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  1. I can relate to your response createchange! I work out 4-5 times a week with a balanced split of cardio/endurance and strength training. I gained 10 pounds as well, and am confident that the gain was muscle as I am wearing the same size or smaller clothes, Glad to hear that someone else has experienced the same as I as I struggle with the gain in my head at times.
  2. Happy St Patricks day ! Whiskey in the Jar - Metallica!
  3. Jewel - 1000 Miles away - live version. Someone is on my mind today that I used to be close too and we have grown apart.
  4. I prefer to infuse my own as well, I like mine fruity, berries, lemon, limes...cuke is good as well, though my preference is fruity,
  5. I saw tmcgee post above, I had not listened to the Who in quite a time, listened to a couple who songs this morning: Wont get fooled again, My generation and Baba O'reilly!
  6. RW just turned 70! Enjoy the show!
  7. We don't talk anymore - Charlie Puth
  8. Tainted Love- soft cell
  9. Never tear us apart - Inxs
  10. My advice - take your honeymoon period following surgery to work on changing your eating habits and to get down to as lean as you possibly can. I work out 3-4 nights a week and run as well, I would not rush the process and am anxious to see what others have for advice.
  11. I might start wearing clothes so I can participate in this thread! LOL
  12. Looking for some new song Ideas. My favorite work out Music is Metallica. Help? What is your go to Music?
  13. Any pictures? LOL
  14. Welcome Dan - congratulations on making a decision to a healthier Dan!
  15. I have not, was not even aware the movie was based on a book. I am going to read it now. Thanks for the tip