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  1. I am so grateful for this thread. Thanks!
  2. I am going to my 3rd scheduled weight loss class next week. I have a Bipolar diagnosis and recently started a new meday which causes weight gain. I have been on it and have gained 5 lbs. Has anyone else dealt with being on medication that causes weight gain?
  3. I have not had surgery yet but am curious how many people need iron infusions ongoing after surgery?
  4. I have my second of 6 meetings tomorrow. I believe I have lost a few pounds but not sure. Maybe I should invest in a scale?
  5. Thank you cinwa I will do that
  6. My insurance requires me to take 6 Supervised Weight Loss Classes before I have surgery. I totally spaced during the first class and I do not remember all the vitamins I am suppose to take, what to eat, etc. I have my second class tomorrow. What should I expect? Also, Can anyone provide me details about the required psych interview? Thanks in advance!
  7. HI all I am brand new here. I have my first appointment with a surgeon mid January. I have a 6 month weight required by my insurance before a surgery date can be scheduled. What can I expect during my monthly appointments leading up to my surgery?