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  1. I'm so glad I did not have that long wait... I would have gone crazy. Congrats to you.
  2. Just to be safe I think that referral should be redone. You don't want it to affect your claim at the end.
  3. Thank you !!!
  4. Thank you Cinwa .. thank you
  5. I was approved.. Same day the doctor submitted my paperwork !! OMG I am soo relieved. 2/15/17 is my scheduled surgery date. woohooo this is the best Christmas present ever !!!!
  6. I didn't really care to combine the protein and coffee. I like my coffee light and the coffee was to dark with the protein mix.
  7. Very very true Aussie ... very very true.
  8. I was actually thinking I may do it tomorrow. I just hate being a pest
  9. They don't they said it was my Insurance plan who wanted it... they went by experience with other clients who have UHC. They know all policies are different.. Makes me mad because with each visit I have there is a $35.00 copay.. that's really why I called to confirm. Why should I pay if no one is requiring a NUT visit !! I have had two already. When I first inquired if my insurance covered WLS they had told me there were no NUT visits so when the NUT told me I had to do six I was a little So I confirmed with UHC AGAIN and they don't require it... so I want the coordinator to push my paperwork through. I just hate when they don't answer emails. Just send a quick email acknowledging my email with a quick " we are working on it and will get back to you" .....
  10. So I have done all my pre-op testing and confirmed with insurance that I don't need the 6 month nutrition appts as the nutritionist stated ( I have done two so far). I sent an email to her and the surgeon coordinator to let them know there is no 6 month nutrition appt and pre-ops are all done. What's next ? Does the surgeon review my file then submit to UHC ? Neither one answered my email so I am hoping it's because they are going over my paperwork and will email me to let me know.. paperwork was sent to insurance. I hate waiting... grrrrrr
  11. Thank you everyone... I will keep you posted. I'm sure you can all understand how excited I feel.
  12. I completed my last pre-op testing today. Now just waiting on all clearances to get faxed to the surgeons office and wait for approval. I'm sooooo excited !!!
  13. Today is another day.. I hope to hear from the UHC rep today... The wait is killing me. ugggg
  14. I hope so. I have been waiting for the UHC rep to get back to me to clarify. The wait is killing me. I want to know for sure lol why do they take so long to get back to us
  15. That's what I thought also tkk54915.