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  1. You were on my mind this morning! I hope you get approved soon!
  2. Seriously this just might work. He has his own bathroom because he is gross and I've cleaned his tub and I'm sure I burned 200 calories doing it!!
  3. 195.4 this morning! My husband and I weighed exactly the same this morning. He loves that I have lost weight but he also now has a sense of urgency to weigh less than I do. I guess there is no harm in a little competition. Perhaps I should add extra butter to his dinner.
  4. This white coat!! I got it 7 years ago. My boyfriend (now husband) thought that somehow I could fit into a size large. I tried it on 7 years ago and I can only describe it as a "fight guy in a little coat" moment. If you've never watched Tommy Boy then you won't get that reference but you should youtube fat guy in a little coat. Anyways, I've kept the coat as I've lost weight I've tried it on. Yesterday was the first day that I was able to zip it. Yes I look like a hot mess in this picture and my room looks like a hot mess too but it zipped!! I zipped the jacket that I thought would never fit!! And I knew if expressed the joy of zipping a jacket to most people, they would think that I'm crazy. ( I am a little crazy) Yay for zipped jackets! By fall I should feel less like I stuffed myself into it! And perhaps by fall I'll clean my house!!
  5. Going out is not as fun as it used to be. I have to say that Chick-fil-a has gotten lots of my money by me having grilled chicken nuggets. I did eat a steak one day and it was a 30.00 steak but I halved it with my mom and then halved the half. I do love steak.
  6. I crossed my I’m not going to have pizza line. Looked at it. I smelled it. I ate the toppings and then I finished off the rest. I ate a piece. I didn’t eat 4 pieces which is a typical Kari move but I still ate what I told myself I wasn’t going to do. This was yesterday. This morning I woke up bloated and feeling guilty. What happens when we cross lines we say we will never cross? I felt like garbage physically and emotionally afterwards. So as of now I don’t ever want it again but it bugs the heck out of me that I ate it. I know I wasn’t hungry but it was there and that’s why I did it. I felt emotionally drained from a discussion with the husband and when I felt empty, I went to food. ARGGGGGGHHHH!! Do any of you deal with this??
  7. My Fitness Pal is wonderful. I use it and the fitbit app. They usually have challenges on the My Fitness Pal app where you can win free stuff just for logging your food and exercising. I've never won but hey at least there is opportunity. I also like the articles on the MyFitnessPal app.
  8. I laughed so hard at the tshirt idea. I think it's wonderful. No one can understand the joy it brings until they've been there.
  9. YES! I remember asking a friend if she dealt with depression and she told me no. I just thought I was a lunatic. I had to change my depression medication after this surgery because the other stuff was not working for me. YES YES YES do not be afraid to talk to someone and especially your doctor!! I hope the world doesn't feel like it is coming to an end after this surgery but if it does you know what to do!
  10. Oh my stars! I'm so sorry. Complications to surgery is terrible. I've only been through it once and once was enough. How is your son? You definitely need a break. I'd give you one if I could. I hope that things start getting better for you soon! Vent whenever you need to! Daily...hourly...minute by minute...whatever you need!
  11. That was very kind of you! Makes me want to keep writing!!
  12. http://karimetothemoonandback.blogspot.com/ It's me!! You can see where I started I tried and failed 1000 times.
  13. YES! My official weigh in is tomorrow but I when I stepped on the scales a few days ago (and I shouldn't have) I had to go ahead and change it here first. So tomorrow prayerfully I'll still be under!!
  14. I'm not longer morbidly obese. I'm just plain ole obese! That should not make me as happy as it does! Yay for just obesity!
  15. Well I have not had any problems. However this thread has really got me taking my calcium regularly.