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  1. Thanks everyone. I just found out I've lost 37 lbs since my last doctor's appointment in November (my GP)
  2. What kind of Camelbak? The kind you wear? Thanks
  3. Good Luck. In Louisiana, it is very rare that this surgery is covered by insurance, so mostly - we only do a 2 week preop diet. I fell way below the avg. weight loss for this time period, but I think I'm doing okay now post-op. I've lost 25 lbs since surgery - but I still feel not myself. I'd love to eat something - anything - fried, but it makes me sick. I'd love to have pizza but they said it will make my stomach grow, so I've successfully avoided it. Small cookies, cakes and candies however, do not make me sick at all. I had 2 valentines chocolates, 2 girl scout cookies - and a small petit four. All were cheats, and my dietitian would definitely fuss at me. The hardest thing for me - is just making sure i take 6 vitamins a day 2 hours apart from one another. Drink enough water even though I have to wait 1 hour after eating to drink and 30 min. after drinking to eat. -It stresses me out. Best of Luck!
  4. Will this regret / "what did I get myself into" mood go away? I've lost 25 lbs since the date of surgery, but I still don't feel myself. My stomach gets easily upset and I get the "stuck" feeling so extreme sometimes - and the only way I've found to make it go away is to drink - which is breaking a rule. I'm having trouble with water and protein and taking my vitamins lately. I need to get back on track, but feel I've hit a brick wall and I'm trying to get around it. I'm finally on bipolar meds that seem to be helping with everything else in life - but i hope they aren't the culprit of me avoiding my medical duties of taking all these things. I keep telling myself that once I lose another 40 lbs I'll be glad I did it - and I'm trying not to worry about it. Trying to live each day and enjoy it and do my best. Did anyone else feel this way in the beginning? Like right now, I'm at work, and I just feel uncomfortable. I need to eat, but also need water - so I'm stuck because I always have to choose 1 over the other!
  5. Ok buddies... Entering soft foods today. I am extremely unfamiliar with Ricotta and Cottage Cheeses - but trust me I want something cheesy! LOL.. Do you guys use these in recipes? Can you describe how they taste/what to make with them. I've looked it up - but I just cannot imagine. I'm a mozzarella and mexican blend person. That's all I've ever bought.
  6. Thanks! 197 sometimes lol. I definitely get the Onederland joke now.
  7. Oh.. and girls.. I'm 198 now
  8. Thanks ShrinkingViolet2... Turns out on top of this problem, the medication costs over $500! Ha! I obviously called and asked to be considered for another route of treatment. I called Tuesday, and yesterday - still no return. We shall see. Fingers crossed. I have little money now anyways due to that pocket breaking surgery costs. Thankfully I'd bought hundred of protein shakes and supps ahead of time.
  9. I was talking weight. I am eager to get to 199. When I weigh myself since Jan 23rd.. it's been between 200.0 and 202.6 ugh! lol. Now that's small potatoes. i know I'll lose it. I just want to feel I did this for all good reasons, and the weight loss will help. The big issue today is - I just got prescribed a medication that requires me to have a 350 calorie supper. My suggested dinner is 2 oz. protein, 1 oz fruit or veggie. -- I will have to replace with a protein shake and add 2% milk my dietian says - but that only gets me to 302 calories. SO - I'm asking If I can add a frozen banana to it. Unfortunately - this will make it not as icy as I like it :-(. Hope the volume doesn't get too big. we will see tonight. I want it under 12 oz. Fingers crossed. Thanks yall
  10. Congrats. I'm 3 weeks post op and I'm waiting to lose too! I want to experience a beach vacay under 200 lbs.
  11. So Jan 30th marked 2 weeks post op. Meaning Today - marks my 3 weeks post op day. - They day I should be back at work!!? I worked 3-5 hours each day last week. I live 30+ min away from work and decided to come in and start slow because I was already in town due to doctors appointments, etc. I have been struggling with being tired. I am taking my vitamins and almost following my diet to a T. Some days I eat 1 oz. less veggies than I should or something like that, but that's all. I've gotten much better with the vitamins and liquid. So the issue - I'm not sure I'm ready to come back - OR if I stay home longer - if that will only prolong the feeling. I feel I need to just jump in and get it over with. My problem - I'm so tired. I fell asleep at my desk twice last Friday AND on the way home fell asleep and went off the road. I woke up looking into a ditch. Luckily I corrected well, and no one was hurt - and my car is okay. How can I tell my boss I want to have the right to lay in my office on the floor every couple hours and take power naps lol? This is the only way I see working possible. I cannot drive home tired like that again. *Can I also comment that I've been going between 200-202.5 for 2 weeks now!? Any advice?
  12. Thanks Aussie H - I'll ask my dietitian about this. -- Any ways.. I make it in about 15 oz total (that's how it came out today) and I drink half in the morning and half in the afternoon - so I think I'm doing okay regardless. Thanks though.
  13. Update to my supporters: I made it to stage 3 and I am enjoying the pureed stage. I've never felt so blessed to be "allowed" to eat meat. My first choice was gyro meat from my fav. greek resturant that serves it in 4 oz. portions. This made me 4 1.5 oz servings once pureed with greek yogurt and is so yummy. I also felt blessed to find cauliflower already mashed in the frozen vegetables isle to help me through this phase, of learning to puree and going back to work all at the same time. I can do it! Thanks all. Freezing the Premier Protein shakes for about 30 min has helped alot. Also, my dietitian okayed the Gladiator smoothie from smoothie king. I bought a barrel of it, and mixed with only ice and a dash of cinnamon offers me : Calories 180 Fat (g) 0 Saturated Fat (g) 0 Calories from Fat 0 Cholesterol (mg) 0 Carbohydrates (g) 1 Sugar (g) 0 Protein (g) 45 Sodium (mg) 150 Fiber (g) 0 So now I've found something very yummy where I can get 45 oz. of protein in under 12 oz. - win.
  14. I did great pre op. 4 oz. meat - 2 oz fruit, 2 cup veggies, etc. I went 6 weeks no starches - EASY. I cheated once with half of a fiber one snack in that time frame... Today I think I'm on track, I just found it hard going from one doctor to another when they have completely different rules. IDK I know I can follow it later on. My biggest challenge is finding protien supps i like. I spent hundreds before surgery doing this, then all the rules changed per my switching. Then after surgery everything I'd found just doesn't seem good. My dietitian says to drink a shake for 20-45 min, then put it back in the fridge. If I did that - I'd never finish them. It takes me like 2 hours to drink 11oz. Eh. I'll tell her tomorrow. Thanks for the snappy advice.. really. I don't want the unhealthy food. Just now that I can't "eat" all that's around is crap for the young children. When I do eat, we all eat the same foods. 1 -2 more months until that happens. I CAN STICK IT THROUGH!! I've never eaten cottage cheese before or ricotta. So I'm not too sure. We will see.
  15. So - I'm losing weight that's great. I knew it was hard. Then I realized really hard. Now - I'm just having trouble. My surgery was 12 days ago. I followed my diet pretty well up until day 6, then didn't eat or drink anything more than 4-8oz total for two days. I tried to get back on track, but started cheating. I started eating pureed chicken salad; which should be forbidden until Monday (day 14 postop). It started with a disgusting thing - I was chewing foods I craved, and spitting them out.. just a bite or two of a pepperoni or a chicken nugget left on my kids plate. (I CAN'T BELIEVE I AM SHARING THIS) I much rather tell yall than my dietitian on Monday. She scares me. She's very strict and by the book - hard to explain. Ultimately - I still feel good. I am 'regular' and haven't felt extra gasy/refluxy/nauseated etc. - Even though I've been doing this for about a week. How would I know if what I've done/doing is harmful to my incisions inside? I really felt insane w/o anything with texture, and I feel better now. My surrounding friends and family told me to "trust my gut" because I had stopped the protien shakes all together... BUT do I feel better? I am quick to bounce back and this is an obvious set back. It does scream to me that I need help though. I keep telling myself once I'm just allowed a piece of meat, and I know it's allowed - I'll be okay. THIS IS SO HARD! ANY word of advice would help. Thanks. Please excuse that there is a similar post in another section for those of you following my activity. I decided I needed help today. I want responses. Fingers crossed. Thanks.