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    Vertical Sleeve
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    Dr. Nagle
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  4. From the album Progress

    12/29/16 VSG day of surgery and 5/29/17 Memorial Day to remember!
  5. From the album Progress

    Left image from 2/26/17, right image from 12/28/16 (day before VSG) 48.5lbs down image to image.
  6. From the album Progress

    2 months post op surgery 12/29/16. About 63 lb difference between 2 images, even though I don't see that much gone.
  7. Same here. I had my surgery Thursday and I was immediately hiccuping, which was painful to say the least - since I was still on no liquids it was due to the gas in my system. My answer was to get up out of bed or the chair and go walk. Even if just to the end of the hall. It was persistent for the entire first night and then went away slowly over time. I used to make fun of my sister who hiccups when she eats finger foods. Well, I wasn't laughing Thursday night.
  8. This is all invaluable information! At the risk of being redundant I thought I would share a few notes as I am currently 4 days post-op. I'm a pretty strong guy, my pain threshold is good - that being said, even if you have a high threshold, don't push the envelope with pain meds. If the scrip is every 4-6 hours, stick with those numbers. I found out the hard way. You don't have to feel pain in order to manage pain. Tough one to wrap my brain around but very true. It's important to consider that when you are experiencing abdominal pain it is hard to move around and you most certainly will need to overcompensate with other body parts and muscles to get situated. No one is going to suggest becoming an elite athlete during the pre-op phase, but get some resistance bands - work a little on your core and your upper body so that you can help yourself and be more independent. I know it has made a difference for me. All in all I feel good. As long as I am managing my pain. So far I have zero regrets and I HIGHLY recommend Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Dr. Nagle if you are in the market. Cheers! (**lifts Premier Protein shake)
  9. From the album Cubs Rule

  10. From the album Cubs Rule

    May if fit again soon.
  11. Probably around 315 here.
  12. Astounding!
  13. By all means if people have certain experiences, share them. I'm referring to posts I have seen from people who are literally telling people they will starve and their hair will fall out, etc. While I am new to this forum I am not new to the internet, a troll is a troll is a troll. There is a right way and a wrong way to make a statement. Misery can find company elsewhere. I envy your courage for going through this without all of the resources we have now, it is scary enough as it is. Thanks for replying and best of luck with the revision.
  14. That's great! Congrats and I sure pray for smooth sailing but my mind is open. Cheers.