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  1. Thanks for asking. Doing good. Had my 6 month check up. Was taken off diabetes medicine. My A1C dropped from 7.4 to 4.6. A little vitamin deficent. Doing between 800-1200 calories a day and 80-120 grams of protein. 48-72 ounces of water.
  2. Down 152 pounds in 6 months. From 72 waist to 58 waist.
  3. you doing great. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your next update.
  4. Welcome to TT. I live in Wisconsin but have Athem-BCBS of Illlinois. I called BCBS and the gave me the requirements for my surgery. It did not require a 6 month supervised diet. look at me today. 7 weeks post-op. Seen the surgeon today. Down 80 pounds. good luck with surgery.
  5. I did the baby food route. Gerber turkey was good with salt and pepper and warmed up. The rest I tried and gave up and puréed. Also did protein shakes. Don't go overboard and buy a lot and stock up. You taste and appetite may change after surgery.
  6. Hello Michelle, Welcome to TT. Congratulations on having surgery. Everyone here is very supportive no matter what stage or WLS you are in. I can say, I have felt the way you are and when I found TT, everyone made me feel welcome and was supportive. There will be ups and downs and second thoughts, but in the end, think of this as doing it for yourself. if you have questions, you have a lot of members here to try and give you answers to your questions. I had surgery in October, so I am not that far ahead of you. I decided on surgery because I could see myself getting larger and didn't want to die that way. I have my 6 week doctors appointment tomorrow and I have not weighed myself since my last appointment but I stepped on the scale. I have a talking scale. I thought it was broke because it didn't start of saying four hundred seventeen. Instead it started saying three hundred ninety nine. I lost over 67 pounds since starting the liquid pre-op diet. Good luck with your surgery next week and keep us informed how you are doing.
  7. Hello Ajudge14, Welcome to TT. your new pouch is still healing this soon after surgery. I would definitely check with your doctor or nutritionist on what you can eat.
  8. Welcome Truitt to TT. To prepare, I gave up carbonated beverages. The rest was as directed by the nutritionist. Seems like every doctor has their own nutritionist for you to see and follow their plans they have worked out. I have not read anywhere where 2 doctors agree. check with your doctor or nutritionist to see what you can do.
  9. Kari, Don't forget we have had different surgeries. I have tried ham, shrimp, cottage cheese, string cheese, banana, sugar Free pears and a V-8 juice and skim milk. I'm taking it slow and doing ok. The problem I am having is liquids. I now hate the taste of water. Cold, warm, flavored. I have tried sugar free mixes, true orange and lemon. Crystal light, Mio, Dasani. I tried soup broth too. i struggle to get 36 ounces down and I know I suppose to have double that. Don't know what to do.
  10. Welcome Dawn, Good luck with surgery on Friday. Keep us informed on how you are doing.
  11. Welcome Hannah, You can find lot's of posting with answers to some of your question, and everyone here will try their best to help you. i am about 3 weeks post-op and everyone been helpful to me.
  12. You have reached your goal. Congratulations
  13. Best of luck tomorrow. Keep us informed how you are doing.
  14. My stay in the hospital was 4 days. I was on pain medications, so I could not drive. Also my hospital required someone to pick me up. I was able to drive during the second week of surgery. I will be starting day 20 post surgery tomorrow. Everyday gets better. Remember to get up and exercise or walk through out the day. Don't be surprised if your taste changes. Not sure if this is with everyone, but my bathrooom time changed for a while. It does get regular again. i hope everything goes as plans as will be waiting to here your results and progress.
  15. You look outstanding. My weight was climbing fast and now I had surgery. I am following the program as I am suppose to, and not breaking the rules or cheating. Looking at you and all that you have accomplished, tells me that it can be done. You will be one of my inspirations.