local food bank.

    sip, sip, sip

    walk, walk, walk

  2. I'm glad u feel better it will get better take care
  3. My Sergery is April 6,2017 is almost here if any one that has been sleeved has any tips for me I would appreciate it what to do while I wait anything let me know thanks 

  4. I got my date is April 6,2017 I'm getting sleeved hip hip hooray I can't wait I'm so happy & a little scared but I know everything will be ok God will be by my side. I'm so happy 

  5. I had my appt with my primary doctor to get cleared for Sergery I did blood work my ex ray was done & my Hart was good Wednesday I'm going to see my doctor to get my date & instructions I'll keep u posted I'm happy & a little scared 

    1. la.craig


      You are on your way to receiving a wonderful and great gift.  Don't take it for granted.  Learn everything you can about nutrition.  I don't regret my decision at all.  Good luck! 

    2. Alexa21


      Thanks Craig I appreciate that I'll post my Sergery date tomorrow can't wait 

    3. Alexa21


      April 6 is my sleeve I'm happy & a little scared 

  6. Wow u look amazing God is good
  7. I'm so proud of myself I'm done with all my apots my nutrionest told me I did a good job writing down what I ate & count my protein I'm cleared & im ready for Sergery march 20, 2017 I have an appt with my family doctor so he can clear me for Sergery & on March 22 I have an appt at 8:45 am to get my info & instruction for Sergery my doctors nurse said my Sergery will be in the beginning of April yes till march 22 I won't know the exact date I will keep my community posted  to a new & heathy life Amen 

  8. Can anyone tell me after the Endoscopy & I have one more nutricionest appt March 13 then I'm done how long do they take to give me the Sergery date?
  9. I'm so happy for all of you guys getting your Sergery done wish you all the best. My Endoscopy is on February 14 yes on Valentine's Day then I'm guessing I'll get the date for my Sergery after I have the Endoscopy hope that by April I have my date good luck everyone
  10. Good luck
  11. Today I went to my first nutritionist  appt 3 more to go & in April I should get my surgery date hip hip hooray I can't wait 

    1. Alexa21


      On January 18 I have my next nutritionist apt then 2 more & im done then on February 14 yes on valentine day I have the Endoscopy almost done & im drinking my vitimins & calcium so when the day comes I don't want to hear I need vitimins or iron lol I'm so happy I can't wait I'll keep u guys posted 

  12. Congrats on your journey I'm also over weight I have 220 pounds & I also I'm doing the 6 month processe i have 4 month to go & hopefully in April i get my date for the Sergery I'm sorry to hear about your relationship I'm here for you good luck to us on our journey to be Heather
  13. Thanks yes I weight 220 I'm 5"1 I have all the appt I'm attending to them I hope after I'm done I get the surgery