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  1. I had these size 12's for 8 years. A friend of mine gave them to me and said that they would be a good pair of goal pants. These pants stayed with me while I lived in Las Vegas and moved with me across the country. I never thought I'd see the day that they zip. Well they are way out of style and way too long but I fit in a size 12. I mean I don't know if Kmart's size 12's are bigger than normal size 12's but I'm going to enjoy the moment of putting on a size 12 and zipping it up. It's been since 9th grade since I've seen a 12 maybe 8th in all honesty. I'm 39 so it's been a minute. So the scale may not be dropping fast but I'm going to rejoice in this non scale victory for the day.
  2. I hoping this happens for me one day! So happy for you! Right now I'll just have to be happy with a normal BM and maybe after I lose some of the fluff I'll get to be excited about the BMI too! Still so happy for you!!
  3. 45

    45 pounds!!! That is awesome!! I remember missing chewing. I'm so glad that there is someone else out there too. When I finally got to eat again, I was so happy. I gladly chewed everything to a bloody pulp before I swallowed it and enjoyed each bite! lol It's weird to miss chewing but it happened for me too! Yay for approval. I'm so happy for you!
  4. I had to check myself with Halo Top. I definitely measure mine out but I was having it once a day. Unlike the ole apple, Halo Top does not keep the dr away and it definitely doesn't keep the pounds away. So I told myself that it would be a weekend splurge and now it's crept back into a daily thing for me. I'm going to have to put it away for a few weeks and get back to my fruit. It doesn't hurt my feelings much. Salty is my poison and I just about have to dust them with cashews, which i'm highly allergic to, in order to have chips or crackers in my house. Lessons are learned and thanks for sharing. It helps keep the rest of us in check as well.
  5. Thinking of you this morning!
  6. This is oneder-ful
  7. That sounds terrible! I have no clue but if call the doctor. I hope you get some healing quick!!
  8. Here's my latest ramblings! https://karimetothemoonandback.blogspot.com/2017/08/the-f-word-frustration.html Also check out my shirt. I wore it sideways all day. Who wears a shirt sideways?? The frustrated do that's who wears a shirt sideways. Thankfully my three-year-old chose not to be a clothing critic today.
  9. I'm 9 months post op and I still struggle with the mental but nothing compares to the first few weeks of eating soup. Once I got to pureed I actually felt more satisfied. This too shall pass. I had chocolate shakes and would ad PB2 to them with banana. I drank the juice from Ramon noodles. I'm sure it was killer in sodium. I was mixing every kind of cream of soup out there. I hated that stage. I'm sorry you are not fond of it either but it's very temporary. You can do it even if you hate it!
  10. I've had the whisps and I love them and then had to throw them in my neighbors trash. This was before my knowledge how to ruin food by dish soap. I'm right there with you on learning to cope with other things. It's hard. Food is easy. I wish I had more hobbies like gardening. I want to read more. I might try reading. I don't know but maybe we can all throw in some ideas. Maybe I can learn how to make a quilt. That would be one huge quilt though. sigh
  11. It was frozen solid. That's the funny part. It's like he chomped down on a rock. Poor fellah!
  12. My husband has been working very hard so that we can take a vacation this year. I say that because now I need to make fun of him. So yesterday I had his dinner in the oven as he walked in the door. I had frozen chicken strips for the kids ready to go in after his was done cooking. So as he walks in the door, I see the glimmer in his eyes as he sees the strips. He's not going to eat them because they are cold to the touch. But the chicken strip game in my man was too strong. And as he picked up the strip, I could almost hear that song from frozen. "The cold never bothered me anyways." Before the words could come out of my mouth, I watched him chomp down on the frozen strip as if it just came out of the oven. I felt horrible.....for laughing and for the pain that he experienced. I asked if he felt how cold the chicken was. He said he knew it was cold but he couldn't register it in his brain quick enough to stop the chomp. I guess men get mommy brain too. We need this vacation. WE. NEED. THIS. VACATION.
  13. I decided to go with a friend to work out. She had me doing all kinds of things. Yesterday I felt a little ache. This morning I hurt when I opened my packets of stevia! Holy Moly. There is muscle under this gristle after all! I’m not a fan of gyms but I’ve been praying for about 5 months for God to send me a workout buddy for the morning time. I’ve got a week long vacation coming up but after that I’m planning on going about 4 times a week to train with weights. I’ve been running and walking. So I think it will be nice to mix things up a bit. Also the vacation is coming up. Normally I’d have anxiety about it because my family has a bunch of foodies in it. My husband flat out told me that he was not going to “watching what he ate” on vacation. For the first time in a long time I just feel empowered to do the right thing. I’m excited about running on the beach. I’m aware that there will be jiggling and wiggling going on that I don’t care for but I don’t care anymore. I say this but if someone laughs at me, I’ll probably be on here crying about it. Haha!
  14. Happy Birthday!!! So thankful you are a part of this forum. You are the perfect combination of encouragement, knowledge, and fun!! Hope today is wonderful!!
  15. I'm not going to touch soda. I liked diet soda. I liked diet energy drinks. I'm almost certain I was made up of 75% energy drink. My thoughts are that some things are permissible but not beneficial. Soda was my "jam". I can't go back to that. I'm quite certain of it. I agree with Jen! AVOID DISASTER!! and Roll Tide!