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  1. This is when I go running in the morning great work out 






  2. I haven't been on for a while because for some reason I couldn't log in threw FB like I was doing finally today it went threw.. I'm doing really well been running & feeling great I'm eating super heathy & drinking water & I'll post pics soon :D

  3. If you have a cold they won't do the surgery try to rub Vicks on ur chest drink medicine hope you feel better
  4. hi everyone I have been walking up a storm is amazing how much weight you loose with diet & exercise & of course the surgery this was my best decision I have ever made True you go threw some pain & it's hard at first with the liquid diet but it's not that bad stick to ur diet & exercise & u will loose weight fast protein is 100% water is 100% ill keep u posted :D

  5. If you are throwing up is because u r over eating & if is not that go see your doctor cause is not normal plz take care o that hope you feel better soon from that I'm here if u need anything
  6. U can do it keep yourself busy so u won't think of food believe me it's hard but u can do it good luck my surgery was on March 31 2017 it gets better
  7. Good morning my beautiful people feeling great no pain going for my walk at 9:00 am every time I walk when I come back I take a shower it feels great I'm eating purée food drinking my protein shake every day my vitimins & calcium & my pants are starting to be loose on my waist and I'm loving it I'm not stoping my diet or exercise never lol I'll keep u posted have a bless day :D

  8. wow i can't believe it today is my 10 days out of surgery I can have 1/4 flaked fish or chopped eggs & I tolerated those so far & mash potatoes just 1/4 of course will keep u posted 

  9. Thank you
  10. Thank you glad to be in the losers bench
  11. So plz tell me how has it been for you I want details lol thanks
  12. Thank you yes they tell me that I don't even look like I had surgery I walk twice a day & keep my self active I don't lift anything heavy just hanging in there
  13. I have to say this I went into surgery Friday March 31 at around 10:30 am & when I got out the operating room into the recovery I was in really big pain I'm not gonna lie but the pain medication help a lot thank god & I was out the hospital Saturday April 1 at 1:30 pm I was discharged its amazing when u go straight from recovery into ur own room as soon as I settle in I asked my nurse to plz come with me to walk I took my ivy & rolled away she held me on my arm just in case I faint or fall I guess & that's why I was discharged I had no pain in the hospital but when I got home pain came back but not severe mild I took my pain medication & I was fine I have lots of help from my family thank God & now I'm just following my liquid diet walking a lot but I'm not over doing it I'll keep u posted on my progress 

    1. Havamal


      I'm glad that everything seems to be going good for you. Looking forward to your future updates!

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      Happy for you things went well.  Looking forward to future updates.

  14. Gina820 it's been painful specially when I got out the operating room & into the recovery it's painful but once they give u that pain medication ur in heaven don't be scare it's all over before you know it & try to walk as soon as ur in ur room it helps you so much that's what I did walk walk & sip sip sip you will be ok
  15. Carina it's been painful I'm not gonna lie but with pain medication it helps trying to swallow liquids it's painful down my throat at the beginning cause the hart burn is horrible & painful I only consume 4 ounce of liquids every 2 hours or 3 hours I don't go over 4 ounce I weigh everything I drink cause I haven't throw up & I don't ever want that I can't wait for purée food can't wait I'm so tired of liquids lol lol I walk twice a day that has helped me a lot I go around the block & go back home it helps other then that I'm good thanks so much for asking