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  1. At Steak N Shake, I ordered a piece of grilled chicken, pickles, and a side of grilled onions. As weird as that sounds, it was truly delightful! The lady who brought our food brought out my grilled chicken, onions, and pickles as I requested. However, sharing my plate was an ever so charming batch of french fries. I politely told her that I didn’t order fries. She said ok and began to leave the table. Now if you’ve ever struggled with addiction, you can understand why I didn’t want those fries to stay on my plate. So I then yell I don’t want these fries on my plate. She probably had no idea what kind of crazy she was dealing with. I felt for her but it didn’t stop me from shoving my plate into her body as I yell just take the plate at what was probably an inappropriate volume level. My hope is that one day my fries can share the plate with my chicken without me feeling like I’m in a high alert panic. Today is not that day and tomorrow probably won’t be either. So I say all this to say the struggle is real. I have to throw so much in the trash because I thought I could handle it being in our house but I cannot. Also I take antidepressants and recently switched because I thought my hormones where going to drive me crazy. Getting off one and going to another was tough. If you do want to come off of them, then I would do so with the help of a doctor. My counselor suggest 5htp and a b complex to help with depression. I'm sticking with my antidepressant for now.
  2. Well I'm impressed with the 170 pounds. I hate the struggle of having to lose the 20 but it's comforting to see someone who has maintained a great loss over almost a 3 year period.
  3. Confession always makes me stronger. I've had a few days that I've steered off the course over the last 5 months but just hang on tight and come on here as much as you need to.
  4. I keep track of everything through the MyFitnessPal app. I was shocked at how many carbohydrates that I eat even though I don't eat processed food. It helps me to stay mindful of what I'm putting in my body. I don't know if you have tried that but it has helped me be accountable in the food area
  5. Advil pm is out but I bought zzzquil. I do not think this has The same ingredients and advil p.m. Has anyone tried this?
  6. I take biotin daily. My hands were starting to flake. Lotion alone didn't help but now I'm doing better.
  7. I'm 39 and a mother of 2 young kiddos. I'm about the same height. I'd say do it if you can afford it. I'm almost 5 months out and I'm so thankful I made the decision to do it.
  8. How are you all doing? I was Oct 24th.
  9. I'm only 5 1/2 months in and only my band has gone down. I'm hoping to hang on to what I have but I'm even happier being healthy.
  10. Thanks yall! I started going in the morning before the roosters are up because there are not too many people out and also it fits my schedule with my kiddos better. I have a head lamp on that blinds the heck out of the person coming towards me. It's a win win for everyone. Well except for the person im blinding but oh well!
  11. I've been working on my exercise lately. I have a beautiful greenway that is located behind my house. It's basically a paved path provided by the city. It follows a creek and I get to see all kinds of people and animals. It makes walking and jogging a little more tolerable. I'll be honest with you, I'm weird. I know I'm weird and I'm okay with it. When I walk, I swing my arms pretty hard. It makes me move faster and I'm sure it makes for something awkward to look at. The swinging isn't as bad but then my thumbs just pop up too. So I'm sure I'm a sight for sore eyes. I've a chubby thing, trying to take flight and giving everyone a thumbs up. Lately I've been jogging. I call it fat girl jogging but its jogging in my books. When I see people coming my way, I normally slow down so that my jiggles don't wiggle so much. Well Sunday I decided that I could care less what people think. If you don't like the jiggle, don't look. I mean if you do like it, don't look. Just don't look. I feel weird passing people but it does happen on the path. I stopped at my stopping point and began my journey back home. As I came up to some ladies that I passed, one of the ladies started giving me a thumbs up but in a way where she was making fun of me for the way I jog. I just smiled and kept going. It hurt my feelings. I mean you've got to see that I'm struggling out there. Now everytime I go back out there I'm in fear that I'll see them again or worse I'll have someone else make fun of me. I just figure that stuff like this is going to happen. I just need to grow thicker skin. I don't need any pity points. I don't need anyone to hate on the women who were hating. However, if it happens to you, know you're not alone. Don't give up trying. You just keep jiggling and wiggling until you can't jiggle no more. I'm about to get my thumbs ready for my next show this afternoon. Haha!
  12. I use unjury powder but I mix mine with a PB2 powder which is similar to peanut butter but in the powder form.
  13. I already had anxiety issues before the surgery but they are definitely heightened after having surgery. I'm not sure if it was due to hormonal changes or what. I'd talk it out with your therapist. I think that's the best start. I was taking anxiety medication and I switched which seemed to help me. Panic attacks are terrible. I'm so sorry you are going through it!
  14. Tylenol it is
  15. I figured this was the answer but was hoping that after a few months I would be able to use it.