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  1. This surgery was my best decision ever loving my new life 

  2. Hi everyone 


  3. Hello Alexa :) 

  4. Hi everyone 


  5. Hi everyone hope u guys are doing great I'm doing good thanks to my sleeve surgery & my diet & exercise will keep u guys posted 



  6. This is when I go running in the morning great work out 






  7. I haven't been on for a while because for some reason I couldn't log in threw FB like I was doing finally today it went threw.. I'm doing really well been running & feeling great I'm eating super heathy & drinking water & I'll post pics soon :D

  8. If you have a cold they won't do the surgery try to rub Vicks on ur chest drink medicine hope you feel better
  9. hi everyone I have been walking up a storm is amazing how much weight you loose with diet & exercise & of course the surgery this was my best decision I have ever made True you go threw some pain & it's hard at first with the liquid diet but it's not that bad stick to ur diet & exercise & u will loose weight fast protein is 100% water is 100% ill keep u posted :D

  10. If you are throwing up is because u r over eating & if is not that go see your doctor cause is not normal plz take care o that hope you feel better soon from that I'm here if u need anything
  11. U can do it keep yourself busy so u won't think of food believe me it's hard but u can do it good luck my surgery was on March 31 2017 it gets better
  12. Good morning my beautiful people feeling great no pain going for my walk at 9:00 am every time I walk when I come back I take a shower it feels great I'm eating purée food drinking my protein shake every day my vitimins & calcium & my pants are starting to be loose on my waist and I'm loving it I'm not stoping my diet or exercise never lol I'll keep u posted have a bless day :D

  13. wow i can't believe it today is my 10 days out of surgery I can have 1/4 flaked fish or chopped eggs & I tolerated those so far & mash potatoes just 1/4 of course will keep u posted 

  14. Thank you
  15. Thank you glad to be in the losers bench