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  1. Well, I took liquid melatonin, it did the opposite...i've not slept, in fact, I had to take a vacation day. I have never felt so exhausted! Tears have flowed, Im nauseated, my jaws and ears even hurt, Im that tired. I took the melatonin, went to bed, got to that pount of shallow breathing where you're falling asleep, never got past that point.
  2. Cinwa, can that be gotten a any pharmacy?
  3. I have a friend that was very ill, now that I think about it, she was taking medical marijuana and a local doctor gave it to her...
  4. What's the name of the app
  5. The "medical marijuana" made me chuckle, I live in Louisiana and work for a local Municipality. (If only)
  6. I've put a fan in my room for the noise, it worked (making me sleep) for a short time. Does taking Melatonin give you a headache?
  7. Hi everyone! I'm 7 months post-op. For the last few weeks, I've been having sleep issues. I never make it to a deep sleep, for example, hearing my husband in the bathroom urinating at night.....that has never woken me before. Last night I took a dose of liquid Tylenol and a dose of ZZZquil.....did NO GOOD. What do you all take if a sleep aid is needed? Thanks! Karan
  8. I had my surgery Oct. 3rd, came back to work this week. Started walking almost a mile on my lunch break (indoors).
  9. Thanks for your reply. I'll try the Vitamin Water as well. I just emailed my nurse, she said it was fine. I'm just in my 3rd week
  10. In the hospital on the second day, they brought me Propel water to drink, said it had vitamins and such that I needed. Now I'm addicted to the Peach Propel and that's what I drink. I just had my surgery 10/3/16. Opinions? Thanks, Karan