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  1. Actually I've always had nightmares and after surgery they got worse, but luckily they went away. It's a horrible feeling when you wake up, but hang in there!
  2. I had horrible nightmares a few days after surgery, when I was discharged from hospital. Horrible vivid nightmares. They disappeared eventually.
  3. Absolutely, BB! This forum has been of great help and support during this journey!
  4. Oh Zyia, that' so true! There are so many things I'm able to do without getting breathless in a second, walk the dog, walk up a steep street etc. Oh boy, the tight gap! Actually I miss my tights rubbing each other (I remember having this problem ever since I was a child), strangely enough,it feels kinda weird when I walk, as it seems something is missing in between my tights, so I walk with my legs half open, it's just so weird! hahahaha! About clothes I went from a size 22/24 down to a 8 for pants and 6 for tops. Anyway there are so many things to cope with after WLS that one day you end up breaking down, as I did the other day. But fortunately I did not fall into the trap as you said, all the positive things are far much better.
  5. Oh boy, there were/are times I wanna bang my head against a wall. As you said, you can never be prepared for what comes after surgery. There are so many issues to deal with, people's opinions, people reacting to your weight loss and saying "enough, right? You're soooo skinny now", when before you were way too fat. Besides that, I'm thinner than I've never ever been in my life and I hope I'll be able to keep this change for good. Thanks for your support!
  6. Thank you guys for your supportive responses. It's been a rollercoaster of emotions since I've had surgery. What BurgundyBoy said defintely makes sense and it's actually something I do all the time, think about the bad and then instantly think about why I had WLS, obviously the positive wins. I am very lucky too, as my partner is very supportive - we both had RNY a few months apart (mine in September 2016 and his in December 2016) - and we're supporting each other on this long journey. Again, thank you all!
  7. Hi everyone, I just wanted to share something that happened to me last week. I had a kind of a nervous breakdown. All started when I woke up from a nap in a terribly bad mood. Then I took the dog for a walk, although I wasn't in the mood. When I got back home, I just broke down and started crying and yelling to my boyfriend (who also had RNY), saying I was just sick and tired of all this, that I would go to the store and buy 4 donuts and eat them all until I threw up. He asked me what was going on, if anything had happened in my business trip to Barcelona a few days before etc. I just told him I was tired of living with eating limitations for the rest of my life, that all this process is not easy and I felt overwhelmed. Then I cried a little bit more and calmed down eventually. I guess my trip to Barcelona was a triggering factor for my breakdown - I was amazed how I couldn't find anyhting to eat at the station before catching the train back to Madrid. And when I was going to restaurants with my colleagues, all the story again: " sorry I can't have this, can't have that" - really annoying and frustating. My boyfriend asked: "you knew you'd have limiations for life, you learned everything about WLS before going, why are you so upset now? Because you can't have a stupid donut?" I couldn't really answer him. I've wanted to have WLS for so long and when I finally had it I kinda regret it. Have any of you go through this? Thank you all!
  8. Thanks Res Ipsa, your comment is very helpful to me. I am now at 134 pounds but wanna get to 121. After such a big weight loss after 8 months (lost 94 lb after RNY) , I am being more indulgent and not so careful as I was in the beginning - although I can't have sugar and try not to have carbs, I am at a stall. Getting back to basics will help reach my goal.
  9. Thanks, sweetie!
  10. Congratulations!!!!
  11. Hi Elise, thanks! Actually I did the same as you in a very early post op stage. Although it did not affect my weight loss, as I was very careful, I truly regret it. It's like testing your pouch limits and this is no good. Can you have sugar? After 6 months I can't, I feel really sick when I have it, so I just cut it out completely. Bear in mind this is a lifestyle changing operation and always remember why you did it. This helped me a lot in the process. Good luck and all the best!
  12. Thank you all! However I'm struggling with snacking. I work in an office from 9 to 5 and feel this urge to have a cup of coffee and munch on something at midday and mid- afternoon. Then back home, I'm constanly munching on small things (nuts, a piece of low fat cheese etc), before and after dinner. And I feel this is ruining my diet plan. I also eat tortillas (although they only 64 calories, they have carbohydrates). I still wanna lose another 22 pounds and am terribly afraid to regain weight. Can someone relate to this?
  13. Well, the before picture is when I was at 281.5 pounds, I lost 48.5 pounds on my own then had surgery.
  14. It's been a long journey with its ups and dows, and my goal is to lose another 22 pounds. Hope I can get there!
  15. Hi, this may come a little late, but I had surgery (RNY) with Dr. Almantas Maleckas in September 2016 and everything went well. The team was amazing and they took good care of me. Have you had surgery yet?